Obama Obliterates The Republican Myth That Putin Saved Him on Syria

On ABC's This Week, President Obama destroyed the Republican created myth that Putin saved him on Syria, and obliterated the GOP talking points on the issue.

Obama’s Thoughtful Diplomatic Triumph on Syria Leaves His Critics Speechless

President Obama's critics on both the left and right were silenced today, as his thoughtful approach to Syria has led to a breakthrough diplomatic agreement on chemical weapons.

The White House Admits that Kerry’s ‘Off The Cuff’ Syria Comment Was Planned for Months

The White House admitted today that John Kerry's 'off the cuff' comment about Syria's chemical weapons was planned and in the works for months.

Democratic Congressman Urges Obama to Withdraw Syria Request

Democratic congressman Jim McGovern (D-MA) is urging President Obama to withdraw his request for authorization to strike Syria until other options can be explored.

Bernie Sanders and Al Franken Call Assad’s Use of Chemical Weapons an Inhumane Atrocity

In separate statements Sens. Bernie Sanders and Al Franken called the Assad regime's use of chemical weapons on the Syrian people inhumane and an atrocity.

Not Like Bush at All: Obama Says No Boots On the Ground Or Long Campaign in Syria

In a way that was very unlike Bush, Obama stated that he has not made a decision on military action in Syria, but he said that any response would be short, and not involve troops on the ground.

President Obama Baffles Republicans By Waiting For Facts Before Action on Syria

Republicans can't comprehend that President Obama isn't about to rush into taking action against Syria without facts and evidence.