Trump In Panic Mode As Clinton Seizes The Lead In Iowa – His Strongest Swing State

In one of the swing states where Donald Trump is supposedly running strong, a new poll has Hillary Clinton seizing the lead with just three days to go.

According to a Loras College survey released Saturday, the Democratic nominee has taken a one-point lead in the Hawkeye State.


The poll conducted Nov. 1-3 shows that the race in Iowa will “come down to the wire,” but it’s a sign that Trump isn’t even doing that well in states where the political media had already assumed he would win. It also seems to align closely with a Quinnipiac poll at the end of last month that showed the race virtually tied in the Hawkeye State.

RealClearPolitics shows the race in the state only within a couple percentage points.

According to Christopher Budzisz, the director of the Loras College Poll, the race in Iowa will come down to each campaign’s ground operation.

“The presidential race is within the margin of error, and both campaigns will be pushing hard to ensure their supporters get to the polls,” Budzisz said. “Iowa GOP turnout efforts for Election Day may be more important this year than ever before given the role of early voting.”

Nobody seems to be paying attention to Iowa anymore, but in a race as close as the one in the Hawkeye State, Hillary Clinton’s ground operation could quietly steal it from the red column and slam the door on a Trump presidency.