Tijuana Mayor Seeks U.N. Help As 5,000 Migrants Arrive

Tijuana Mayor Juan Manuel Gastelum declared a humanitarian crisis on Friday as 5,000 migrants arrived in his city.

Gastelum has asked the United Nations to provide help in dealing with the caravan of Central American migrants who arrived over the past few days. The migrants have made their way from their home countries to the U.S.-Mexican border in their quest to seek asylum in the United States. Gastelum said most of the people are currently camped out inside a Tijuana sports complex. read more

Migrants Seeking Asylum Now Forced to Pay Bribes to Enter the U.S.

Migrants seeking asylum are being stopped at the southern border and forced to stay in Mexico until they pay money to Mexican officials, the Los Angeles Times has reported.

Asylum seekers are being funneled to border bridge crossings and are being blocked from approaching the U.S. side, the Times said. These poor migrants, who have traveled long distances to get to the border, are being forced onto waiting lists that are overseen by Mexican authorities. read more

Trump Plans to Incarcerate Asylum Seekers in Massive Tent Cities

President Donald Trump on Thursday said that he will sign an extensive executive order requiring asylum-seekers to present themselves at a port of entry.

In a television speech full of tough rhetoric designed to fire up right-wing voters for the midterms, he also said that he would hold the Central American refugees in tent cities while their legal cases are being heard, which could take several months or longer. read more

Separated Children Are Now Being Taken as Hostages to Force Deportations

According to The Texas Tribune, children who have been forcibly taken from their migrant parents are being held as hostages so that the parents will agree to voluntary deportation.

The newspaper is reporting that adults who illegally crossed the border into Texas with children are “being pressured by government officials” to sign voluntary deportation orders and are being told that doing so will allow them to be reunited with their children.  They are told that if they don’t sign the orders they will be deported without their children. read more