Fani Willis announces that an arrest warrant has been issued for Donald Trump.

Fani Willis Could Reindict Trump And Readd Dropped Charges

Last updated on March 15th, 2024 at 12:22 pm

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Legal experts suggest that DA Fani Willis could reindict Trump and readd the dropped charges, although doing so could cause a delay.

Could Fani Willis Reindict Trump?

If Willis wanted to pursue the charges related to trying to convince officials to violate their oath of office, legal experts say that she could reindict Trump and readd the dropped charges.

Renato Mariotti posted

In a trial that is expected to take a long time, would it be worth it to delay proceedings even more when there are still 35 charges left standing?
Practically speaking, the answer is probably no. The RICO related charges are the big charges against Trump. There is no reason to reindict the former president and readd those charges to the existing case. This isn’t a win for Trump. The charges were dismissed on a technicality that prosecutors could fix if they chose to do so.

The development today does not mean that Trump has been exonerated, or he is out of the woods, or should cast any doubt on the remaining charges.

If Willis wanted to she could fix the technical issues in her original filing and reindict Trump and Mark Meadows on the same charges.

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