Obama Hate Masks the GOP’s Shakedown of the American People

Right Wing Shakedown of America

Losing the 2008 presidential election has sent the Right Wing over the edge, as their sense of presidential entitlement has been violated, and they are angry. They are angry because the government is no longer engaging as what they see as its divine role of corporate greed enablement, and to show their scorn they have decided to shakedown the American people by refusing to let the business of the country be conducted. The GOP is not just the party of GOBP, but also the party of ME.

Right Wing Tea Partiers Calling for Impeachment for No Reason
Right Wing Tea Partiers Calling for Impeachment for No Reason

The GOBP operates like say…….England, with a divine ruler. A Right Wing Theocracy, only with a worse spin: the current Republican philosophy amounts to a constitutional monarchy run by divinely empowered corporations, deriving their right to rule directly from the will of God. As such, they deserve worship and are subject to no earthly authority. Only God can judge the divinely tapped and their puppets, like Sanford, Ensign, Palin, Bush. They aren’t subject to the will of the people, the rules of law or the Bible. They are exempt, as are their funders, the corporations.

Of course, the corporate puppets must prove too stupid to catch on and/or, too devoid of morals or ethics to care. In other words, someone who will sell his or her soul, indeed, sell America out. Someone who is okay with corporations being more important than people….like say, Representative Joe Barton, whose apology to supermajor BP for the “government shakedown” (aka, escrow fund for the AMERICAN people) was beyond shameless, especially in light of BP’s history:

“Yet already BP’s actions are facing unprecedented scrutiny, thanks to a years-long history of legal and ethical violations that critics, judges and members of Congress say shows that the London-based company has a penchant for putting profits ahead of just about everything else.

Over the past two decades, BP and its subsidiaries have been convicted three times of environmental crimes in Alaska and Texas, including two felonies. The company remains on probation for two of them.”

And yet, Republicans are, one after another, siding with BP over American people.

Because OIL and GAS are GOD for the GOP. And as such, they have a divine right to rule and unquestioned authority, as DNC spokesperson Hari Sevugan articulated this afternoon to the Plum Line:

“The issue is a broader Republican culture of not just apologizing to the oil industry, but defending them and their other corporate benefactors at every turn and at the expense of middle class families and small businesses. They proved that in their opposition to the President holding BP to account and in their opposition to the President’s call for a new energy policy that ensures we are never again in a position where we are solely reliant on oil and oil companies.

And just as Republicans showed their allegiance in taking the side of oil companies in the wake of the BP disaster, they proved it taking the side of the insurance companies in the health reform debate and big Wall St banks in the financial reform debate. So, Eric Cantor is right — Joe Barton’s not the illness, he’s a symptom.”

Now, no one has bothered to tell the Fox viewer/Tea Partier that their notions about our government are antithetical to the founders’ entire purpose and intent. But why bother? They can’t hear you and even if they could, the newly revised history book from Texas tells them otherwise. A Fox viewer lives in a bubble of anti-American rage while conversely wrapping himself in the flag. The sheer hubris of this is shocking enough to render many Americans sure that these folks must have a point, when in fact, they have been so misinformed that any point they may have is lost in the Foxtonian rhetoric of irrational hatred for their President.

A short list of the ways the far Right has attacked American values : attacks on freedom of the press, attacks on holding a foreign oil company fiscally responsible to American citizens, attacks on the CIC, consistently undermining his authority during a time of war, subjugating themselves to a foreign owned media corporation, in fact — believing conspiracy theories about their president propagated by said Saudi owned Fox News over reading or watching anything American owned, wishing and hoping for the destruction of America because they lost an election, going armed to rallies over the notion that their president might give them healthcare, and this is just in the last year.

In short, the right wing has jumped the shark of sanity.

Their collective rage, the spewing, the Internet spit, the rabidness of their self-victimization, their collective unwillingness to let in the light of reality, the secret holds, the obstructionism, the failure to bring even one idea they are willing to vote yes on to the table — for all of these reasons, it’s time we realize we are allowing the Right wing to hold this country hostage.

It’s akin to the tyranny of mental illness, wherein a family/country can be a tyranny ruled by its sickest members. Plato suggested that tyrannies are brought about by excessive freedom given to the citizens (say, mob rule) during which strain between the dominating class (the Democrats) and the capitalists (Republicans) causes the commoners (Fox Viewer/Tea Partier) to seek out protection of their democratic “liberties”.

The commoners (Fox Viewer/ Tea Partier) then invest all their power in a demagogue (Fox/Palin/Bush/etc), who, in turn, becomes corrupted by power (absolute power corrupts absolutely: see George W Bush, executive signing orders, WMD, Valerie Plame, etc) and becomes a tyrant. And hence we see the importance of the mechanism of projection in the Republican PR strategy.

Now, what was Plato’s solution to a tyranny? Why, a philosopher king. Someone with knowledge. Someone who is not self-centered. Someone who is not a demagogue. Someone the Right might derisively call a “professor”.


Someone like a community organizer named Barack Obama.

Each day, I think to myself, ENOUGH. When are these people going to give up their self-pity over a lost election get on the bandwagon of support for their country? The answer is apparently, never.

The Right’s assault on this country won’t stop until they regain power. And if they don’t believe in the very founding principles of this country when they are OUT of power, just how do you suppose they will be when they are in power?

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7 Replies to “Obama Hate Masks the GOP’s Shakedown of the American People”

  1. This post is so frightening and so true! The obvious greed taking place by corporations is astounding. We have witnessed the power of Health Insurance giants, the Financial Industry giants, and the Oil Industry giants and their enormous profits at the hands of the common taxpayer. The GOP and the predominantly Right Wing Supreme Court is owned by the Big Corporations and so is most of Congress. The convicted Enron exec may possibly get a new trial based off a ruling by the Supreme Court today. The Supreme Court wants to remove any limits on political contributions by corporations. The GOP would rather insult the President of the US of America for looking out for the victims of corporate greed and corruption than hold them accountable. The main stream media has assisted greatly in this shakedown of the American people who elected an honest man. Main Street America has given up on hope and change and wants to go back to the power that created all these disasters in the first place and they are determined to continue the madness by deceiving the public. America, for the most part, bought the hype. They have been dumbed down on a level that I can’t even comprehend. And now their “Saint Sarah Palin” has some illegal ethical issues to the tune of some $500,000 which is probably a mere drop in the bucket for Sarah these days. I wonder how she will play the victim card on this information. Sarah has become good at being greedy like so many of her GOP counterparts. As Obama continues to fight the Giants, the GOP continues to profit by obstructions and misleading the American people. And main street America continues to get dumbed down daily by the GOP and the main stream media.

  2. I would have thought that after the elections the GOP would’ve seen the light. They needed to change themselves and come up with a new brand. There are far too many gays in the United States now to run on a platform of hate gays. Far too many people have been hurt by big corporations to run on a platform of supporting big corporations.

    The support for BP in the Gulf region has to kill them right in their own neighborhoods politically speaking. I would’ve thought that the GOP would’ve been a kinder more liberal leaning, or at least left-leaning organization. But now they are creating a structure and a party of pure hate that will appeal to some, but I do not believe it will appeal to enough people to get them the presidential office.

    It certainly seems to me that more and more people are getting very disgusted with the government. And unfortunately this discussed carries over to the Democrats as well. Look at the confusion and the Democratic Party just trying to pass a disclosure bill on where money is coming from for political ads. The Democrats were afraid of retribution from big business if they passed. They were not, and I must emphasize not, interested in retribution from the people whom they know they can snowball at any time they want.

    The Democrats will not use the majority they have, and the Republicans are living on a platform of hate. Hate everything. Hate Obama hate the Democrats, a Social Security, hate gays, hate education. Who could go for that? Who could walk up to the voting booth and pull a lever for a Republican? It would be easier to sleep when an alligator.

    It’s far too late for the Republicans to change now. Any change that they make that would be at all drastic would simply point out the last two years of hatred. This is beyond my belief to tell you the truth I never thought American politics could get this bad. I am almost thinking that’s by design

  3. She is giving the cash back, all parties agreed there was no intent with this. It all stemmed from her using the word official on her website

  4. Bullshit. The government is indeed and precisely enabling the divine role of corporate greed. Obama TRIPLED Bush’s bailouts and extended renewals to all of Cheney’s cronies in the military industrial complex. Nothing has changed but the Democrats’ tune.

  5. Bullshit. The government is indeed and precisely enabling the divine role of corporate greed. Obama TRIPLED Bush’s bailouts and extended renewals to all of Cheney’s cronies in the military industrial complex. Nothing has changed but Obama’s tune.

  6. Conservatism has been, is, and will always be a safe haven for people with attitudes of indifference, (blocking unemployment benifits), intolerance, (look at the way they treat gays and Muslims), injustice, (the outing of Valerey Plame),
    and overt racism, (just look at how they have reacted to President Obama.

    As a person that has voted for republicans for 20 years I’ll never vote for another conservative until they purge all the aformentioned people and attitudes from their ranks.

  7. SHIVA, never underestimate the power of fear to drive votes in an election. Most of what has been spewing out there in Tea Party land has been irrational but gut-felt fear. Fear is like the flu – it is easy to catch it. I still hear people stating and believing that Obama was born in Kenya. And now the trash magazines at the check out counter are even saying it! Unintelligent minds want to know! And as for raising taxes – I have to ask, whose taxes have been raised? But never mind pointing out the truth, once the opinion is fixed, don’t bother them with the facts.

    These people remind me of the far-left hate groups of the 60’s. Any lies are for the good of the cause. What we have here is a failure to communicate that the far-right GOP stands for Gas, Oil and Politics, and the GOD they worship is Gas, Oil and Disinformation.

    Chef Jeff

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