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MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann Celebrates Glenn Beck’s Latest Flop

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Monday, December, 7th, 2009, 9:50 pm

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Tonight on the Best Persons segment of MSNBC program Countdown host Keith Olbermann took a little time to compliment the American people for not buying tickets to Glenn Beck’s half live half movie performance of his book The Christmas Sweater. Olbermann pointed out that only 64 people combined bought tickets in New York, Boston, and Washington, D.C.

Here is the video:

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Olbermann said, “Number one best taste, the people of the United States of America. Remember the big Lonesome Rhodes/Beck extravaganza last week, a half live a half movie version of simulcast of his book The Christmas Sweater that rip off of The Gift of the Magi that was shown in theaters nationwide?”

He continued, “It sold 30 tickets. In Washington, D.C., 30 people bought tickets to see Glenn Beck cry. In New York and Boston it was 34, but that was combined. But of course you say, New York’s all socialists, fascists, communists, what about where the real people live, like in Rockwall, TX? Ninety four tickets in Texas, 94 in a theater holding 193. On top of which, Beck’s ratings among younger viewers down 30% for the first week of this month down 30% from the first week of last month. The next time he cries it will be for an entirely different reason.”

There have been signs around the edges of Beck’s numbers that his popularity is starting to drop a little. His ratings were in a strong upward trend that was boosted from the right after he called President Obama a racist, and the Color of Change boycott proved to be effective.

Beck’s numbers still dominate his time slot, but at his peak he was coming close to, if not passing, the 3 million viewer mark. Since then he has settled into drawing 2 million or so viewers a day. He has the second highest rated program in cable news, and his time slot is up 101% over last year.

While Beck remains a ratings force, he has had quite a few failures, the tea parties, his 9/11 protest, and now the Christmas special that attracted indifference. Glenn Beck can sell truckloads of books, attract television ratings, but he is not quite the force that he seems to believe he is.

Keith Olbermann painted a picture of Beck as a star on the decline. I don’t think that I would go that far, but in an effort to cash in while he is a hot property, Glenn Beck is overexposing himself, and I think Beck’s movement into politics, especially if he turns his back on the GOP, will end his popularity.

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