Rep. Mike Turner compared Trump's theft of classified documents to an overdue library book

As House GOP Refuses To Vote On Ukraine Aid, Intelligence Committee Chair Warns Of New Russia Threat To US

House Intelligence Committee Chair Mike Turner warned of a new threat to US national security that reportedly is related to Russia while House Republicans refuse to vote on Ukraine aid.

Is There A New National Security Threat?

Yes. Rep. Mike Turner referred to the threat in a statement:

NBC News later reported that the threat is related to Russia, “A foreign military capability, and that foreign military is the Russian military. Now, specifically why he chose to make his statement when he did and why he didn’t choose to wait until we understand tomorrow the national security adviser is going to be briefing the house intelligence committee about this threat but that apparently is what he was referring to, some type of Russian military capability that is a threat over the medium and long term.”


It is not a coincidence that Chair Turner (R-OH) is pushing Speaker Mike Johnson to immediately pass Ukraine aid.

The Democratic ranking member of the Intelligence Committee said that the threat is a medium to long term one, and there is no need to panic:

House Republicans Are Refusing To Pass Aid To Ukraine As The Russia Threat Grows

House Republicans are refusing to pass aid to Ukraine because the Senate-passed package runs into 2025, and Trump intends to cut off all aid to Ukraine if he wins the election and returns to the White House.

It is easy to see that Turner started talking about the Russian threat to national security as a way of pressuring Johnson into bringing the Ukraine aid bill to the House floor for a vote.

House Republicans are enabling Putin to destroy a democracy by caving to the whims of Donald Trump. Russia wants to destroy the United States. Putin’s Russia is not a friend. They are an enemy of democracy and freedom and Republicans are jeopardizing US national security by refusing to pass aid to Ukraine.

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