Protesters Holding ‘Iowa Says No Hate’ Banner Interrupt Boring Trump Rally

In Donald Trump’s third stop on his post-election victory tour, the president-elect stuck closely to the teleprompter and once again patted himself on the back for winning the electoral college despite losing the popular vote to Hillary Clinton by nearly 3 million votes.

In the Iowa event, Trump called his supporters, a minority of the country, a “movement, the likes of which our country has never seen before.” He also hit the normal empty applause lines about “building up the military” and making the country great again.

Just when it was building up to be a complete snoozefest, protesters holding a banner reading “Iowa Says No Hate”  gave the event a welcome jolt, before quickly being escorted out by security.


Trump, showing marginal growth from the campaign, did not encourage his supporters to inflict physical harm on the hecklers or promise to cover the legal fees if somebody decided to “knock the crap” out of them. Instead, he said the protesters are actually supporters and “they just don’t know it yet.”


With Trump now refusing to stray from a teleprompter or hold press conferences, his rare and highly scripted public appearances are becoming nearly unwatchable. Trump’s Thursday night event in Iowa was no exception.

Thanks to these few protesters, it was at least momentarily tolerable.