The Minimum Wage Claims another GOPer as Linda McMahon Crashes and Burns

If any Democratic candidate needs more evidence of the power of the minimum wage issue, I present to you the case of Linda McMahon the Republican US Senate candidate in Connecticut who didn’t know what the minimum wage was and has seen a 3 point deficit grow to an 11 point deficit in two weeks.

According to a new Quinnipiac University poll of the state Democratic Attorney General Richard Blumenthal has reversed months of erosion of his lead, and with three weeks until Election Day, now leads Republican Linda McMahon,54%-43%. What is fueling Blumenthal rise is a surge of support from women. Female voters gave McMahon a favorable 37%, and a 55% unfavorable rating. The numbers were reversed for Blumenthal who had a 66% favorable rating with likely women voters, and only a 29% unfavorable rating.

Independents are split on McMahon. They gave her a 49%-43% favorable/unfavorable rating. Independents gave Blumenthal a 54%-40% favorable rating. Overall, Blumenthal had a 57% favorable rating compared to Linda McMahon’s 46%. There was also an 11 point favorability gap between each candidate with their own parties, 92% of Democrats gave Blumenthal a favorable rating compared to 81% of Republicans for McMahon.

Quinnipiac University Poll Director Douglas Schwartz, PhD said, “Blumenthal is running stronger among Democrats than McMahon is running among Republicans. He is winning women by an overwhelming 31-point margin, while McMahon has struggled with women throughout the campaign. They have a negative image of her but like him by more than 2-1.” Only 3% of the voters are undecided, so even if McMahon wins them all, she still would lose by 8 points.

It is not a coincidence that Linda McMahon’s standing has dramatically dropped in the weeks after she took a pro-business stance on the minimum wage and then when asked what the minimum wage was according to the Capitol Watch Blog, “McMahon was asked if she knew what the minimum wage in Connecticut is but said she did not know (it’s $8.25 an hour.) She was also asked whether any employees at World Wrestling Entertainment, the firm she and her husband built, earned minimum wage. She said perhaps some summer interns did, but, once again, she said she did not know.”

This explains why voters trust Blumenthal more with the economy by a margin of 76%-22%. Linda McMahon has tried to stake out a moderate, especially for 2010 Republican candidate, stance on abortion, so it’s a pretty safe bet that her two week plummet in the polls is tied to her answers on the minimum wage questions. As Rachel Maddow pointed out on her show last week, the minimum wage is a powerfully populist issue for Democrats, and the sudden decline of Linda McMahon should prove to Democratic candidates around the country that they need to seize on this issue in the remaining weeks of the campaign.

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30 Replies to “The Minimum Wage Claims another GOPer as Linda McMahon Crashes and Burns”

  1. Yet another clueless, uninformed Republican candidate. What a surprise. If this is they can put out there, we don’t have much to worry about. I don’t think the voters are as stupid as the Republicans seem to think they are.

  2. She’s one of the most deserving people this could happen to because she’s an example of elitism at its worst. Minumum wage just barely enables earners to scrape by, and from her cocoon of wealth, she wants to discuss shredding even this part of the safety net. I have always said that the GOP women running this year mirror their male counterparts in terms of the cruel, ignorant, and regressive policies they advocate. McMahon is no exception, and I hope she will be defeated even more soundly than the polls suggest she will be.

  3. I agree, most republicans seem to be misinformed. they prove it time and time again, Look at Fox News.

    As for the polls, I believe yesterday a poll came out saying the GOP will win the House, I think there were 3 separate polls stating this, not sure if they were unbiased or not, I will have to check yahoo news and see if I can find it. I just read it.

    I know you posted saying she has an 11 point deficit, but overall, the GOP is ahead.

    I hope Rally for Sanity and sites like these help change that, but it does look like we will have a GOP house, which is scary, BUT Clinton was in the SAME position, and he was not liked just like Obama is not liked, but Clinton came out on top. So it might not be all that bad, but I am still very concerned.

    One last thing, IMAGINE if Gore was President instead of Bush, Conspiracy theories aside.

    Imagine how Strong America would be right now. Food for Thought.

  4. it is getting more and more obvious that the tea party and outsider candidates are losing favor. All of the tea party people are running from their previous statements simply for the very same reason that Mrs. McMahon is losing her position. The Republicans and the tea party are just not the party of people. Not just the people, but people. With this economy the way it is, people want to take away the least of what people can make? that’s not going to win you any votes. Almost every Republican and tea party stance is against the people of this country in that it takes away something from them. It takes nothing away from business or should I say the corruption of business. there has to be compromise someplace

  5. SMARG, WHAT DO YOU MAKE PER HOUR? Funny that you don’t mind nor see anything wrong with the way YOUR reps NEVER EVER THINK ABOUT THE EVERY DAY AVERGAE HARD WORKING CITIZEN. If you’re rich? YOU NEED TO GET OFF THIS SITE. You’re not one of the Americans suffering as a result of BUSH&COTORTURERS! so you can never relate. You will not feel nor care about anyones loss pain or anything..just like the WHOLE GOP! COLD BLOODED HEARTLESS PEOPLE ALL OF YOU! They don’t even care ABOUT YOU! dingbat!

  6. If you think the Dems are any different you’ve got another thing coming guy. They’re just as bad, if not worse because they go out of their way to make it seem like they give a s–t.

  7. If you were to abolish minimum wage, then all you’re going to do is make businesses more profitable because they can pay whatever the want to anyone desperate enough to take the job. With 10% unemployment, plenty of peole would but it’s all about a living wage.

    Business doesn’t care about their customers more than their shareholders. Maximizing shareholder value is the command and is considered above almost any other issue. When you’re maximizing the wealthiest 2-3% of people’s return, you’re doing it on the backs of those who live hand to mouth, check to check and are at or below the poverty level.

    I can gurantee you most of the people who are reading this are not at that level, and probably most never have been. You don’t deal with the students my wife teaches who go home wondering if there is going to be food. You don’t deal with the students he has that go to the homeless shelter and hope there’s a bed tonight.

    Yes, that’s right. I’m not exaggerating. So when you want to slash taxes, and you want so slash programs and cut education and other socail programs because you cannot stand the thought of your money going to someone who is not as well off as you, understand this. The last time a country had this disparity of wealth concentrated in the hands of so few, that government was overthrown and the leaders of that government were put to death by gullotine. I’m talking pre-revolution France.

    In that time the wealth was concerntrated in a greater pecentage than it is in the US now. The only difference is that you have better tools to keep the ignorant ignorant.

  8. There is no reason the minimum wage should not be 20 dollars an hour when CEO’s give themselves multimillion dollar bonuses. Make it law that the highest paid employee cannot be paid more then 5 times the wage of the lowest paid in a company and you will see people getting massive wages extremely quickly, you will see the buying power of people increase, the economy suddenly massively grow over night, and america would dig itself out of this whole over night.

    The ONLY thing holding back america right now is extreme greed and corruption.

  9. Whoa, Anonymous! Who are you to tell someone to get off this blog? Most conservatives I know are not wealthy, just wise. I don’t know what the left-wingers smoke or drink, but most know nothing about economics. Most hard-working Americans don’t care much what the minimum wage is, because they don’t intend to stay there long. Most of you haven’t had any military service, so you have no idea about military intelligence and how you get it to save lives of our servicemen/women. Grow up before you spout off!

  10. Republican candidates are completely out of touch with what this country is suffering because of the last administrations terrible rein in America. Corporations have gotten even more greedy and more corrupt. Corporations have decided to run to republicans because they know where they can get everything they want. Many of these republicans who are running could care less about the middle class and sure do not want them to have the minimum wage. It is the usual selfish and out of touch republicans who just don’t care about what is going on in America. The republicans have the nerve to accuse Democrats of not solving all the problems in the two years that President Obama has been in office. What have republicans done to help this country?

  11. All I can tell you about republicans are the ones in my area. They are morons. Long into Bush’s terrible second term there were Bush 04 stickers still on the trucks, cars and SUVs. Just the most Fox watching idiots who are hateful, mean, critical and gullible for every hateful remark they make about Democrats. Republicans were at the wheel and they drove America to despair. When all your information is from Fox News billionaire republicans you are never going to have the common sense to know that are lying their heads off.

  12. James, I don’t know what subject your spouse teaches, but he needs to teach you how to spell. He might also teach you some history. Communism and socialism have failed. Life is not a zero-sum game. Nobody is limited as to what they can achieve. No CEO can force you to fail, except yourself.

  13. Its been my understanding that minimum wage jobs were never meant to provide a complete living. Flipping burgers was never meant to be a career, and it will never pay what a career does. Anyone wanting to make more holds the personal responsibity to educate themselves and make themselves more marketable. I don’t enjoy working full time while taking 15 credits while taking out student loans, but you get out of life what you put into it. The last thing we need is for our government, regardless of their party, to remove from us the responsibility that is ours to take care of ourselves. So many nowadays have such an entitlement attitude its scary. They think they have a right to what someone else has labored to earn simply because they don’t have what someone else has that has earned it. Theft is theft, whether you break into my apartment and take whats mine or you pass a law and have the government take whats mine to give to you. The government can only give what it takes from other citizens. Beware of those who would live off of as many as they can while doing as little as they can themselves…………..

  14. Amazing how people are becoming less and less polite about political issues. I realize that we aren’t statesmen, but give the snarky comments a rest. The fact is that both parties have their own forms of elitism:

    1) Repubs generally favor those with wealth and definitely not the little guy. Hell, the repubs are trying to cut jobs for the poor and close welfare altogether.
    2) Dems are a little more educated (this is generally true but there certainly are retards too) and thus are poor at communicating to people in a way that doesn’t sound condescending or elitist. Hell, the dems think that the economy is fine.

    Both parties suck… come on guys… do you really think either party truly represents the ideas of the founding fathers or even the mainstream US?

  15. This is a completely erroneous argument. The Reps want you to think the Dems are just as bad. That’s the only way they can look good. Unfortunately for you it’s just false. The Dems are NOT like the Republicans, and you guys should stop asserting that they are. It’s disingenuous and it keeps people from the polls.

  16. I’ll agree with you there, Mickey. Both parties are taking from the corporate trough. We need to kick them all out and install fresh blood.

  17. There are people in this society and others who are are not college material, but who can still be productive citizens earning a living wage. They deserve wages or a salary that enables them to live with dignity and a measure of comfort. No one in his or her right mind would want to return to the days when bosses and/or companies paid salaries that amounted to less than subsistence level. This country has lost its manufacturing edge, and a lot of jobs have been outsourced, which is a big part of the problem here. I grew up in Pittsburgh, where the jobs in the steel mills helped people to attain middle-class incomes. Looking back, I realize now that those jobs were probably outsourced, and that left a lot of people flat-footed. While I agree with the value of a college education, the fact remains that there will always be people for whom college is not an option for one reason or another. Having them work at a job commensurate with even limited skills, with the ability to earn a living wage, beats eliminating the minimum wage. Only someone with no notion of how working poor live would suggest something like that.

  18. really? they are different? you mean there is someone in congress that wants to stay out of you pockets and stay out of your bedroom?

  19. No minimum wage? Would that make us a third world country?

    Party affiliations aside, think for yourselves what you want. Do YOU think she has what it takes to do this and work towards building a better America? Could you imagine her representing America abroad in voice and policy?

    It is like Meg Whitman said recently (she is running/buying Governer’s office in California), only those with enough personal wealth not to take special interests’ money are the only qualified candidates. Politics sure has changed.

    I want a candidate that transcends party lines and has a plan and works hard to HELP. No whining about the other candidate, just show us a plan that makes sense. I don’t want sound bites, I want a detailed plan. I want someone with the intellectual capacity to do a job that requires them to basically give up their personal life and do everything to make things better.

    I am not asking for lower taxes
    I am not asking for ways to continue to burn stuff for energy
    I am not asking for bills that address more than one item
    I want a real job
    I want to see a doctor when I’m sick
    I want clean water and air
    I want safe foods
    I want stable schools
    I want modern universities I can afford for my kids

    I dont want party lines and fights

  20. Maybe we should just go back to what George Washington said ->

    This spirit [parties in the state – AKA political parties], unfortunately, is inseparable from our nature, having its root in the strongest passions of the human mind. It exists under different shapes in all governments, more or less stifled, controlled, or repressed; but, in those of the popular form, it is seen in its greatest rankness, and is truly their worst enemy.

    Basically, political parties will ruin this great nation. Maybe we should just drop the party system and actually think for ourselves…..

    just a thought….

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