Bernie Sanders Preaches The Gospel Truth About Income Inequality From The Pulpit In Iowa

Bernie Sanders church Waterloo Iowa
Image via: Kevin Hardy Des Moines Register/ Bernie 2016 Press Pool

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders visited the Mount Carmel Baptist Church in Waterloo, Iowa on Sunday morning and delivered the truth about income inequality to a receptive congregation.

The details on Sanders visit from pool reporters John Wagner of The Washington Post and Kevin Hardy of The Des Moines Register.

Sanders said:

I don’t have to tell anybody in this room that our great country today faces many serious problems. We are the wealthiest country in history the world, but most people don’t know it. And people don’t know that because almost all of the wealth in America belongs to the people on top, while millions of other people are struggling to put bread on the table and take care of their families.


Being here in a church of God, I think what we have to understand is that greed, unquenchable greed, is destroying our country. And a few people cannot have it all, while children in America go hungry.


We can create that kind of country, because at the end of the day, we are better people, better human beings when we care about each other rather than when we are greedy and want it all for ourselves. That’s what you’re doing here. That’s what religious people do all around the world.

Sen. Sanders was correct. It is long past the time for Democrats, liberals, and progressives of faith to build a better country. Evangelical Republicans grab all of the headlines, but the religious left has a rich and proud history of driving social change.

What Sanders is calling for is not only political change. Sen. Sanders is calling for more than economic change. Bernie Sanders is urging the American people to embrace a campaign of social change. Economic inequality is a manifestation beyond the policy of a culture of greed that Republicans have embraced. The conservative ideology is appeals to selfishness. The greed of the billionaires at the top is destroying this country.

Bernie Sanders visited a house of worship and put the pieces together. Liberal policies are Christian policies, and there is no better place to condemn the greed and inequality in the country than in church.