Bill Kristol Predicts Sarah Palin’s Path to the 2012 Presidency

On Fox News Sunday this morning, Weekly Standard editor, and FNC contributor, Bill Kristol predicted Sarah Palin’s path to the White House in 2012. He predicted that Palin would become a leader of conservatives, the leader of the GOP, and then president, just like Obama did. According to Kristol, Palin is just like Obama.

Here is the video courtesy of Think Progress:

Kristol said, “Barack Obama ran for Senate in 2004, was elected to the Senate and the moment he was sworn in began running for president of the United States. He had no Senate leadership record to speak of. He didn’t spend much time in the Senate, certainly for the last two years of his term, He effectively had left the Senate by the time he started living in or visiting Iowa and New Hampshire in early 2007, and everyone said ooh, he can’t compete with these people with these long records, and what’s he ever done and Republicans like me we all oh he’s a community organizer, come on a one term Senator. He seems to have gotten elected President of the United States.”

He continued, “I don’t think it is foolish for Palin to think, “You know what, if that’s the world we live in now where people don’t value — maybe correctly — experience in years of experience in Washington, or two terms counts more than two and half years as Governor of Alaska. Maybe she thinks she gets out there and becomes a leader of the conservative movement, and then a leader of the Republican Party, and then conceivably a nominee of the Republican Party, and then conceivably a president just as Obama did.”

Kristol left out two key points. One, even while running for president, Obama kept his office. Obama didn’t quit the Senate after two years to run for president. Two, while Obama was a relative unknown in 2007, Palin has already been defined in the minds of voters by her run with John McCain in 2008. Palin is already a known quantity with voters, a majority of them already decided that she isn’t qualified to be vice president, much less president.

His comparison of Palin and Obama is the pipe dream of a desperate Republican looking for a savior. Obama was already more qualified to be president when he started to run, than Palin is now. Two years in Alaska does not equal being a U.S. Senator. Of course, Kristol’s predictions are a joke. Kristol’s predicted that Ted Stevens would keep his Senate seat in Alaska, Gov. Jennifer Granholm would be Obama’s Supreme Court nominee, and biggest of all, Obama would never beat Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination.

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  1. “His comparison of Palin and Obama is the pipe dream of a desperate Republican looking for a savior”- YOU HAVE IT BACKWARDS; You’re mockery of Palin’s presidential potential is simply your own pipe dream – rooted in denial and fear. The torrent of insults and mockery of Palin from the left is proportional to the potential she has to win the presidency in 2012. Obama and Democrats have great reason to fear Sarah Palin since most Americans agree with her positions on Energy Independence, National Security, Fiscal Restraint, Smaller Government, and Local Control. Sarah can mobilize the majority of Americans that believe Obama’s policies in these areas are harming America.

  2. Um, firstly, it’s “your” mockery, not “you’re” mockery. Try passing the second grade before insulting someone who runs his own political blog site.

    Secondly, “you’re” claim of “The torrent of insults and mockery of Palin from the left is proportional to the potential she has to win the presidency in 2012,” is nothing more than “you’re” own pipe dream because though it is true Democrats mock her, a lot of conservatives can’t stand her either. Palin had a lot of intrigue from women when she was first announced as McCain’s VP choice. Then she quickly lost a lot of them. What happened? Are women all liberals?

    And why don’t you ask McCain’s “conservative” supporters and staff about how they feel about Palin? Or maybe they’re all liberals who mock her as well?

    And finally, if the majority of Americans agree with her, then why did they vote for Obama overwhelmingly in 2008? Wouldn’t they have looked over and saw the Messiah-Palin and said, “we may not like McCain, but damn it, God put Palin here for a reason!”

    Ok, lecture over. Now please return to your second grade class, and this time, pay some attention.

  3. Palin had always been more qualified than Obama. Palin has managed a state budget and has done so wihout running deficits. Obama has never run a budget. Palin through her work with the Alaska Highway Pipeline will have increased natural gas supplies in the USA by 8% and create REAL jobs. Obama has never done a thing in regards to energy for this country. And the prrof is ther for all to see. Obama has tanked the US economy, is running a $2 trillion budget deficit for fiscal 2009, and unemployment continues to rise towad double digits. There are no jobs in the Obama economy.

  4. Perfectly stated, Anonymous.

    As the left remains apoplectic over the prospect of a Sarah Palin presidency, what they truly fear is the rise of the conservative movement with a person who didn’t go to Wesley or Yale or Harvard and horrors of all horrors, a married women with children!

    Oh the humanity!

    What they haven’t seemed to be able to crasp yet, is that the more evil their behavior becomes, and it doesn’t get much worse than mocking a little baby, the more we conservatives unite behind her.

    So I say, keep it up! You only strengthen Mrs. Palin and those who support her.
    She didn’t leave the fight, she is only redeploying to firmer ground where she can move and fight with broadened support and fresh platoons of patriots that are ready willing and able to back her up.

    So keep playing your evil little games, lefties, and while you do and are distracted on our flanks, as we ready our movement, our way in our time, to return our nation to its foundations under the constitution.

    Oh, we right wing radicals are just exasperating, aren’t we?!

  5. Palin supporters always seem to neglect the fact, that Independents and Democrats don’t like her. There aren’t enough Republicans to win an election on their own. Colin Powell continues to have approval ratings in the 70s.

    He is a Republican that could crossover with Independents. Palin has approval ratings that hover in the upper 30s-mid 40s. Her approval ratings with Independents are even worse. She is not a popular politician. The Cult of Sarah can keep dreaming, but she is going nowhere fast.

  6. Palin lives to polarize individuals. Even within the GOP and among conservatives, she has only the narrowest base of support. If she cannot get the unified support of conservatives and the GOP, she certainly cannot come remotely close to winning a national general election.

    Palin is not a particularly lucid or polished speaker, nor a very creative thinker. Her educational background, knowledge, and skill sets are much smaller than Obama’s. They are not remotely comparable individuals.

    The day “most Americans agree with her positions” is a month of days PAST the day when the GOP stops declining in significant numbers – as it is now. At the current rate of decline, the GOP is going to go the way of the Whig party that preceded it: defunct.

  7. “what they truly fear is the rise of the conservative movement ”

    You use the wrong tense conjucating verbs Anonymous. It might happen that someday in the future “the left” will fear something, but so far the rise of the conservative movement seems to exist pretty much in the minds of Rush Limbaugh and his dittoheads as nothing more than wishful thinking.

    The numbers simply do not support that supposed rise; but then, sadly, part of the reason for that is conservatives have been a bit weak and wobbly on hard facts for quite awhile now.

  8. === As the left remains apoplectic over the prospect of a Sarah Palin presidency, what they truly fear is the rise of the conservative movement with a person who didn’t go to Wesley or Yale or Harvard and horrors of all horrors, a married women with children! ===

    I can’t speak for ALL the Left, but most I know would never combine the words “prospect”, “Palin” and “presidency” in the same sentence.

    Newt Gingrich attended Emory and then Tulane, and if you’re looking for someone to build a conservative movement, he’s your better bet.

    There are two kinds of voters in this world: those who think it takes someone smarter than them to run the country, and those who figure they’re smart enough to run the country. I don’t know of ANY who would vote for someone they thought was LESS intelligent than themselves. Until Palin can demonstrate the ability to clearly articulate a complex original thought, she is doomed.

  9. “the more evil their behavior becomes…keep it up! You only strengthen Mrs. Palin…She didn’t leave the fight, she is only redeploying to firmer ground where she can move and fight with broadened support and fresh platoons of patriots that are ready willing and able to back her up…So keep playing your evil little games…”

    Yes, yes…I’ve heard it all before…back in the 50s under those big revival tents… and we’re all sitting here, waiting on bended knee, for the return of the great God-King to smite us with lightening bolts, and plague, and pestilence…

    …WAIT…you’re already here, so I guess pestilence has been delivered…

    Keep it up, Mr. Radical Fundamentalist. Keep up your preaching and your proselytizing and your “borning againing.” Meanwhile, that big army you think you’re amassing in that head of yours, well, it’s only a small percentage of the most rural and backwards of “folk” in the “Backwater Belt” of America.

    Even as you swoon away under the big tent lights, inebriated by your holy water, you should think—an act that I know is difficult for your ilk–about the very real ramifications of the actions of your massive army’s movement.

    You guys are quickly becoming the new hippies, only you’re radical on the other extreme. The more you guys “preachify,” the more you alienate and turn off regular, sane Americans. So keep it up…because the more you push, the better it is for me.

    Keep it up and push America in the other direction for the next forty years. Let me thank you in advance.

  10. I’m tired of hearing that the left did this or the left said that.

    Any person with intelligence will tell you that Palin should not be in politics.

    she has no place in running for office since she does not know anything about civics and the constitution, she couldn’t even name another supreme court case other than Roe V. Wade.

    I am not a republican, democrat or affiliated with any party and never will. I use my analyst of the person and what they can do for me.

    Palin can not speak outside of a box and if this is the best our country has to offer than it’s not good enough.

    Why are we settling for someone that has no experience.

    Obama is a lawyer with experience and taught law, he knows about congressional law and his campaign showed that he can lead a country.

    I don’t agree with everything he has done but, realistically, if the repubs think they can do better why did they not say one word when Bush was spending lots of money on a “military occupation” in Iraq??!!

    Kristol is a NeoCon, he can predict all he wants but in reality, Palin would get castrated by Obama in a debate.

    -Joe Flambe

  11. Are Conservatives supposed to take this amateurish tripe you’ve written seriously? What an assclown you are.

  12. There are plenty of days I don’t like my job. Plenty of days when I am stressed-out, making a living for my family and living up to my obligations.

    It is the height of arrogance for Sarah Palin to quit a job she has been hired by the people to do. She has not honored her obligations or the people in Alaska who voted for her.

    Given the state of our economy, we need leaders who roll up their shirt sleeves and lead… not quit and walk away when the going gets tough.

  13. Palin is (was) governor of a state that almost completely relies on oil revenues for its budget (I know, I lived there for over 20 years.) The “Obama Economy” for which Obama has been responsible for only 6 months, was inherited from Bush/Cheney who spent the surpluses of the “Clinton economy” into oblivion by funding an illegal war, engaging in war profiteering and supporting the economic bubbles and speculation (with close ties to Wall Street and the Goldman Sachs run financial institutions that dominate our political and economic landscape today) that ran our country off a cliff and allowed the wealthy to fleece the rest of America once again. Its the same Goldman-Sachs revolving door that gave us the massive bailout in Obama’s administration (I’m not an Obama fan or apologist since he’s working with the same folks from Wall Street that Bush did and many recent past presidents have; I just don’t think that it’s fair to judge him after only 6 months, especially considering what he inherited from Bush/Cheney. I do not support the bailout.) They have basically all have been forsaking the American System of maintaining the prosperity of the middle class through domestic development (in infrastructure, education, and technology) and protection from speculation and class inequality for British style “Free Market Economics” since Reagan. All one has to do is look at economic and political history and it’s easy to see that we are back to the Robber-Baron Age and a repeat of the Depression. “Deregulation” is just another word for getting rid of the protections that kept business from running amuck and inflating markets to make a killing off the rest of us (to be fair, aside from the Depression, it started with Clinton’s administration with the internet bubble, and continued with the Bush administration with the Enron and WorldCom scandals, the housing bubble, the recent oil bubble, and the racking up of Trillions of debt for the war in Iraq [$60-80 Billion my ass.]) We haven’t just been letting the fox guard the henhouse, we’ve been unlocking the door and inviting it with the hens to have its way; and it has.) Those who do learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

  14. it’s not alright to quit your job but acceptable to collect pay for a job you quit doing as Obama did after barely two years in the senate. Just like union jobs, very little work great pay and benefits.

    BTW, your blog sucks and most of the posting is probably by jmeasley using different e-mail addresses. Loser!

  15. The leftist Stalinists are attacking Palin for the same reason Stalin had Trotsky assasinated; get rid of potential oposition as soon as possible.

    P.S. Stalin also got rid of all the churches in Russia; he saw them as his “enemy”. Anyone see any parallels here

  16. I was on John Kerry’s mailing list and I supported every Democratic Nominee for President since Watergate. I was for Hillary for President and sent her money. Without any warning Kerry endorses Obama. Then immediately I get an e-mail from Obama thanking me for supporting him. Kerry gave no warning about his endorsement. This completely turned me off to the way things are done in the Democratic Party. Hillary’s super delegates deserted her like rats deserting a sinking ship.

    It is disgusting to see all of these Democrats denigrating Sarah Palin as an idiot. They are the real idiots. Just because someone is from a less populated area and is a religious fundamentalist does not mean that person is stupid. The attacks on Sarah Palin are idiotic, such as denouncing her for not going to an Ivy League college. Bush Jr. went to Yale. Did that make him smart? She could not be an idiot and have done all that she has done.

    She was not born rich like the Kennedys, Bushes, Dan Quale, and John Kerry. She is a self made person. Democrats have become arrogant. Democrats rage against Palin and say she has no chance of winning against Obama. If that is true then why is it they are so upset about Palin? She has a real chance of beating Obama. Obama’s ratings are slipping already.


  17. What churches have been shut down by Obama? None, so sorry but I don’t see any parallels there. I do see that you’re another right wing nutcase that likes to create nonsensical comparisons to Stalin/Nazis/Socialists/Fascists/Marxists that have nothing to do with reality. If you insist on throwing those words around, at least use a few brain cells and give examples of why Obama is any of those. Just remember that you will come off as a total hypocrite because with all of the actions that idiots like you accuse Obama of taking, especially with our economy and the state of government involvement in our lives, nothing will ever top what your hero Bush has already done (bailouts for Wall Street cronies, largest expansion of government under any modern president, doubling our national deficit, endless wars that will add trillions more to our deficit, and the list goes on). And Georgie boy wanted to privatize social security. That would have gone down really well after the Dow got cut in half. The funny thing is despite all that this fake cowboy has done to our country, he still comes across as being more thoughtful than the mentally retarded former governor of Alaska.

  18. Can you tell me what exactly she has done? I am trying to figure out all of her accomplishments but can’t think of any. I do know Alaska gets almost all of its revenue from oil. When oil was close to $150 a barrel, she raised taxes on oil companies and cut checks to all Alaskan citizens (that’s called socialism for all of you right-wing retards who like to throw that word around without knowing its definition). This past year, oil prices plummeted, which means Alaska is now running deficits. She can no longer bribe Alaskans, which is why her approval rating dropped from the 80’s to below 50 percent. She had to quit because without easy money, she is forced to come up with creative solutions, something that is not easy for someone with her mental deficiencies. By that, I don’t mean she is stupid. She is something even worse. She CHOOSES to be ignorant so she can pander to a specific group of Americans who don’t know a damn thing about how this world works.

    P.S. I also loved her policy of making rape victims pay for their own rape kits, which cost $1000 each. Way to show off those Christian values.

  19. It’s no wonder you like Palin and defend her as intelligent, since you seem to think Dan Quayle is a Democrat. Idiots attract idiots. Is it so VERY hard to look up a person’s name before you spell it incorrectly?
    I don’t recall anyone denigrating Palin for not attending an Ivy League college, but they rightfully questioned her intelligence when she wasn’t even able to pull the name of a magazine- ANY magazine out of a hat when asked what she read by Katie Couric. Any moron could have named SOMETHING. Oh, that’s right- She isn’t just ANY moron. LOL!

  20. “By that, I don’t mean she is stupid. She is something even worse. She CHOOSES to be ignorant so she can pander to a specific group of Americans who don’t know a damn thing about how this world works.

    VERY well said!

  21. Be careful what you wish for – Wisconsin and Michigan have governors that are leading the way right now. Bold, forceful leaders with a vision and the will to see that vision through to its completion. And here we are…

  22. You have to ask what country those 2 governors think they are in though. They may be successful now, but I dont think the workers in Wisconsin and michigan, as well as the citizens of Michigan possibly losing their representatives they elected will go along with it.

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