Bill Maher Tosses Christine O’Donnell Off the Christianity Cliff

Bill Maher and Christine O'Donnell

My God, this is getting brutal. Tonight on his HBO show Real Time, host Bill Maher broke out another clip of Christine O’Donnell from the 1990s on Politically Incorrect. Tonight’s clip featured Christine the Christian confessing that she dabbled in other religions before settling on Christianity.

Here is the video courtesy of Think Progress:

Here is the transcript also via Think Progress:

O’DONNELL: I was dabbling into every other kind of religion before I became a Christian.

MAHER: You were a witch.

O’DONNELL: I was. I was.

MAHER: You were.

O’DONNELL: I was dabbling in witchcraft. I’ve dabbled in Buddhism. I would have become a Hare Krishna but I didn’t want to become a vegetarian. And that is honestly the reason why — because I’m Italian, I love meatballs.

MAHER: Boy, are you spiritual.

Wow, I would feel bad for Christine O’Donnell if she wasn’t such an obvious fraud who is only out to make a buck off of the Tea Party. When she loses next month by 15 to 20 points, she can’t blame Bill Maher or the media for her defeat. These are her own unprovoked words coming out of her mouth. Christine O’Donnell is a walking, talking, living, breathing, train wreck of a candidate. She is what happens to a political party when stupid people vote on emotion in a primary.

Although the witchcraft clip may end up being the one that will do the most damage to O’Donnell, because it transcended politics and gave her a stigma in the broader culture that she will never be able to transcend, tonight’s clip attacked the very core of O’Donnell’s political identity. Lots of people have dabbled in various religions. That is not the issue. The problem is that O’Donnell didn’t have a great calling or awakening to Christianity. She became a Christian, because she did not want to become a vegetarian. That’s it.

Could she possibly have come up with a more shallow reason to practice Christianity? Especially to the very base of her support, all those out of state donors who are filling her campaign coffers with millions of dollars. You better believe that most of those people are very, very, serious Christians. Thus, Bill Maher has single handedly ruined any sort of political or media future that O’Donnell once had, and for this I consider Maher a true patriot, and a great America.

Maher could have been like Bill O’Reilly and sat on his O’Donnell footage, but he really believes that Christine O’Donnell, while being a very nice person, is not qualified, and should never be in the United States Senate. Maher is educating the voters out there about who O’Donnell really is and what she believes. Besides being very funny, these clips are assisting voters in making a more informed decision.

Notice that every time Maher releases a new clip O’Donnell goes further underground. This demonstrates that the way to combat these unqualified radical Tea Party Republicans is to expose them for who they are, and in this respect, Bill Maher has done a great service to his country by making sure that Christine O’Donnell can’t hide from the truth. See ya’ next Friday night on HBO, Christine.

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  1. Witch craft Sally and her counterpart Sarah the Witch Hunter sum it all up for the Republicants: Scaring American voters for 40 years.

  2. WOW…

    Another clip from Politically Incorrect is “POLITICALLY INCORRECT”? Who could have ever imagined such an unbelievable thing possible!? /s

    Look, the fact is: Bill Maher is such a fucking retard; he’s a dopey Hugh Hefner wannabe, which is super creepy and WAAAAAAAY dumber than Palin and Christine O’Donnell put together, so it’s pathetic how stupid libs constantly try to use Maher as their face of reason.

    In other words, Maher is a __FUCKING RETARD__ and __AN IGNORAMUS__, so quit trying to regurgitate his moronic bullshit onto the Internet because it won’t do any of you any good.

    I don’t like Palin or O’Donnell or Maher, but — just to set the record straight — Maher, Stewart, Colbert — none of these hacks are doing you any good; they’ve already exposed themselves as idiotic anti-Americans, so you can just stfu about them already and quit pretending their lame acts are compelling.

  3. Agree with you 100%, Zz. Jason here has posted yet another silly thread that makes no sense. The leftist mainstream media wants to demonize any threat to their anti-American Kenyan president.


  4. No one is dumber than Sarah Palin. Your entire post is invalid.

    Don’t you have something better to do like eat Glen Beck vomit and base your entire world view on the trash that comes out of Fox News?

    P.S. Citation fucking needed? The bitch thinks REFUDIATE is a goddamn word. Doesn’t that dumb whore have a spell checker on her fucking browser?

  5. It would be nice if you would include something other than ad hominem attacks in your argumentation “Z” – smears won’t get the job done.

  6. 1) Prove that Obama is Kenyan
    2) Prove that Obama is anti-American
    3) Drop that line of argumentation.

  7. How’s that heroin working out for you Smarg? Your government check running late and you’re still living with your mom. It sucks to be you.

  8. Of COURSE you not only LIKE Christine O’Donnell aka COD and SarahTheWhore. But let’s get straight here…they will NEVER EVER “have” you. So you can sit back in your Barcalounger and drool all over the packages – because there is NOTHING in the upstairs and they don’t KNOW YOU EXIST.

    Palin is so dumb it isn’t worth mentioning. She also shagged Brad Hansen, Toad’s BEST FRIEND and BUSINESS PARTNER. Track is probably Curtis Menard Jr’s son … maybe Bristol also. She’s screwed so many people she can’t even remember what kid belongs to who. And I believe Todd is gay – he is WELL known to frequent multiple gay bars but NOT the same bars where Sarah has her Memorial Barstool.

    So take your ST00PID hero worship and go slobber over at DWTS. From what I hear of Bristool (Sarah probably was going to name her “Barstool” but misspelled the word), she’s not too picky .. maybe you have a shot with her.

    Re C.O.D. – I wonder “what” she pays for “on delivery”.

  9. Agree with Hraf.

    Let’s see your proof. Prove that President Obama is Kenyan.

    Otherwise go put out your pants..they are again on fire.

    Your RACISM is showing…

  10. I’ve edited part of your screed to remove the playground name calling and juvenile reasoning.

    “Look, the fact is: Bill Maher is a ; he’s a , which is and , so it’s to use Maher as .”

    Please quit the DQ stuff, and try to contribute to the discussion.

  11. My post was pulled suddenly. Perhaps I should rant and froth at the mouth? Act like a spoiled 4th grader?

    Find a less juvenile forum?

  12. One reason a lot of folks get turned off by organized religion is because of people who uncritically swallow the hypocritical nonsense of people like Palin and O’Donnell. These same people abandon their common sense and critical thinking, and apparently choose to overlook that charlatans like these two are far from the exemplary humans they portray themselves to be. They listened to GW Bush portray himself as God-fearing, choosing to disregard his many lies and the way he and his henchmen ran this country into a ditch. The Party of No cynically uses the religious beliefs of such people against them, just to gain political power.

  13. It’s a good thing we have geniuses like you to tell us how the right is doing everyone good, and how people who want the government to serve them instead of huge corporations are anti-american. What would we do without you?

  14. Actually, we all know that Smarg is a closet Zoroastrian from Azer-Baijan, so clearly anything he says must be taken with a grain of salt.

  15. I think the fact that people swallow the absolute horseshit that encapsulates the entire Republican and Democrat parties is hilarious. BOTH parties rely on fearmongering and finger pointing at each other when one or the other is in power. They convince the american people that the other party is bad every election cycle so we put the other party in office and nothing FUCKING happens. This country is rotting right now and if we’re not careful the two party system is going to be dancing on the corpse of everything that once represented America. I say bring on the libertarian, independent, and tea partiers. At least one of the parties would have to actually stand for something worthwhile and give people a choice. Basically right now we have Heads(Republicans) or Tails(Dems) and even if you look at the parties objectively its still the same coin. Fuckin A.

  16. Back in my day we had to travel 15 miles to the nearest lynching…and you had to bring your own fear of outsiders, they didn’t just instill it into the youth like you got today. Bunch of freeloaders.

  17. Typing stuff in caps doesn’t make it true.
    Try to put out an argument that makes sense instead of just spouting.

  18. You missed all of the fun. We had a tea bagging fox viewer here who liked to talk about what he left in his baby’s diaper among other politically relevant observations. Lots of swear words and insults. Your typical Fox viewer.

  19. We shouldn’t let ourselves succumb to the partisanship that pervades capital hill. Yes some of you are Republicans, Democrats, Tea Partiers, independent. Republican leaders want you to view Dems as freedom hating America bashers and Democrat leaders want you to look at Republicans and Tea-Partiers as backwards thinking judeo-christian nutjobs. The truth is both sides are small minded and backward thinking if they let themselves be. I for one don’t mind hanging out with someone regardless of what they believe I won’t always agree with them but as long as we are both upright citizens of our country I’m cool with it.

  20. True. I don’t mind, but the extremists (the cult minded Fox watchers are the worst, sorry, can’t equivocate – not my fault they are so full of rage) are hard to take.

    My pet peeves:

    1) fox viewers who don’t deal in reality at all
    2) Obama haters who don’t deal in reality at all (liberals and conservatives alike)

    Whole lot of them should grow up. Put their big boy pants on and just grow up. bunch of whiners.

  21. Jeesh, that O’donnel chick is nutters. But how did all this conversation about Obama get started?

    You know what the worst thing about Obama haters is? Most of them loved the retarded monkey who drove our country into the mother loving dirt, but show them a man with a bit of color who doesn’t deliver our country to the very heavens themselves upon crystalline wings made of the laughter of children and lo and behold the man must be Hitler Jr.

    Hypocrisy at its finest.

  22. I’m sorry, but what’s “w***e” ??

    I can’t seem to read through the Profanity Filter.

    how embarrassing

  23. Only lucid comment so far. So sad to see how easily the people were turned against the Tea Party. It is demonstrative of how the entire media-sphere, left and right, has total authority over the thought process of so many. The herd has been successfully marginalized, and even the educated do nothing but regurgitate slogans that Stewart, or Beck, or whoever (Insert mainstream journalist here) command them to spout. I am very worried for America, and the world.

  24. Do I need to point out the obvious hypocrisy of your post? Your entire post was an insult (and a rather unlettered one at that). According to your logic, you are a “typical Fox viewer”. Not well thought out.

  25. Name one insult in English’s post. were you here yesterday? here’s a sample from the tea baggers ‘i left sem*n in my baby’s diaper’. feel better now? think English was just like the bagger now?

  26. The Tea Party has given us ample reason to turn against them. When we hear nutcases like Rand Paul, Sharron Angle, Joe Miller, and Christine O’Donnell utter pure insanity, and talk about chipping away at parts of the safety net that have kept countless Americans afloat, we don’t need anything else.

    In addition, they talk about taking the country back. I want to ask one of them, what are you trying to take the country back from? Where was your dissatisfaction when Bush was plundering the country? My main reasons for disliking them are their selective interpretations of the Constitution and their appeal to those who harbor an extremely bizzare notion that what doesn’t benefit them directly doesn’t matter. A case in point is their unreasonable opposition to health care reform, which is proving to be a great benefit to so many. They appeal to the narcissism and short-sighted among us, who seem unable to grasp that a big part of national security is also the economic well-being of a country’s citizens.

  27. The tea party does their own damage when they troll the internet leaving crappy comments sounding like immature jerks. and then there’s the candidates they pick.

    the tea party of today is paid for by big money and it is also the same white people who wore white robes last time around.

  28. I am so sick of TeaBaggers whining about extremists and being judged. You are being judged. You acted like as*holes and now the world can’t stand you.

    This is what happens when you run around with signs full of hate and lies. You want to be treated with respect? don’t act crazy.

  29. how’s that a problem? Most people count themselves as xtians for that sole fact that their parents were. Your draw the conclusion that, because of meat, she became a xtian. It’s your logic, not the candidate that is stupid.

  30. Practicing Christianity out of a love for meatballs is not as shallow as you might think. I turned to to the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster for precisely the same reason.

  31. Good candidate or not, I think she was joking there, or at least not saying she chose Christianity because she wanted meatballs. She was saying she would have tried it if it wasn’t for that. That doesn’t equate to her choosing Christianity because of this.

  32. First, I want to say that I ‘m not voting for any right-wing candidate; I expect them all to fall under the leadership of the Republican Party once elected. However, I’m afraid that Christine O’Donnell puts on an image that is so cute and endearing to conservatives that they will vote for her, anyway. It doesn’t matter much that she uses illogical thought processes. . . She’s cute, and that’s what these people vote for, someone they can identify with, not whether or not someone is qualified.

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