Spill, Baby Spill: Explosion Gives Environmentalists Regulation Firepower

Spill, Baby Spill: Explosion Gives Environmentalists Regulation Firepower

The massive explosion and subsequent oil spill of a rig in the Gulf of Mexico may lead to reinstating the expired moratoriums on off-shore drilling as well as new regulations, which oil giant BP says it is expecting.

Environmentalists Must Fight Now
Environmentalists Must Fight Now

The “Drill Baby Drill” proponents are eerily silent as the oil spill in the Gulf, which could become one of the worst recent environmental disasters of this nation, threatens hundreds of species of fish, birds and other wildlife. Could it be shame? Or perhaps they are not capable of the sort of reflection needed for shame, in which case, their silence is simply the most expedient choice at the moment. Either way, sane people must seize the moment to step into the five seconds of jingoistic silence and make their voices heard.

Now is the time to introduce environmentally sound legislation, and stepping up to the plate are Democrats Bill Nelson of Fla who is asking the administration to postpone plans for off-shore drilling expansion and Edward Markey of Mass to discuss environmental risks with off-shore drilling.

Sen. Bill Nelson, D-Fla., is introducing legislation that would block the Obama administration from acting on its plans to expand offshore oil and natural gas drilling.

“In a letter to President Obama, Nelson writes that the Deepwater Horizon oil rig explosion and subsequent leak in the Gulf of Mexico requires the administration to “postpone indefinitely plans for expanded offshore drilling operations.”

Meanwhile, the Hill reports that “Edward Markey (D-Mass.) is calling on top officials from ExxonMobil, ConocoPhillips, Chevron, BP and Shell to appear before the Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming, which he leads.

The hearing — which has not been scheduled — will provide a high-profile forum for discussing environmental risks in the wake of last week’s oil rig explosion, which has created a major spill that crews are struggling to contain. ”

The Wall Street Journal reports that BP is expecting tougher regulations to be introduced:

“The chief executive of BP PLC said in an interview Thursday he expects a tougher regime for oil companies as a consequence of the spill. BP hired the rig that caught fire and sank, resulting in the spill. “Regulators will want to understand how this occurred and quite reasonably wish to introduce additional regulation, if that’s appropriate, to prevent it happening again,” Chief Executive Tony Hayward told The Wall Street Journal. “You certainly won’t see BP standing in the way of that.” Asked whether the spill could prompt calls for a moratorium on drilling in the Gulf of Mexico, he said: “I’m certain some people are thinking that might be necessary.”

When even the WSJ is reporting that oil companies expect tougher regulations, we have to know the time to act is NOW. The issue is not only common sense regulations and reinstating the moratorium on off-shore drilling, but also investigating the regulator in charge of oil rigs, the Department of Interior’s Minerals Management Service, which has a dubious record. The New York Times reported in Sept of 2008 on the ethics scandal of the Dept of Interior:

“The reports portray a dysfunctional organization that has been riddled with conflicts of interest, unprofessional behavior and a free-for-all atmosphere for much of the Bush administration’s watch…The investigation also concluded that several of the officials “frequently consumed alcohol at industry functions, had used cocaine and marijuana, and had sexual relationships with oil and gas company representatives.” The investigation separately found that the program’s manager mixed official and personal business. In sometimes lurid detail, the report also accuses him of having intimate relations with two subordinates, one of whom regularly sold him cocaine.”

In other words, heck of a job, Brownies. Regulations are irrelevant if regulators are not doing their jobs.

As responsible stewards of this land, Democrats need to band together to insist upon their platform of environmentally sound energy policies and competent regulators. I would suggest that the morally repugnant idea of saddling our children with debt also applies to saddling our children with an environmentally poisoned world bereft of wildlife, so that one would hope that all reasonable people of both parties could come together on this issue, but I am not holding my breath on this one.

The Obama White House announced that it will not authorize any more offshore oil drilling until it’s determined what caused the explosion. David Axelrod told ABC’s “Good Morning America” that “no additional drilling has been authorized and none will until we find out what has happened here.”

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  1. “I would suggest that the morally repugnant idea of saddling our children with debt also applies to saddling our children with an environmentally poisoned world bereft of wildlife…”

    I so agree. But you never hear the unthinking Tea Baggers et. al. equate the costs of destroying the environment with those of repaying debt. But then isn’t that an indicator of intelligence — relating two seemingly disparate ideas? Hmmm…

  2. “Explosion Gives Environmentalists Regulation Firepower”

    No, no, NO!!

    Didn’t you hear what Rush said???

    The environmentalists CAUSED the oil platform explosion!!

    Geeze, some people!

  3. A monetary debt is repayable no matter how large. A dead earth is just that, dead. As a member of the generation that is going to pay for everything, I would rather pay back money than try to revive a dead earth.

  4. Oh brother, here you libtards go running at the mouth again. Sweet Jesus (oops, sorry for taking your name in vain, Lord), but JESUS FUCKING CHRIST!!

    Spill Baby, Spill… Oh, suddenly, you liberal commies are soooo funny! Oh, you all got jokes… Well, guess what? You guys are the joke.

    What does a massive 200,000 gallon oil spill that will pretty much destroy thousands of nautical miles and thousands of fathoms of the ocean blue, not to mention leave residual effects in that ecosystem for decades to come, killing off life forms and species, have anything to do with DRILL BABY DRILL?

    Drilling is totally safe. It’s only the spilling that’s dangerous. You liberals are idiots. Drilling has no connection to spilling whatsoever.

    Let me give you another example: wars are totally safe too. It’s the killing and the death that gives war a bad name.

    Please try to use your 1/4 brains and distinguish when things have no connection whatsoever.

    If you want real, tangible, proof-positive connection, let me proffer one:

    Crazy-ass cold front and a 3 day blizzard on the Atlantic coast IN THE MIDDLE OF A FUCKING COLD WINTER…well now, THAT is God’s fingerprint that global warming is a fucking hoax!!!

    Suck on some more truth, libtards!

  5. @Conservative Heart,

    I could not have said it better. However, I fear you left off the conservative argument against the mandatory valves which would have kept this spill from happening — remember, regulations are bad if they cost money because profit is king.

    Therefore, all regulations and regulators are bad and should not do their jobs.

    If it wasn’t for the drill, there would be no spill threatening 40% of our wetlands but who cares when profit is impacted? After all, we can LIVE anywhere.

    We can only make money here, now, by carelessly and recklessly placing profit ahead of all other values.

    Go Team!

  6. The mistake that the average Leftist well conditioned from ‘kindergarden’ (remember German for ‘child garden’ before technocratic imprintation was imported to the good old USA) is that:

    1. Functionally there is… a Left and Right Politically.
    2. That the outcome has anything to do with ether’s ideals.

    Central Banking, primarily Jewish obviously when our psychic fears are momentarily pushed aside … controls the USA and the West and most of the world. Two levers of power are always better than one and in fact are absolutely needed to guide human events.

    “Anti-Semitic” filth!??

    No I am sorry to say… the Talmud is quite specific about the nature of the relationship between Jews and non Jews… they are the self “chosen” and we are the “animals.” And its primary focus as is much propaganda… is on Jews and their psychic control and secondarily the “goy.” For if our Jewish brothers and sisters ever awaken from their imago’s psychic stupor the world government empire with a LOT less of humanity around will not come to pass.

    It is a small jump from that to terror acts, a ship going down before WW1, an attack on a base in the Pacific before WW11, the armies of the West stopped before Berlin after being slowed down to allow the enslavement of “eastern” Europe until the historical moment came to allow it to fall. Dropping of unnecessary atomic bombs upon Japan to prove the need for world government and the UN (ritual murder by the way).

    What proceeded after? Korea, Viet Nam.. “Cold War” Gulf War 1 and 9/11 which the Left seems to agree was and inside job, Gulf Wars 11 and control of Afghanistan and just incidentally the world drug trade controlled by our “ally” in the Middle East along the way, “”Homeland Security… read insurrection police and laws to spy upon and jail citizens.

    Remember Liberty is in the WAY of Marxism… which includes the environmental movement as the above opinion proves in its demented way. That the core mind of the radical environmental movement are Marxist zombies, violent Marxist zombies. But the core healthy environmental movement is Liberty based, human based, consciousness and conscience… that is, morally based.

    Once terror is on the table, once the bureaucracy has been coopered with internal spies and control… any act can and is on the table including the ultimate weapons if needed to achieve the goal of world domination.

    No it is not all Jewish power… just a core element. The point here is that the oil rig explosion coming just after Obama’s supposed opening to some additional oil drilling off the coasts is you must admit… extremely suspicious? Don’t make the mistake here of thinking that Obama is actually president. Look around him… same for Bush. Good cop bad cop depending what the next goal is for world government.

    And that announcement of possible drilling… came just after the medical bill was put through without the American people’s consent in point of fact.. it sounded like a compromise with Oil Power to get the bill through and this likely terror intelligence operation at the oil rig is one of those corrective measures so favored by our overlords.

    There is no “environmental movement.” It is a Marxist movement using humanity’s love of the Earth and concern for its impacts upon the biosphere cynically for CONTROL.

    Marxism itself is only a tool for accomplishment of the goal of world government… that dross will be dropped when the time comes.

    Any real environmental consciousness would put political Liberty at its core! For the definition of Liberty is: Freedom/Responsibility. Both in a dynamic. From this comes moral creative outcomes. Humanity longs for these outcomes and is not the animals to be herding that comes from the various vanes of “Marxist” dogma. Humanity seeks the Light… this is our purpose assigned to us… by the Deity, the organizing principal that graced us with volitional consciousness and human heart .

    We don’t need to be controlled for a loving relationship with each other or the Earth… we need to be freed from the mind control that has convinced us that they… those over there… who are dumber than us… need control… need herding…. need culling. You are in line at the slaughter house.

    The choice politically are not Marxism/Capitalism this was propaganda of the Revolution itself a tool… the poles are these:
    Liberty or Slavery.

  7. @Libertywatch,

    I’m sorry, but you are way off base here. There is actually proof that policies and platforms do matter; they do change based on the party, and they do impact our lives. You simply can’t argue otherwise and stay within the realm of reality.

    To think that they don’t matter is either laziness, naivte, or privilege.

    However, in the broader scope of things, there is always a struggle for power, and how this struggle resolves itself can be the more interesting puzzle — but that does not mean that the ideologies themselves are not inherently relevant and impactful.

    No one who is remotely sane would suggest that the choices are either Marxism or Capitalism. That’s patently absurd. Who are you quoting here? Who suggests that these are the options?

    Anyone who thinks this way has an immature mind incapable of holding two disparate ideas in their head at one time, which is fine for twelve year olds, but anyone older than fifteen should grasp the inherent flaws in such a proposition, provided they are not the victim of Bush’s No Child Left Behind program.

    While the radical right likes to believe we are pure Capitalists, we are not. That would not be a world anyone would want to live in, trust me. There are many variants of Capitalism — furthermore, we are unclear whether you are using the political or economic definition of Capitalism. In the sense that Capitalism evolved partly as rejection to Feudalism, your rather harsh comparison of freedom to slavery can be seen as somewhat apt, but when you don’t include the historical context, this does not ring accurate — after all, who is the slave and who is free today?

    The ideas that some people distill down into bumper stickers are actually complex and worthy of a real debate. The push and pull between labor and employers (owners of productive capital assets) is age old. Marx refers to the contradictions in the character of commodities, suggesting that this contradiction would inevitably lead to a series of crises. One could argue this is happening here and serves as an indictment of the purely free market capitalism without any regulations or oversight which the Bush administration preferred (I won’t be making that argument, but it could be made).

    At any rate, Capitalism taken to an extreme is most certainly not the opposite of slavery.

    Freedom is a relative term, depending on whether you are the owner or the laborer, no? I can’t agree with you that liberty involves the right to exploit labor. That simply doesn’t gel with our Constitution. None of us are meant to be slaves to anyone or anything.

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