Palin Faces Her 12th Ethics Complaint

Sarah Palin blasted a new ethics complaint against her that alleges her recent trip to Indiana to speak at an anti-abortion fundraiser was to benefit her own personal interests at a time when members of the legislature are not allowed to leave. Palin has responded by calling the complaint baseless.

Rachel Maddow Talks about Her Ratings

MSNBC's Rachel Maddow has done a couple of interviews lately, where she discussed her post-election ratings slide. Maddow has dropped from 1.9 million viewers during the election to a current average of 1.1 million. The question is, with Democratic viewers now satisfied, can progressive talk continue to grow?

Restoring Democracy; The Progressive Agenda

There is a fine line between the strength of the left's questioning of their officials (a good thing) and destabilizing reactionary anger (a bad thing). A recent example of this is the left railing at President Obama to prosecute the Bush administration and others for torture. Urging Obama to prosecute is tantamount to asking him to Bushify the Executive Office.