More Righty on Righty Violence as Michelle Malkin Rips Glenn Beck

Michelle Malkin Rips Glenn Beck on His Own Show for Featuring Eric Massa
Malkin almost gave Beck something else to cry about
Glenn Beck hosted Michelle Malkin on his radio show today, presumably to discuss Eric Massa’s appearance today on Beck’s Fox News show, but he and Malkin got into a huge argument over why Beck is promoting and giving air time to Massa. Malkin asked Beck, “How much oxygen do you really want to give a guy who is trying to save his job?” Beck then questioned whether or not he and Malkin were on the same side.

Here is the audio courtesy of Media Matters:

Things started out testy as Malkin had her doubts about Massa’s motives, then things got interesting as she asked Beck, “How much oxygen do you really want to give a guy who is trying to save his job?” Beck said, “His job is gone. His job is gone. Wait a minute. His job is gone. I don’t understand why everybody wants to make this about him.” Malkin asked a very good question, “If what he (Massa) is claiming is true, why isn’t he staying and fighting?”

Beck then questioned if he and Malkin are on the same side, “I don’t understand you people, Michelle.” Malkin said that they are on the same side, but Beck asked, “Are we Michelle? Because it seems to me the right has come out and attacked and attacked and attacked every single time.” Malkin ripped Beck for putting Massa on television for an hour, “You’re putting him on for an hour on your show, do you think he deserves that? Of all the people who are out there whistle blowing about corruption, this man deserves 60 minutes of our time, really?”

Beck admitted that having Massa on is nothing more than attention getting stunt. Malkin argued that Beck could put better people on his show. Beck replied, “Are the same people that nobody listens to. I could have Michele Bachmann who is in there swinging away every single day. I could have people on over and over again. We’ve had them on. It’s the same people.” Malkin then realized that she can’t afford to make an enemy out of Beck and went into full butt kissing mode. In the end, Beck and Malkin kissed and made up, but her argument is a glowing example of much of the criticism that Beck has been getting from the right.

Malkin was correct to point out that Beck in order to play up his Obama paranoia, seemed to complete overlook Massa’s motives, but her other gripe was that Massa is a liberal, and liberals have no place on Fox News. The truth is that Malkin and Beck aren’t on the same side. Malkin pretty much toes the party line, while Beck’s agenda involves promoting himself, and his dream of the Tea Party as a third party. They both buy into the right wing fantasy of Obama corruption, but Malkin wants to further the GOP, while Beck is looking to elevate his own star.