Fox News Says Don’t Worry if Times’ Clinton Email Story Wrong, Keep Talking About it

Fox News Says Don’t Worry if Times’ Clinton Email Story Wrong, Keep Talking About it

A classic Fox News response to the botched, re-botched and botched again New York Times Hillary Clinton email story:

Earlier today, on Fox News’ Happening Now, Judith Miller said we need more coverage of the Clinton emails “Whether or not The Times got certain facts about the story wrong.” This is Fox-speak for “We’ve got nothing, so let’s keep talking about it.”

They don’t have to prove a thing. They just have to keep doubt alive, just as they’ve tried to do with global warming, and before that, smoking. Throw enough dirt, and some will stick. And after all, where they’ve invented one lie, they can invent another, and keep inventing them.

Watch courtesy of Media Matters for America:

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Sure, some of what the Times said was wrong, claims Miller, but, she says,

What we’re missing here is the bigger picture, and that is that Hillary Clinton, whether or not the Times got certain facts about the story wrong, has huge potential legal and certainly political problems because of her handling of the email, and if I were Hillary Clinton’s press secretary, I would want to divert attention too to what The New York Times did or didn’t do and how fast it did it. Look, we already know she had 60,000 emails, only 30,000 of which were turned over to the State Department. The other 30,000 she destroyed. We know there was at least five emails which contained classified information. We don’t know how many more did. We don’t know when that information was classified. We also know there was that mysterious disappearance of two months of emails just around the Benghazi attack. I mean, there are so many issues here and problems.

Miller says the question is why the media did not “get on this story sooner. Why did it take until The New York Times’ original story about the existence of a private server in her private home to prompt others to begin to look at this issue.”

Hillary Clinton is lining up Republican presidential candidates and knocking them down like dominoes. At this rate, she will have all 16 down even before the first debates. Fox News, like the GOP, is frantically looking for ways to stop her. Expect more Benghazi, expect more emails and more emails + Benghazi and anything else they can invent to throw at her.

What is funny is that The New York Times can call out the campaign being engineered against Planned Parenthood without noticing their own deceptive campaign against Hillary Clinton. As The Atlantic‘s Norm Ornstein so succinctly put it, The New York Times‘ handling of Clinton email story is “a direct challenge to its fundamental credibility.”

We could say a lot more about Fox News, but they never had any credibility to begin with.

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