While In the Gulf Obama Shows the GOP How to Lead

Obama put his leadership on full display in the Gulf

President Obama delivered remarks in Venice, LA today after touring the Gulf Coast area and getting a look at the BP Oil Spill. While the right wing media has been portraying this event as Obama’s Katrina, the president showed the type of leadership that was missing from the GOP after Hurricane Katrina, “Your government will do whatever it takes, for as long as it takes, to stop this crisis.” Obama sure isn’t W.

Here is the video of Obama’s remarks via The Washington Post:


Obama said, “So I want to emphasize, from day one we have prepared and planned for the worst, even as we hoped for the best. And while we have prepared and reacted aggressively, I’m not going to rest — and none of the gentlemen and women who are here are going to rest — or be satisfied until the leak is stopped at the source, the oil on the Gulf is contained and cleaned up, and the people of this region are able to go back to their lives and their livelihoods.”

The President also stressed an air of cooperation that was missing during the bungling of the response to Katrina, “I also want to stress that we are working closely with the Gulf states and local communities to help every American affected by this crisis. Let me be clear: BP is responsible for this leak; BP will be paying the bill. But as President of the United States, I’m going to spare no effort to respond to this crisis for as long as it continues. And we will spare no resource to clean up whatever damage is caused. And while there will be time to fully investigate what happened on that rig and hold responsible parties accountable, our focus now is on a fully coordinated, relentless response effort to stop the leak and prevent more damage to the Gulf.”

He committed himself and the federal government to the region, “But every American affected by this spill should know this: Your government will do whatever it takes, for as long as it takes, to stop this crisis. This is one of the richest and most beautiful ecosystems on the planet, and for centuries its residents have enjoyed and made a living off the fish that swim in these waters and the wildlife that inhabit these shores. This is also the heartbeat of the region’s economic life. And we’re going to do everything in our power to protect our natural resources, compensate those who have been harmed, rebuild what has been damaged, and help this region persevere like it has done so many times before. That’s a commitment I’m making as President of the United States, and I know that everybody who works for the federal government feels the exact same way.”

Compare Obama’s response to the fact that George W. Bush did not even break off his vacation and return to Washington until almost two days after Katrina struck. Bush was on vacation for almost two days while his own people were suffering and dying. The Bush administration’s response, much like Nagin and Blanco’s was to claim that they didn’t know that the levees would overflow, but video surfaced of Bush being warned that the levees would overflow, but yet he did nothing. The point is not to solely blame George W. Bush for Katrina. Nagin and Blanco also bear responsibility, but if the discussion is about leadership, Obama blows the GOP away.

On his trip to the Gulf, Obama demonstrated true presidential leadership that goes against the right wing characterization of him as a weak leader. The BP oil spill is not Obama’s Katrina, because his administration had already responded better to the crisis, that the Republicans ever could. America had eight years, and countless examples of what passes for Republican leadership. It is a comforting thought to know that federal government is back in competent hands.

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  1. it’s also wort noting that the cause of this crisis is not natural but a direct result of the “drill baby drill” and deregulation mentality of the Republican Party.

  2. @Marvin,

    Yes, once again, the GOP point fingers at the Democrat for not picking up after the GOP’s mess JUST SO.

    Needless to say, the GOP have not picked up after themselves yet nor even identified the need to pick up long after disaster struck.

  3. They want someone else to clean up their mess, then they want to blame them for the mess and blame them if it is not cleaned up post haste, but the Republicans have nothing to offer in the way of solutions themselves. They want to forget they caused the mess(es) and just go on. Have you heard any of them mention Katrina? Katrina’s effects are not over; has any Republican talked about continued efforts to recover from it? Have any of them talked about constructive ways to handle the current crises( and we are in the middle of another one: unprecedented flooding in Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky; heading northeast)?!

  4. No evidence that he was actually on top of this crisis. Words, just lots of words. He can say anything now.

  5. Ray, check out this link:

    This is the timeline of the President’s actions over the entire crisis. His actions until recently were not equal to the task, but not due to a lack of resolve, but because he and his staff were listneing to BP executives, who were lying about the size of the spill. Had the spill been the size Obama was told, his actions would have been exactly correct. As soon as the TRUE scope of this disaster became evident, the response was ramped up accordingly.

    We never even got words from the chimp – until days after the deaths started climbing, and what did we finally get? “Doing a heck of a job Brownie”

  6. Apparently the link feature doesn’t work. Go to Media Matters for America website, and see the timeline.

  7. @Ray M, Oh my so I guess all the media stories about Obama deploying the Coast Guard and then a day and a half later switching the operation from search and rescue to containing the spill are just words. I know that if it wasn’t on Fox News, it didn’t happen according to the wingers but come on, this was all over the news.


    Media Matters? That’s a liberal website!

    Any media outlet that does not lambast everything liberals do like FOX does is clearly a liberal rag, and hence, completely unreliable.

    Why can’t any of you libbies understand and accept this?

    By the way, this is also why Palin “couldn’t” name any newspapers she reads. She just didn’t want to give publicity to liberal rags.

  9. I came back to check some of the comments here, but man, this post has drawn the stupidest of the stupid – trolls with no brains.

  10. @Ray M, this is not a matter of believing what Obama says, it’s a simple matter of looking at the timeline of events. Anyone capable of reading can do that.

    That’s all

  11. @Conservative Heart, I wonder if it wouldn’t be better for you to refute the timeline as opposed to bashing the place where the timeline is stored. There are lots of other places to find the timeline however I doubt that Fox news would be one of them. Sean Hannity already stepped in the dodo and has been proven wrong by the timeline. So there’s little doubt you’ll find it at Fox

    Have a nice day

  12. @daisydem,

    You made some really good points above, which inspired my post on how the right wing is trying to socialize the BP spill. Thanks:-)

  13. HERE WE GO AGAIN…. the blame game…..all i know is i heard the white house sent a bunch of lawyers to ln to check it out…….i know if i am in an auto accident and got hurt i would rather see a doctor than a lawyer, i would rather be brought to the hospital and fixed rather than someone checking how much they could sue me……clean it up than mayt get political not vice versa

  14. @robert cobb, “…A bunch of lawers” were did you hear that? the White house sent an emergency response team and risk assessments teams not lawers.

  15. @Conservative Heart,

    And I dare say no real Newspaper wanted Palin quoting them as her news source, so this was a win-win. For once:-)

  16. The explosion took place on April 20th. The oil leak was discovered on April 24th. On May 2nd Obama made his first trip to the Gulf.

    What Obama says he is doing and what he is actually doing are two totally different things. He is a good sh– talker tho……

  17. Twice I have tried to submit a link to politics daily website which has an excellent timeline of events. For some reason it is being blocked. Anyway, if anyone cares to research it, the oil spill was pretty much ignored by Obama for a good 2 weeks. I think he was busy……

  18. @a few facts, Your timeline leaves out a lot of time and is not effective

    There are other timelines out there that show the Coast Guard was at the rig the next day looking for survivors and looking in to the leak. A little more research on your part would have proved your timeline false

  19. You missed my point shiva- let me explain it to you. Obama did not respond publicly to the disaster until 2 weeks after it happened.

    Yes, the Coast Guard implemented rescue operations expediently; the timeline says that they stopped on April 26th (you may want to go back and re-read it.
    The title of the article defines the topic being discussed which is “Obama’s Response”—NOT “Rescue Efforts of the Coast Guard”.

  20. @a few facts,

    The Daily Caller

    TIMELINE: Obama golfs while Gulf burns
    By Mike Riggs 05/28/10 at 3:22 PM

    Critics have called the Deepwater Horizon oil rig explosion “Obama’s Katrina,” and argued that the disaster could signal the decline of Obama’s presidency. Their evidence? The president is visiting the affected areas for just a second time*— 38 days after the Deepwater burst into flames. Below you’ll find a parallel of timeline juxtaposing the tragedy in the gulf and the president’s golf games.

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