Reid Pressures Coleman to Concede

ImageDuring his statement to the new Congress, Majority Leader Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) waded into the disputed Minnesota Senate race by referring to Republican Norm Coleman as a former senator, and he called on him to concede, but Coleman said he will be filing suit to contest the certification of Al Franken as the winner.

Obama Looking to Exploit Fractures in the GOP

ImageThe leadership vacuum in the Republican Party is providing president elect Obama with a unique opportunity. On Monday he is holding a bi-partisan meeting with the congressional leadership, while later in that same week Republican leaders will hold a meeting without the RNC. Could Obama become a force in both parties?

The significance of peaceful civil disobedience

Please keep this in mind as you read through my article. A window company in Chicago decided to lay off its entire workforce due to financial issues. The large group of former employees decided to storm the business and are now refusing to leave until their demands are met. When this news first broke the first thing that came to many, as observed through my diligent evesdropping, was how the building must be in shambles now, and completely trashed. This tidbit of info may not make sense now, but just wait, it will come together. Now onto the rest of my op-ed.

A Very Canadian Coup

ImageShadowy rooms with figures slipping in and out. Whispered words, plots, conspiracies.

A government at the side, eyes glancing, warnings being exchanged between members.

The government is at risk of falling; their adversaries are beginning to grumble louder and louder...El Presidenté might be deposed in short notice.

Lieberman Acknowledges Owing Obama

ImageAfter Democratic Senate Caucus voted 42-13 not to strip Independent Sen. Joe Lieberman of his Homeland Security chairmanship, Lieberman admitted both that he owes Obama, and that he regrets some of the remarks he made about the president elect during the presidential campaign.

Obama, Ayers and ACORN: The Desperation of McCain

ImageWell, we are done with the final debate between the candidates and going down the home stretch towards Election Day. And it looks to me like McCain and his campaign are making every possible dumb move that can be made, and no Rovian tactic can help them. In fact, it is the Rove-like maneuvers that are hurting McCain/Palin in the eyes of the American people.

The Obama Plan to Stay Aggressive

ImageEver the cautious candidate, Barack Obama warned his supporters at a fundraising breakfast today not to get too cocky about their lead over John McCain, but due to his lead, Obama does have a chance to extend his campaign into more red states, to potentially give himself a mandate and extend the Democratic congressional majority.

Obama Wins Town Hall as McCain Delivers More of the Same

ImageThe second presidential debate in Nashville, TN played out much like the first debate. Republican John McCain focused on character and leadership, while Obama talked about issues and policy. In an election year where Americans want change and a new direction, McCain missed an opportunity to America exactly what he would do if elected president, while Obama took another step towards the White House.