Trump slurs his words in New Hampshire.

Trump Slurs His Words Into Gibberish During Speech

While speaking in New Hampshire, Donald Trump started slurring his words, which resulted in a sentence that was gibberish.

Trump said through slurred speech, “ Which is incapable of solving even the smallest, smallest problem, the simplest of problems we can no longer solve. We can’t do anything. We are an institute and a powerful death penalty. We will put this on. We have to.”


MAGA Republicans keep dancing around the subject and trying to explain it away, but there is something clearly wrong with the former president. In the best-case scenario, he is nearly 80 years old and doesn’t have the stamina to handle any sort of campaign schedule. This explanation makes sense and would also explain why he has done so little campaigning in 2024.

It isn’t a coincidence that when Trump started doing more campaign appearances in New Hampshire, he confused Nancy Pelosi with Nikki Haley and questions have grown about his cognitive state.

Trump has only been on the campaign trail for about four full days, and he can’t seem to function.

President Biden travels around the world and does not slur his speech to the point where it comes out as gibberish.

It is no wonder that Republicans are tripping over themselves to be Trump’s running mate. Given the declining condition of the former president, if they win the 2024 election, Trump’s running mate could be president sooner rather than later.

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