Glenn Beck Continues to Spread Lies About the Healthcare Bill

Glenn Beck was on FNC’s The O’Reilly Factor on Friday, where he continued to spread lies and falsehoods about the healthcare reform bill. Beck is still claiming that under the bill, people who don’t buy insurance will face jail time. This is not true. The penalty for not buying insurance is an additional tax. No one will go to jail.

Here is the video:

Here is Beck and O’Reilly’s exchange courtesy of Media Matters:

O’REILLY: Couldn’t they do [liposuction] at the same time [as your appendectomy]?

BECK: No, they wouldn’t. No. I don’t have universal health care.

O’REILLY: Well you will soon.

BECK: Or I’ll go to jail.

O’REILLY: Are you going to be a conscientious objector to health care?

BECK: You know, this is the first time in history in our country where, just to be a citizen, just to not go to jail, you have to buy something.

According to Media Matters, “If a person does not have acceptable health care coverage, Section 501 imposes a tax on that person “not to exceed the applicable national average premium.” Beck’s claim is absurdly false, and he should know better if he read the bill, as he claims. This is example number 724, 642 of Glenn Beck’s lack of concern for facts. Yet, this is the man who is positioning himself as the champion of a new conservative party.

Maybe Beck can recruit Palin to lead his new party? She has already admitted that she is a big fan of his. Although it is no shock that she gets so many things wrong, as she relies on Glenn as an honest source of information. Despite Beck’s lies, the healthcare bill will pass, and he will use it as a platform to champion his third party.

12 Replies to “Glenn Beck Continues to Spread Lies About the Healthcare Bill”

  1. When will morons like Glenn Beck Bill O Reilly Rush Limbaugh, and Sean Hannity learn that real America is tuning them out.. The only ones stupid enough to believe any of their lies and distortions are the true base of the what the Republican party is slowly becoming and that is southern rednecks and illiterate tea partiers. which comprises a very small minority of the American public. . Anybody decent American with half a brain in their head would never fall for any of that garbage you people spew out every day.

  2. Why do you idiots attack southern people so much? Don’t northern/western/midwestern rednecks exist in your world? Are you even aware of what a redneck is?
    Southern dirt farmers who got the back of their necks burned by the sun when they worked in the fields all day, trying to make a living, and not caring about politics. How you can associate a political party with a poor person who could care less about you and/or any politician.

    Do you have any idea what you’re talking about when you call tea partiers illiterate?

    How many times have YOU read the health bill? How many times have your Democratic representives
    read it? After all, they made it the law of the land!! You’d probably think one or two of them would have
    known something about what was actually passed into law. You have, based on your comments on the
    people you called morons – just exactly where did they misinterpret the new law? Can you give us facts instead of spew? I’ve read a few chapters of it…did you get past page 1 or do you even know where to go to read it?

  3. First I am a redneck, you are not to many fancy words, next I have read the healthcare bill (the houses and tht three from the Senate) Gleen Bleck is wrong and the tea assholes are retarded dirt. You are a moron and for watchihng Bleck you are also retarded.

  4. Progressive thought is a cancer. It is the unyielding belief that you should receive a benefit without earning it. Well, in a Utopian Society that would be fine but in the real world nothing is free. Someone had to earn the money that pays the taxes that are redistributed to the non productive members of society that for what ever reason can’t, won’t or think they should earn 50,000 dollars a year for cleaning toilets or flipping burgers. There is a place for all earners. If you don’t want to earn minimum wage for the rest of your life then first, don’t have a child at 14. Second, the burger flipping job can lead to management if you earn the respect of the organization. Third, drop the you owe me attitude. Nothing is free…even in a Socialist Country.

  5. This is crap.
    The only lies being spread about Health Care are from the communist congress people who want to grab 17% of our economy for their personal ego gratification.
    This bill WILL bankrupt us – when has a government program ever saved money?
    This bill WILL shorten life-expectancy by subjecting us to 2nd tier care – when has the government ever done anything accurately or efficiently.
    This bill WILL rob us of liberty and freedom, and hasten our descent to socialism.

    Thanks to all who voted for Obummer. You should be ashamed.

  6. Did you read that in one of Nostradamus predictions or are you just delusional like your hero Howard Beal oh wait I mean Glenn Bleck, and can you please tell me on what pages in the bill that states we will be rob of our liberties and freedoms, I bet you cannot so enjoy your failure at life.

  7. Funny because their rating continue to soar. The article above is foolishly wrong. When Beck says you could face jail time he is correct. Here’s how; government mandates you to buy health care, you choose liberty and refuse, the government then taxes you as a penalty (using taxes as punishment is illegal BTW) and again you choose liberty and refuse to pay. Now you can get tried for tax evasion which carries a max penalty of $250,000 and 5 years in prison. WAKE UP MORONS!!!!

  8. gonna have to wave the BS flag here as the Senate bill hasn’t been released by harry reid yet. so, the people who are voting on it have not read it, i highly doubt you have. unless you have special connections that senators don’t have.

  9. Okay folks….what happens if you don’t pay the tax? Go to jail? Hummmm….I guess Glenn was right after all.

  10. You can and could read the bills online in PDF format the bill is a combination of the three bills that passed there committees any asshat would have known that except you a jackasshat.

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