Bill Maher Tosses Christine O’Donnell Off the Christianity Cliff

Last updated on August 10th, 2014 at 04:59 pm

Bill Maher and Christine O'Donnell

My God, this is getting brutal. Tonight on his HBO show Real Time, host Bill Maher broke out another clip of Christine O’Donnell from the 1990s on Politically Incorrect. Tonight’s clip featured Christine the Christian confessing that she dabbled in other religions before settling on Christianity.

Here is the video courtesy of Think Progress:

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Here is the transcript also via Think Progress:

O’DONNELL: I was dabbling into every other kind of religion before I became a Christian.

MAHER: You were a witch.

O’DONNELL: I was. I was.

MAHER: You were.

O’DONNELL: I was dabbling in witchcraft. I’ve dabbled in Buddhism. I would have become a Hare Krishna but I didn’t want to become a vegetarian. And that is honestly the reason why — because I’m Italian, I love meatballs.

MAHER: Boy, are you spiritual.

Wow, I would feel bad for Christine O’Donnell if she wasn’t such an obvious fraud who is only out to make a buck off of the Tea Party. When she loses next month by 15 to 20 points, she can’t blame Bill Maher or the media for her defeat. These are her own unprovoked words coming out of her mouth. Christine O’Donnell is a walking, talking, living, breathing, train wreck of a candidate. She is what happens to a political party when stupid people vote on emotion in a primary.

Although the witchcraft clip may end up being the one that will do the most damage to O’Donnell, because it transcended politics and gave her a stigma in the broader culture that she will never be able to transcend, tonight’s clip attacked the very core of O’Donnell’s political identity. Lots of people have dabbled in various religions. That is not the issue. The problem is that O’Donnell didn’t have a great calling or awakening to Christianity. She became a Christian, because she did not want to become a vegetarian. That’s it.

Could she possibly have come up with a more shallow reason to practice Christianity? Especially to the very base of her support, all those out of state donors who are filling her campaign coffers with millions of dollars. You better believe that most of those people are very, very, serious Christians. Thus, Bill Maher has single handedly ruined any sort of political or media future that O’Donnell once had, and for this I consider Maher a true patriot, and a great America.

Maher could have been like Bill O’Reilly and sat on his O’Donnell footage, but he really believes that Christine O’Donnell, while being a very nice person, is not qualified, and should never be in the United States Senate. Maher is educating the voters out there about who O’Donnell really is and what she believes. Besides being very funny, these clips are assisting voters in making a more informed decision.

Notice that every time Maher releases a new clip O’Donnell goes further underground. This demonstrates that the way to combat these unqualified radical Tea Party Republicans is to expose them for who they are, and in this respect, Bill Maher has done a great service to his country by making sure that Christine O’Donnell can’t hide from the truth. See ya’ next Friday night on HBO, Christine.

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