Jeb Bush Tells Iowans Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton Let Us Down

While President Obama was in Selma displaying his love for America, Jeb Bush was in Iowa displaying his own simplistic notion that what makes America great is its ability to bully the world, saying Friday night that Obama is “the first president since World War II who does not believe that American power is a force for good.”

Yes, Jeb Bush can look at an Iraq wracked by civil war and marauding barbarians, and somehow imagine that America power is a force for good.

He is another Republican who sees the world in either/or, black and white, good vs. evil terms. I would like to say “Candidate X” is the first Republican since World War II who doesn’t view the world in this way, but that’s not going to happen. They all do.

Let’s face it: Nuance of thought isn’t conducive to creating fear and anger in a mob.

Personally, I’d prefer a president who, like Obama, sees the American people as a force for good in the world.

And remember what I said about the right continuing to make things up about Hillary?

“There’s a lot of things we need to restore. This President — and by the way his former secretary of state — have let us down in this regard.”

Really. Hillary let us down. Not his brother. You know, George W. Bush, who lied about weapons of mass destruction, and who invaded Iraq for no more reason than Hitler had to invade Poland in 1939 – because he wanted to.

On Saturday, Bush joined what seems like half the Republican Party in what CNN calls “yet another cattle call for possible 2016 candidates” at an agricultural event – the 2015 Iowa Ag Summit, where even Lindsey Graham came out from hiding under his bed from ISIL to answer a few questions.

CNN describes the scene:

With a John Deere tractor towering near the stage, each candidate sat on stage for a 20-minute Q&A with Bruce Rastetter, an agribusiness entrepreneur and major Republican donor in Iowa. The audience of close to 1,200 was comprised largely of farmers and other leaders in the agriculture industry.

It is hard to see this as the place Republican kings are made. But this is where Bush took his stand against 2007’s Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS), the law which requires that gasoline contain 10 percent renewable fuels – in Iowa, corn.

“I would suggest to you that, ultimately, whether it’s ethanol or any other alternative fuel, renewable or otherwise, the market’s ultimately going to have to decide this.”

Just like the Republican Party’s free market solution to our health care. We can have it – if we can get it.

I wonder if Bush ever actually shops in grocery stores. I’ve yet to see a package of beef that tells me in which state the cow-donors lived. Given the state of federal regulation of our foods, his “beef” might come from almost anywhere and be composed of almost anything.

This led CBC to ask if Jeb will have a corn problem, but why is corn news compared to human lives? That is what we are really talking about with regards to Jeb Bush and his fellow Republican hopefuls. And what Jeb assuredly has is a human problem, not a corn problem.

He supports Common Core, too, setting him apart from widespread Republican opposition to the education standards because, stupidly, these Republicans think they are federally mandated – you know, like RFS.

Apparently Bush realizes Common Core did not spring like a monster from the imagined cesspool of D.C. politics, and said Friday,

I know what I believe. I believe in high standards that require critical thinking skills that are assessed faithfully, where you have reform around it so that we have rising student achievement. And I’m passionate about it.

Oh no. Your brother believes what he believed too. Like “Mission Accomplished.” Here we are a decade later and ISIL is destroying our heritage at one ancient site after another.


We built that, America. Or, more accurately speaking, we demolished it.

Do you ever wonder if it rankles him to be behind college dropout Scott Walker in the polls? Maybe not. His own thinking doesn’t seem all that critical.

After all, he likes critical thinking except where it comes to foreign policy, where the simple fact of American military might equals a world made safe for a democracy denied the American people themselves.

What’s interesting is that these Republicans, including Bush, think it’s wrong for the federal government to mandate anything – including an education, breathable air and drinkable water and eatable food – but that we should be bossing around the rest of the world.

They don’t see any problem with that at all.

And for Bush of all people to be attacking anyone else’s foreign policy after what his brother did not only to America but the world through his “cowboy diplomacy” is nothing short of obscene. President Obama, the man he attacked, as spent his entire presidency trying to undo the damage George W. Bush did to America.

President Obama yesterday looked to an America that is an America for all Americans, not just a few, whatever their skin color and regardless of who they might love. An inclusive America. Bush offers us a dystopian future you’d rather see in video games and movies.

The problem is, you can turn a video game or a movie off, but you can’t turn off reality, and reality is a shattered economy, a destroyed Iraq overcome with civil war, with a marauding enemy that makes the Huns look like welcome visitors.

Bush did that. Jeb’s brother. The guy from whom Jeb has recruited all his advisers. The guy Jeb plans to emulate if he can get into the White House.

You know, so we can revisit those “good old days” of America as a rogue nation, mandating to the world a skewed sense of right and wrong, where America is always a force for good, no matter how much evil it does.

It’s a shame Jeb’s broken moral compass won’t mandate he stay in Iowa. Until he can prove he can be a force for good on the small stage – and he did not in Florida – he should stay away from the big stage.

And not because he is a Republican in name only, but because he is a Bush with all the Bush baggage we’ve come to know – and have good reason to fear.

28 Replies to “Jeb Bush Tells Iowans Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton Let Us Down”

  1. Yes, like George W, did not let us down.

    Now I know why the rethugs were not at the Selma speech yesterday, they must have been in Israel holding Bibi’s hand while the 80,000 were calling for his ouster.

  2. Bush!
    Just the thought of it sends my teeth to grinding
    and my veins to popping.

    A name – a family – of such utter obscenity
    that Dante, himself, could not have conjured a circle for it.

    I want to scream…

  3. The only good bushes out there are near plants and on a woman. :P

    BTW, why does Iowa attract these idiots? Is there a magnet buried underground in Iowa that is attracting them?

  4. Oh, that is rich. Just pass by 8 years of the Cheney regime that played your brother like a violin. Just overlook the depression and resulting chaos. Just ignore the wars and tremendous loss of life. That might work for you, idiot brother. But the discrepancies between the last 15 years are very apparent. And you choose to ignore half of it.

  5. I remember when he won his first term as Governor of Florida. Buddy McKay was ahead…until the absentee ballots were counted.

  6. They sure did: they ignored the message Bin Laden plans to strike and then because they ignored that warning the worst terrorist attack in American history occurred and then after that they swore they would get the mastermind of that attack DEAD OR ALIVE then just gave up, invaded wrong country and let New Orleans almost drown and finally help usher in the worst economic collapse since the great depression. WAIT WAIT that wasn’t Obama or Hilliary silly me that was your brother, George W. Bush, Please remember that your brother is the one who has the dubious honor of being the worst president we have in nearly a century! YOUR BROTHER!

  7. Uh-hun. G. W. didn’t quite destroy our economy, so we are going to elect his brother to finish the job? In the imortal words of the shrub,
    “Fool me once, shame on … shame on you. Fool me …you can’t get fooled again.”

  8. Jeb Bush can forget even getting thru the Republican primary because of his stance on immigration, he will never win

  9. Remember Jeb is being compare to his brother George W.. Thus since Jeb was able to zipp his fly first he made it.

  10. So, President Obama and Hillary Clinton did not clean up his brother’s mess fast enough? Anyone who votes for fat boy should have their heads examined. Why do you suppose he asked his donors not to give more than $1 MILLION at a time? I wonder what those people expect in return?

  11. Jeb Bush goes to church, he’s a Catholic, but first he has to go and confess his sins, then somone should wash his mouth out with soap,
    He LIES>,to cover up the YEARS of terrorism that he and his brother brought on to this Country the USA.

  12. yes jeb – start your campaign by blaming the president and the future lady president and we will see how far you get.

  13. Thats too good for them. I will not be satisfied until George and Dick are in prison for the rest of their lives for their murder of thousands and their war crimes and their theft( the missing 2.3 Trillion mentioned by Rumsfeld on 9-10-01. Bush was Americas’ Saddam and our very own BinLaden. We dont need a repeat of another dimwitted Bush in Washington. That ship has sailed, his family has done enough damage. Jebs family is a collection of drug addicted kids and a liar wife.

  14. When Jeb Bush was in Oklahoma City, he showed his true colors by visiting a charter school with Gov Fallin and defeated State School Superintendent not a public schools. Says all you need to know about Jeb Bush on education One of his new advisors is Jordan Sekelow who is a lawyer for the religious right who is as far from mainstream as you can get. The very idea he attacks President Obama after he is well on his way to clearning up the fiinancial mess his brother left behind in spite of Republican obstructionists. President Obama took out Bin Laden not Bush-Cheney who took us into Iraq based on lies. Just say NO to any more Bush’s in the WH. We have had one too many!

  15. You can be sure that Jeb and his propaganda party have about a billion dollars to spread their deceit and lies on America over the next 19 20 months.
    Republicans are very good at telling America how all Americans think about everything, and are also very good at pointing fingers and having no proof of anything.
    The latest being about Hillary’s emails.
    After reading the story in the “daily beast” it doesn’t sound like the right has a case at all. Just like ken Starr and 159 million dollars wasted on an investigation and then turning to a white house aid to come up with something.
    Or the many benghazi investigations that have cleared the S.of S.
    Got to wonder how many billions of dollars the republican congress has wasted on these rediculous investigations.

  16. Jeb Bush born 1953 and now he has decided he wants to be America’s Commander in Chief.
    Back in the 60’s he failed his Nation by not enlisting in the Armed Forces. No Patriot was he! Jeb does not have the credentials to be Commander in Chief, electing men like him has caused much Damage to our Nation and to the Military that keeps us safe.
    I have no respect for the man, I have researched his past history!!!!!

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