Beck Calls Those Who Don’t Buy COBRA Coverage Stupid and Cheap

On his radio show today Glenn Beck launched into a full blown defense of the healthcare industry, by calling COBRA the healthcare safety net. Beck called the middle class college graduate from Maryland that President Obama referred to in his remarks last night cheap and stupid for not having COBRA. Beck has no idea how expensive COBRA coverage is.

Here is the audio courtesy of Media Matters:

Beck said, “So he changed employers, his health insurance expires, he didn’t go on COBRA, which he could do. There’s your safety net, COBRA, then he wakes up from emergency surgery that apparently saved his life, he didn’t have problem getting it, and apparently he didn’t have to fill out any paperwork…They saved his life. He didn’t have insurance. It sounds so broken doesn’t it?”

Later Beck called the guy stupid, “The next story is guy didn’t get COBRA. He didn’t access the safety net, because he was either stupid, either didn’t want to spend the money because I am young I am a college student, nothing will ever happen to me. Well, that doesn’t happen. I am invincible. I am young. I won’t get sick, why waste the money on COBRA.”

Beck has it completely wrong about COBRA. If the man in the story was employed, then he is not eligible for COBRA coverage. There is an eligibility requirement for COBRA. An employee has to have either lost their job or suffered a reduction in hours worked for any other reason than gross misconduct. If a person changes jobs, they aren’t eligible.

Even if the person in Obama’s story was eligible, COBRA coverage is very expensive. To maintain the coverage that someone had from their employer, they must pay 102% of the cost. Depending on the type of coverage the previously employed person had, it might be completely unaffordable for them to maintain their coverage.

To someone who is wealthy, like Glenn Beck, and can afford to buy whatever healthcare they need, the system is not broken. To Beck someone is cheap or stupid if they don’t buy COBRA. They believe that people who are uninsured have chosen to be in that position, and while there may be a small minority who has, most people want coverage. COBRA isn’t a safety net, and is not the solution that Beck is making it out to be.

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  1. It is beyond me why idiots like Beck, Limbaugh, Hannity, Coulter and O’Reilly continue to talk about anything and people believe them…COBRA is REALLY expensive and most people only qualify for it after losing employment…Let’s do some simple math – I am only eligible for $380 per week in unemployment benefits after being laid off ($1420 monthly). My mortgage payment is $700/mo, and other mandatory household expenses are about $500/mo leaving me a little over $200/mo for food and other misc. expenses..This is just to hang on to what I worked hard to acquire – How then does Beck think I just am dumb or just don’t want COBRA – I CAN’T AFFORD IT! Don’t forget there are still copays and deductibles or money for perscriptions that have to be paid when you have COBRA! You simply can’t afford to be sick in this country. My brother had a major illness in ’07 that forced him to his medical max. He has not fully recovered and cannot work – the phone rings at least 20 a day from collectors – threats…he has no income – something is really broken with our current healthcare system…sigh

  2. Welfare mentality

    We have lost the self responsibly mentality that made this country great.

    For the live for today and forget about tomorrow crowd here are a few clues:

    Do not buy a house you can not afford

    Do not have children you can not afford to support

    Save up for a rainy day

    Buy insurance to protect yourself for the worst of times( If you follow the rules above you can afford insurance)

    If you CHOICE to drop out of school, get involved with drugs, alcohol or crime don’t expect much out of society because you will likely not add much to society.

    Strive to make your children lives better then yours.

  3. Beck is the dumb one you are right in that cobra is expensive When I was laid off I kept cobra for 3 months only because it paid for my medicine I had reached the deductible of 3000.00 after that It was either my meds which help keep me alive and on the go or cobra it was a matter of one or the other .after a mortgage,food heat and electricity and phone there was just not enough left to pay for both.Cobra is not really a safety net when you are laid off or even change jobs for that matter.It’s cost is the same as if you tried to buy insurance on your own.That is what the public option is all about and allowing small business to pool people to get a better rate,if you can get them to agree on an insurance company and how much is reasonable will really help out small business,I have always mentioned that to the people who handle our insurance because in the last6 or 7 years we changed insurance every year and every year every thing went up.No wonder small business complains.I was told the insurance companies would not allow it because than our and premiums might just go down.SUCK IT UP BECK AND ADMIT YOU ARE WRONG

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