In Historic Election, Chicago’s New Mayor is Black, Female and Gay

Lori Lightfoot

Lori Lightfoot, a former federal prosecutor, was elected as Chicago’s first black female mayor last night, in an historic first. She will also become the city’s first openly gay mayor.

She won a commanding victory after a long and grueling campaign that saw her defeat more than a dozen challengers as she won her first elected office. read more

Trump’s Education Secretary’s “School Choice” Movement Undermines Public Education

Efforts to undermine unions diminish democratic operations in our schools and disempower those who are most attuned to what our children need.

Obama’s Economic Message: I’m Bill Clinton, Romney is George W. Bush

The Obama campaign is summarizing their economic pitch to voters with a simple comparison. Obama is offering the policies of Bill Clinton, while Romney promises a return to George W. Bush.

We’re Not Taking Any More of Romney’s Lies: Chicago Teachers’ Strike Edition

Today's edition of 'We're not gonna take it anymore' features a desperate attempt by Romney's to conflate a 2011 Joe Biden statement as the President's position on today's Chicago teachers' strike.

Obama Tells Romney to Stop Whining

On ABC's This Week Obama campaign chairman Rahm Emanuel had a message for Mitt Romney, stop whining.

The White House Slams the GOP Support of BP as Dangerous for America

White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel was on ABC's This Week today, where he painted the Republican Party as dangerous to America due to their blind support of BP, "It's dangerous for the American people." Emanuel's point was that if Republicans were in charge, there would be no regulation, and corporate America would run wild as they did during the Bush years.

Rahm Emanuel: GOP Leaders Are Scared of the Tea Party

In an interview that will air on CBS' 60 Minutes on Sunday night, White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel waded into the civil war that is going on within the Republican Party. Emanuel refused to identify the tea partiers by name, but he described the state of the GOP as being, "at the behest of a fringe group that's taken control of their own party and their own leaders are scared of it."

Glenn Beck Falsely Claims that Nazis Learned Propaganda Use from Progressives

On his radio show today Glenn Beck continued his jihad against intelligence by saying, "The Nazis learned their propaganda from the progressive movement in the United States." However, Adolph Hitler wrote in Mein Kamph that the Nazis learned the value of propaganda from the British during World War I.

2009: The Year of Right Wing Jihad against President Barack Obama

2009 began with the inauguration of our new and first African American President, Barack Obama, and became the year that GOP and the Extreme Right Wing of the party became energized and very proactive in its goal to be destructive to our new President and his administration and policies by any means necessary.

The 2009 Political Naughty or Nice List

In just a few short days Santa will be delivering presents to the nice and coal to the naughty. We were lucky enough to get a sneak peek at Santa’s list to see what some of America’s top political figures can be expecting for Christmas. There will be some surprises under the tree for Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Michelle Bachmann, Sarah Palin and others.

Glenn Beck Adds Some Sexism to His Latest Attack on Healthcare

On his radio show today Glenn Beck wove a new conspiracy theory into his latest attack on healthcare reform, and just for kicks added some sexism. Beck said that labor unions and Soros Foundation are behind healthcare reform. He added healthcare reform is like asking a crazy woman to marry you, because chicks never change.

Keith Olbermann Destroys the Myth of Liberal Media Bias

On his MSNBC program Countdown host Keith Olbermann got on the subject of liberal media bias while discussing Glenn Beck and Bill O'Reilly's outrage at being mentioned on Law and Order: SVU. Olbermann said, "There is no liberal media. The media which is after all owned by corporations naturally leans to the right."

Glenn Beck Compares Climate Change Deniers to Galileo

On his Fox News program tonight, Glenn Beck gave another fractured history lesson as he compared climate change deniers to Galileo. Beck said, "The climate cult is just as much of a state sponsored religion now as the actual state sponsored religion was back in the Dark Ages."

MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann Celebrates Glenn Beck’s Latest Flop

Tonight on the Best Persons segment of MSNBC program Countdown host Keith Olbermann took a little time to compliment the American people for not buying tickets to Glenn Beck's half live half movie performance of his book The Christmas Sweater. Olbermann pointed out that only 64 people combined bought tickets in New York, Boston, and Washington, D.C.

Glenn Beck Proclaims That the Devil Himself is in the Obama Administration

While ranting about possible new EPA regulations to reduce corporate CO2 emissions on his radio show today, Glenn Beck proclaimed that the devil is in the Obama administration. Beck said, "The devil is in the administration. In fact, I believe that he holds several titles and several offices."

Glenn Beck Compares Obama and Afghanistan to the Nazis

On his radio show today Glenn Beck brought back his Nazi fetish this time while talking about Obama's decision to send more troops to Afghanistan. Beck said, "If we would have said, we are going to go into Normandy, then we are going train those French, Hitler would have laughed."

Glenn Beck Claims that Saturday Night Lives Makes Him Paranoid

On his Fox News program today, Glenn Beck was standing at his chalkboard trying spell California, when he said, "Saturday Night Live makes me so paranoid." Something tells me that SNL isn't the only thing that makes Beck paranoid.

Donny Deutsch Calls Beck and Limbaugh Circus Acts, and Lou Dobbs a Racist

Donny Deutsch was on MSNBC's Morning Joe this morning, and in response to a new poll that found that Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck are the most influential conservatives in America, he said, "These are all entertainers. They're circus acts." Deutsch was asked about Lou Dobbs, and he said Dobbs is a racist.