Palin and the Convention Power Obama to a New Fundraising Record

ImageIn what is likely going to become a monthly event, the Obama campaign announced today that they have shattered their own fundraising record of $55 million by raising $66 million in August. There is little doubt that the combination of the Democratic Convention and the selection of Sarah Palin have energized Democrats.

Obama campaign manager David Plouffe used the announcement to reaffirm Obama as the real agent of change, “John McCain says that he’ll take on the special interests and lobbyists, but McCain can’t fix a problem he’s been part of for three decades. The 500,000 new donors to the Obama campaign demonstrate just how strongly the American people are looking to kick the special interests out and change Washington. We are proud of the millions of volunteers and more than 2.5 million donors to the Obama campaign who are contributing to help us deliver the change we need instead of letting John McCain just continue the same failed Bush policies while middle class Americans struggle.”

I think Obama was going to have a big month, regardless, but the selection of Palin, and the closeness of the polls woke up many Obama supporters. The McCain campaign had a big month as well raising $50 million in August, and $10 million after Palin was chosen, but the Obama camp also benefitted from her selection. They raised a million dollars the day after she was chosen.

The more important number than the dollar amount is the fact that even though Obama has been campaigning for almost 2 years, he was still was able to gather a half of a million new donors. A total donor list of 2.5 million people is massive and unprecedented in American electoral politics. Obama is amassing a huge grassroots network of donors and volunteers that the Republicans can’t match.

In the end it won’t be the amount of money raised that wins this election, but whether or not Obama’s operation on the ground can get people out to vote on Election Day. Palin revived the McCain campaign, but she has also been a reality check for some Democrats who were happy to cruise along and assume victory in November. Obama’s August fundraising total is a clear signal that Democrats are energized, united, and ready to take on McCain/Palin.

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  1. its interesting that obamas campaign likes to tell you he gets millions of small donations from the internet but what they should disclose is who the donators are..most of the money comes from overseas, thats right the majority of the money donated to the obama campaign comes from the people most of us view as our enemys.. you wont hear that from obama and you surely wont hear it from the media..the people who want this guy elected are from the country’s that will benefit most..and thats not the usa..if you think this is not a true statement than dont believe me check it out for yourself..but you wont get far because they will not release any of that damaging info and the media will pretend that its a non issue…stop being fooled by this socialist loser and vote the right choice mccain-palin people who will lower taxes stop corruption and are not getting donations from our enemy’s overseas who dont want to deal with a strong president…

  2. Hmmmm…You should check your facts. Overseas, non-Americans can not donate to his campaign. Maybe you should read the constitution and rules and you would know that your statement is another smear campaigne. Educate yourself!

  3. You think this is bad, just wait and see the Carl Rowe style in the last day of the campaign. The republicians will run all kinds of negitive ads that are full of lies when its to late to disspell them. Thats what they did to John Kerry. Just remember the last 8 years and who was in charge. They gave the treasure to the top 1% and ruined everyone elses financial life and put us in a war we should never have been in. Where is Bin Laden you moron George Bush, and how much money are the special interest(oil compaines) going to stick in your pocket . Bush should be impeached and Chaney should be in jail. VOTE FOR MCCAIN FOR MORE OF THE SAME OR VOTE FOR OBAMA FOR A BETTER TOMORRA

  4. As pointed out above, non-citizens are not allowed to donate, which is something that you would know if you had ever ddonated to a campaign….any campaign. Obama does make the donor list public. It takes the FEC weeks to go through it all. Some people are so delusional that they are willing to make up reasons for Obama’s popularity that aren’t even reality based. Then again, non-reality based politics is a GOP specialty.

  5. Let me tell you something. Its disgusting what your guy will sell and give away to win an election. Besides his soul, McCain has crossed so many lines. Veterans like my husband think its disgusting that he sells his POW status like a commodity on the open market. Thats slime and sleaze right there. Taking what was supposed to have been a selfless act, and making it selfish. Blaring it from horns, begging for attention from it while simultaneously cutting VA budgets is even more nefarious (go look it up).
    He’s made it clear that honesty, integrity, facts…reality do not matter if they get in his way to win this election. But he’ll be happy to take advantage of racism and sexism as long as the outcome favors him. Same **** from the old days, wrapped up a mink coat is still ****.
    Hate to clue you in but no one overseas gives a damn about McCain and his cronies. They see the U.S. as a prisoner of ideology much the same way as the crazy muslims in the middle east are prone to do.
    I work in a store of twenty five people. Twenty of us have been contributing little amounts here and there to Obama’s campaign and there are hundreds of thousands of people all over this country that are doing the same. It might disgust you, but we are your neighbor, your mailman, your town cop, your serviceman or woman, your priest, your pastor, your family member……we who represent Obama are here in this country.
    Socialist is bailing your private corporations out, buddy….congrats on owning a piece of AIG. Guess you are a part of that which you disdain????

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