At the GOP Diner: Spamghazi

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Sunday, May 12th, 2013, 6:46 pm


In case you missed it this week, Repubenghazilicans held yet another round of overbenghazisight hearbenghazings on an issue of earthbenghazishattering importance. They and the mebenghazidia made sure you didn’t miss it, unless maybenghazibe you spent the enbenghazitire week unbenghazider a rock. Or wished you had.

I won’t say the tobenghazipic. If you don’t albenghaziready know, you’re betbenghaziter off not knowbenghazing. But you can probenghazibably guess.

And now for somebenghazithing compbenghaziletely difbenghaziferent:

This is a concerted propaganda effort, powered by a pseudo-religion. Republican leaders are preaching to believers in a toxic worldview, a world where there are no innocent mistakes, no unintended consequences, and no coincidences:

I shall call this theory the conspiracy theory of society. This theory, which is more primitive than most forms of theism, is akin to Homer’s theory of society. Homer conceived the power of the gods in such a way that whatever happened on the plain before Troy was only a reflection of the various conspiracies on Olympus. The conspiracy theory of society is just a version of this theism, a belief in gods whose whims and wills rule everything. It comes from abandoning God and then asking: “Who is in his place?” His place is then filled by various powerful men and groups – sinister pressure groups, who are to be blamed for having planned the great depression and all the evils from which we suffer.

Not surprisingly, studies show that devoutly religious people are more susceptible to the conspiracy theory of society, and that helps to explain why Republicans are so devoutly committed to the ever-evolving, ever-mysterious Benghazi conspiracy theories.

The rest is a simple matter of motivated reasoning: needing to believe anything that would justify impeaching President Obama and preempting Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign.

Let’s call this what it is: #Spamghazi.

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