Republicans Flee Trump as Joni Ernst Admits the President Has a Number of Flaws

Donald Trump is so toxic that less than 100 days into his term, a Republican Senator is distancing herself from him. Like, running away distancing herself from Trump.

Republican Sen. Joni Ernst (R-IA) was confronted with her support for President Trump, because he treats women and disabled people badly.

There was no place to go, no where to hide.

So… Ernst admitted, “I think that we have a President that has a number of flaws.”

Watch here via Kyle Griffin of MSNBC:

An audience member confronted Senator Joni Ernst at a town hall event Tuesday with her support for Donald Trump. He asked, “I would like to know how you can support a man that treats women the way Donald Trump does. And treats disabled people poorly as well. “

Ernst responded, “Would you say they’re character flaws? I think he has a number of –“
Audience member, “It’s more than character flaws.”

“Well, and I think that we have a President that has a number of flaws,” the Republican Senator said.

That’s called running away from your party’s president, who has yet to get a single legislative agenda accomplished.

Perhaps Ernst was trying to avoid what happened at her March town halls in Des Moines and Cedar Rapids, “where she was repeatedly shouted down and booed over the GOP health care reform plan, an issue which dominated both meetings.”

If Congressional Republicans are running away from Donald Trump at their town halls in April, unable to defend their support of him, Trump has lost any remaining political capital he didn’t burn off with his disastrous roll out of the failed Trumpcare plan.

This is a president with a number of flaws. You betcha. And all of those flaws are owned by the Republicans in Congress. Just how toxic is Trump? Joni Ernst is running away from him and in a deep South Republican district in Georgia right now, a Democrat is giving the Republicans a run for their money in a special election.

No matter what happens in the Georgia special election, Toxic Trump (R) is contagious.

Image: MSNBC, Twitter screen cap