Boehner’s Pathetic House Can Only Pass A One Week Funding Bill For Homeland Security

Boehner’s Pathetic House Can Only Pass A One Week Funding Bill For Homeland Security

In a display of failed Republican leadership, John Boehner and House Republicans could only pass a one week funding bill for Homeland Security.

The House was only able to pass a one-week spending bill by suspending the rules and relying on Democrats to deliver the votes to prevent another disaster. The final vote was 357-60. Fifty-five Republicans and five Democrats voted against the bill.

Minority Leader Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) urged Democrats to support the one-week bill:

Thank you for your cooperation on the vote earlier today. Our unity was a strong statement that the Department of Homeland Security must be fully funded.

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We are asking you once again to help advance passage of the Senate passed, long-term funding of DHS by voting in favor of a 7-day patch that will be on suspension in the House tonight.

Your vote tonight will assure that we will vote for full funding next week.

The fact that Boehner had to rely once again on Democrats to get anything done is evidence that Republicans are completely incompetent and incapable of governing. The only reason Nancy Pelosi and the House Democrats swooped in was that Boehner caved and agreed to a full funding vote next week.

The debacle in the House was a crisis that was manufactured by Republicans that they couldn’t get themselves out of. Instead of a confrontation with President Obama, House Republicans shot themselves in the feet. Earlier today, Boehner failed to pass a three week funding bill, and without Democrats, his one-week bill also would have failed.

The humiliations just keep coming for the pathetic John Boehner.

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