Ted Cruz and His Father Accuse Obama of Their Own Anti-American Plans

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Saturday, July, 26th, 2014, 7:31 am

rafael and ted cruzThe Cuban anarchist Ted Cruz and his father Rafael are working tirelessly to destroy American democracy and true freedom of religion, by replacing it with the “Christians Only” pabulum being peddled by the Religious Right.

The bought-men of the Supreme Court are more than willing to go along with what the Religious Right is selling (after all, they will do what the Kochs want them to do) but the American people are not. So in typical fear-mongering style, Rafael proclaimed Tuesday, reports Right Wing Watch, that Obama and liberals want to “do away with the Bill of Rights”:

We have heard this before, of course, from his son, who claimed back in May that Democrats planned to abolish the First Amendment, which is interesting in itself because Ted Cruz has already publicly demonstrated that he does not himself understand the Constitution of his adopted country.

Of course, we have already seen who really wants to do away with the Bill of Rights (other than a few favorite amendments), and that is Rafael and Ted. Ted Cruz champions Nuremberg-Style Laws for gays and lesbians, which is hardly in keeping with either the letter or the spirit of the Bill of Rights, and he has already violated the Bill of Rights’ First Amendment with his anti-gay marriage bill in the Senate.

The fact is, Ted Cruz’s father is a dangerous religious fanatic and Ted – who you will remember Bryan Fischer compared to the prophet Elijah – the dominionist messiah. Together what these two desire instead to establish a system of government that is designed to squeeze wealth from the masses and funnel it into the coffers of the rich (a sort of reverse trickle-down) and to control those masses with the Religious Right’s hypocritical form of Christianity, which sanctifies such endeavors with a false veneer of holiness.

That this sad abortion of a religion is completely (and demonstrably) in violation of the teachings of their putative Lord, Jesus Christ – at least insofar as the views of Jesus of Nazareth are accurately reflected in the gospels – seems to bother them not at all. Nor does it bother them to lie and bear false witness, a violation of the Ten Commandments they pretend to hold dear, as Rafael takes up the oft-refuted lie of the NRA by telling his listeners that Obama plans to take away their guns, saying,

Well, of course, you have got to realize that is all about control. You look at history, Stalin took out the guns, then killed twenty million people; Mao took out the guns, then killed fifty million people. Every society where government has taken the guns away from the population, then they’ve used them against the population.

And it is hypocritical, to say the least, to claim one the one hand that Obama has a “worldview based upon a totalitarian view of government being all powerful,” while on the other preaching a totalitarian doctrine that his religion is all powerful, especially when the First Amendment forbids the establishment of a state religion.

Hilariously, even as they persecute gays and lesbians and liberals, Rafael claimed Right Wing Watch is persecuting him and compared himself to the example of Jesus, who – in what is certainly a salutary lesson for Cruzes – was crucified for sedition by the Roman government.

It is unlikely Rafael (or his son) will ever be brought to trial for their sedition, let alone crucified, if only because Republican corporate governance is far more corrupt than its ancient Roman counterpart, and the bought men of the Supreme Court have already given ample demonstration that they will never countenance the dispensing of actual justice on these shores.

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