Hillary Clinton Drops A Bomb On The Kochs By Vowing To Take Away Big Oil’s Taxpayer Subsidies

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Monday, July, 27th, 2015, 5:13 pm


Hillary Clinton vowed to take away big oil’s subsidies and use the money for clean energy while campaigning in Iowa.

During a speech in Des Moines, Iowa, Clinton laid out her vision for combating climate change by encouraging clean energy technology.

In the process, she dropped a bomb on the Koch brothers:

We will make America the world’s clean energy superpower.

We will develop and deploy the clean energy technologies of the future. Transform our grid to give Americans more control over the energy they produce and consume. And yes, I will defend President Obama’s Clean Power Plant—Clean Power Plan against attacks from Republicans and their corporate backers.

We’ll launch a Clean Energy Challenge that supports and partners with states, cities, and rural communities that are ready to lead on clean energy.

We’ll stop the giveaways to big oil companies and extend, instead, tax incentives for clean energy, while making them more cost-effective for both taxpayers and producers.

We’ll support—and improve—the Renewable Fuel Standard that has been such a success for Iowa and much of rural America.

The Koch brothers are fossil fuel barons who have spent almost $80 million funding climate change deniers. What Hillary Clinton is proposing is that the federal government take the $4.8 billion in subsidies that are currently given to big oil and create clean energy tax incentives.

Clinton’s proposal is exactly what the Koch Brothers fear the most. Fossil fuel industries are extremely profitable. They don’t need federal subsidies. Federal subsidies should be used to develop clean energy sources for the future. Republicans and their big oil masters frame the energy issue as an either/or choice between fossil fuels and clean alternatives. Hillary Clinton is offering a forward-thinking energy future that will be better for the planet and consumers.

Progress is inevitable, and not even the vast Koch wealth can hold off America’s clean energy future forever.

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