Edwards on Today Show: I’m Not Interested in VP

ImageOn the Today show this morning John Edwards said that he is not interested in being Barack Obama’s running mate. He also put to rest the speculation that Obama had his endorsement in his back pocket and was waiting until after West Virginia to roll it out.

Edwards said that he voted for Obama in the North Carolina primary, and he decided to support him then. He said that he did not make up his mind on when to endorse Obama until 24 hours before he gave the endorsement. When Matt Lauer asked him if he was interested in being VP, Edwards replied, “Won’t happen. This is not something I’m interested in.”

Edwards also said that Obama’s healthcare plan doesn’t go as far as Edwards proposed, but he said that Obama assured him that he is committed to healthcare for every man, woman, and child in the nation.

Edwards said that he has spoken with Obama about a role in his administration, “only in the most abstract terms.” Obama has told him, “I want you on my team. I want to help you both in the campaign and with the work we want to do when I’m the president.”

Edwards also said that he wouldn’t get into speculation about him wanting to be attorney general. Well, it looks like we cross John Edwards off of the short list of potential running mates for Obama.

I really have to give it to Edwards on this one. He has constantly said that he didn’t want to be VP. My own hunch is that Edwards is done with national campaigns. If Obama does win the election, John Edwards will be a great attorney general.

Watch Edwards on the Today Show:


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