Study Finds That Electing Democrats Is The Best Way To Create Jobs

Study Finds That Electing Democrats Is The Best Way To Create Jobs


A study of economic data over the past 75 years revealed that Democratic presidents create twice as many jobs and three times more job growth than Republicans.

An analysis of seventy-five years worth of economic data by economist Steve Stoft, and attorney/economic researcher Nathan Salminen revealed that Democratic presidents create a lot more jobs than Republicans.

Stoft found that Democrats have created twice as many jobs as Republicans. From 1940-2014, Democratic presidents have created 74 million jobs, while Republicans have created 35 million jobs.

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Job creation graph:


It isn’t just the overall number of jobs created. Job growth increases more under Democratic presidents than under Republicans. Since 1940, job growth has increased 3% per year under Democrats and 1% per year under Republicans.

Graph: Job growth percentage:


The Gross Domestic Product also reaches its highest point when Democrats control both the White House and Congress (5.2%). When control of the White House and Congress is split between the parties, GDP growth is 2.9%. When Republicans control both the White House and Congress, GDP grows at (-.8%).

The data demonstrates that Democrats really do create more jobs than Republicans. Democratic ideas are more effective in terms of job creation than Republican policies. Tax cuts for the rich and other trickle down economic theories don’t work.

Even though he has been saddled with a Republican controlled House, President Obama has done a great job turning the economy around after the Bush created Great Recession. Republican economic policies don’t work because they substitute ideological belief for fact. Republicans have built their economic policy around the belief that wealth should be transferred upwards to the top.

The message to voters is clear. If the American people want a robust economy, the best move they could make would be to elect a Democrats to Congress. A Democratic Congress and a Democratic president would do wonders for this economy.

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