Obama Tells Romney to Stop Whining

On ABC’s This Week Obama campaign chairman Rahm Emanuel had a message for Mitt Romney, stop whining.


Transcript from This Week:

STEPHANOPOULOS: Do you really believe, as Stephanie Cutter suggested just the other day, that Mitt Romney might have committed a felony when he signed those SEC reports?

EMANUEL: I think there’s — well, first of all, Stephanie cited the law, and it’s very clear. Either the filing with the SEC is accurate and his personal financial disclosure is not honest, or that’s honest and the SEC isn’t, but both can’t be accurate. Both cannot be accurate depicting a time where he said he was doing one thing or another. It’s just not possible.

STEPHANOPOULOS: He says it was just a formality…


STEPHANOPOULOS: … and he was untangling his — during the time he was untangling his involvement with Bain.

EMANUEL: He has — George, he has made Bain Capital his calling card for the presidency. And when you look at it, it doesn’t measure up to what he claims. And, number two, on both of those filings, one is accurate and one isn’t, and they both have consequences when one is not accurate. And that is what she stated.

And the second thing is, give it up about Stephanie. Don’t worry about that. What are you going to do when the Chinese leader says something to you or Putin says something to you? Going to whine it away (ph)? You cannot do that.

And as Mitt Romney said once to his own Republican colleagues, stop whining. I give him his own advice. Stop whining. Defend — if you want to claim Bain Capital as your calling card to the White House, then defend what happened to Bain Capital and what happened to those jobs that went overseas, those jobs that were actually cut and eliminated, the companies that went into bankruptcy.

And the very companies at Bain that went into bankruptcy while Bain was still getting paid, same philosophy that led to him advocating that the auto industry go bankrupt. The president of the United States said, no, we’re going to defend Chrysler, we’re going to defend G.M., and today America’s auto industry is thriving, not in bankruptcy, as Mitt Romney had recommended.

To borrow a phrase from Christine O’Donnell, the Obama campaign is telling Romney to put his man pants on. As the man at the top of the organization, Mitt Romney isn’t used to being challenged by anyone. What he says goes. Due to his position of extreme wealth, Romney is never challenged in his daily life either.


Romney is having trouble operating in the world of presidential electoral politics where declaring that voters don’t need to see his tax returns, and that he left Bain when he said he did, isn’t enough. Romney s acting like an insulated, spoiled rich boy who can’t handle not getting his own way.

The Romney campaign’s pathological demands for apologies and retractions show a campaign that can’t take a punch.

After Mitt Romney demanded an apology, the Obama the campaign told him to stick it where the sun doesn’t shine. Romney has continued to moan and groan, so they are telling him to stop whining and start campaigning.


The Obama campaign is painting Romney as a soft, weak, whiner. A man who beneath all of the attacks he deploys is someone who can’t be trusted and lacks the strength to be president.

Americans love presidents who portray or exhibit strength. JFK did it. Ronald Reagan portrayed himself as the presidential embodiment of America’s Cold War strength. Obama did it when he gave the successful order to kill Bin Laden. Every successful president has had a moment when they embodied America’s collective self perception of strength.

Candidates who were defined as soft like George H.W. Bush, Michael Dukakis, and John Kerry all lost presidential elections. What started out as an attack on Romney’s shady finances is morphing into public image that will be hard to shake.

The Obama campaign is successfully creating an image of Romney as someone who voters shouldn’t like and want as president. Calling Romney a whiner is the equivalent of George H.W. Bush being called a wimp.

The Obama campaign knows that nobody likes a whiner, and nobody wants a whiner to be president.

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  1. Also being a Bishop in the Mormon Church,no one under him would say “no” to his face.

    The political world is very different….

  2. Well, yes, he is a spoiled little pet, isn’t he? He can lead a gang of his preppy jackals to sit on a little blond kid while he holds him down and cuts his hair off, but in peace or in war, he can’t fight one-on- one with an opponant his own size (hell, Putin could do it, and I don’t mean with the aid of the Russian Army). Americans may admire wealth, however gained, as a sign of success, but silver spoons, bold baby thermometers, claims of special privilege, and spoiled whining are another matter.

  3. Yes, but my pea brain was intrigued for a moment with bold baby thermometers and wondering what they represented. :)

  4. Well, he’s a wimp too.
    He can’t take responsibility for the deeds of the company he brung to the presidential party, wuss.
    But he has no problems taking credit for the good stuff that happened after he left the company. Well, if Staples took off after he left, any jobs added after he left belong to the efforts of new new manager. You can’t have it both way, unethical whiner.

  5. Adali Stevenson said it best: “I’ll make a deal with the Republicans: You stop telling lies about the Democrats, and we’ll stop telling the truth about you.”

  6. Attacking Obama for a year then whining when he gets attacked is an opening a 1000 miles wide for Obama and they have taken it. Sorry Mittens, you cant run every time something is said about you.

    Romney just keeps hitting what he thinks are Obama weak points but exposes himself every time. Not a lot of manliness there. Specially in a guy that has to have his wife drive the water craft

  7. Now Mitt’s a felon? Oh, that’s right… this is after Obama clearly broke the law and was publicly called on the carpet with Fast & Furious. Well played, Obama – well played.

  8. Obama broke what laws? Issa admits he has no evidence that Obama and Holder were involved with F&F. Get off the nut job emials

  9. Chase down Obama & cut his hair? LOL.
    Not on secret service’s watch, now that they’ve been reprimanded.

  10. Shivas right, no strength from Myth. He has to depend on his wife to lead him, rely on the Rethugs in congress to run interference, 1% corporations to try to uy him elections, so Myth’s avery flawe candiddate.
    Dems will gain congress, once Obamas done with Myth & our country will move forward with positive 99% policies not just for the 1%.

  11. If you think Romney is whining now, wait until the debates start. He got away with his lies about President Obama during the Republican debates but it won’t happen when he’s standing right next to him. Romney will wilt under any attack by PBO about his past record at Bain or as Governor.

    I’d love to see a concerted effort by the Democrats to further associate the ACA with Romney. Let’s keep thanking Romney for helping the entire country adapt Romneycare into Obamacare. If it wasn’t for him, who knows if we would have had the ACA? Turn it on him and let him spend all his time trying to defend his past. The only really good thing he did and he can’t even take credit for it. Serves him right, considering all the lies he’s told about PBO.

    Maybe President Obama could give Romney an award for his work in healthcare that led to the ACA. That would be priceless!

  12. Kate’s right, Dems need to keep hammering O’RomneycareTAX and just keep thanking Myth for ACA over and over and over again, all the time.

  13. Thank Goodness, someone has called out willard on his inveterate, Incessant WHINING!

    Good ol Rahm..and was it not Dan Senor who first mentioned “Felon” in conjunction with the bain of mitt’s existence?

    The Obama Campaign is successfully painting the true picture of willard mitt romney..the demon barber from hell. One that Heckle Jekyll and HIDE would like to bury deep in the recesses of billions of $$$.

  14. Shivas right, no strength from Myth. He has to depend on his wife to lead him, rely on the Rethugs in congress to run interference, rely on 1% corporations to try to buy him elections, so Myth’s a very flawed candidate.
    Dems will gain congress, once Obama’s done with Myth & our country will move forward with positive 99% policies or 100% policies not just for the 1%.

  15. Adlai was one of a kind. So was his Dalmatian, Artie, who got into even more scrapes than our dog did.

  16. Don’t worry, Mitty, Momney Crooked Horse Dealer will protect you from all the mean people who are trying to kill you.

  17. President Obama wasn’t “called on the carpet” about F&F, or any other matter. If the republicans had any dirt on the president, they’d waste no time voting to impeach him, and you know it. You’d be high fiving every other republican you came into contact with. The vote to find AG Holder in contempt in the House was the republicans’ attempt to create a scandal. They failed. Hardly anyone’s talking about F&F now. A recent poll indicated that a majority of Americans feel that finding the AG guilty of contempt was a political ploy. It’s sad when republicans think they’re doing something that is so important to the American people, and it turns out that they ended up fooling very few of them.

  18. What are you talking about? More stuff pulled out of….
    It is better to keep quiet and be thought a fool than to speak/write and remove all doubt.

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