Just in Time for Christmas Glenn Beck Calls The Suffering of the Poor A Lie

Glenn Beck recently celebrated the fact that millions of people will lose their unemployment benefits by Christmas, by using his Fox News program to call the idea that the poor are suffering a lie. Beck labeled the poor greedy and said, “What’s poverty in America today? Well, we just want our stuff.”

Here is the video from Media Matters:

While defending the rich, and claiming that they don’t get justice Beck “debunked” the “lie” that the poor are suffering. Beck said, “When you get things for free you don’t appreciate them. We don’t appreciate the things we have, and I mean even me, we don’t appreciate our country because it was handed to us. Instead, we just long for things other people have. We never have enough. We shouldn’t begrudge millionaires or billionaires. Our grandparents would have taught us that we could be the next millionaire or billionaire. Hell, it’s America.”

Then Beck attacked the poor, “We’re often told about the plight of the poor in America, and there is poverty in America, but let’s put it into perspective here. The poor in America 97% of them have television sets, 25% of those television sets are big screens. That’s poverty? 89% have a microwave. 80% have an air conditioning unit. 73% of the poor in America have a car. 64% have a washer. 57% of have a dryer. We have been sold a lie that that’s not enough. How much is enough? What is economic justice? Do I need to remind Americans what poor really looks like? I got news for you in other countries they’re not washing their clothes and sitting in air conditioning watching their big screen TV’s. They’re dying. That is poor.”

After comparing today’s poor to the Great Depression, Beck claimed that the poor are just greedy, “What’s poverty in America today? Well, we just want our stuff.” The point Beck was trying to make, just hours before millions of Americans lost their unemployment benefits was that the poor aren’t really poor. They are greedy people who want more stuff, but who don’t want to work to pay for it. Beck’s message to all of the people who are facing the prospect of going hungry this Christmas is to stop being greedy and get to work.

Two million Americans are set to lose their unemployment benefits by Christmas, while Republicans and Glenn Beck tell us why millionaires and billionaires deserve more tax cuts. America is on pace for a record increase in poverty. The poverty level is expect to reach at or near 15% of the population, and 20% of children will be poor. Poverty among working age people is expected to hit its highest levels since the 1960s, but to Glenn Beck and the right the people are the undeserving poor.

Notice how Beck didn’t present any actual statistics about hunger and poverty? In the 1980s and 1990s the myth used to demonize the poor was that of welfare recipients driving Cadillacs. In 2010, the big screen TV has replaced the Caddy in the attack on the poor. The reality for the poor is something that Glenn Beck and Republicans don’t want to discuss. The poor in this country face a daily struggle for food and shelter. If they are lucky enough to have a job, it is probably at somewhere like Wal-Mart where pay is low, overtime is often not compensated, and benefits are non-existent.

In 2010, millions of Americans aren’t going to have a Merry Christmas. They will spend their holidays haunted by the looming specters of debt, hunger, and possible homelessness. Since this reality is not comfortable, and facing it would make the right’s position tax cuts indefensible, they have created a false reality where poverty is the fault of the poor, and they can justify not aiding the those in desperate need because they are undeserving.

People are suffering, and no amount of tax cuts for the top two percent can fix that. The issue of the unemployed and the poor is the perfect example of why bi-partisanship is an impossible dream in American politics. People like Glenn Beck are creating a false reality for the right every day. The right is living in a fantasy world where the unemployed and the poor are leaches on society who don’t deserve the government’s help.

It is true that the goal of the right is to take America back to the 1920s, and the sooner the left, and the White House, realize that the very existence of millions of Americans is under attack maybe they will stop getting distracted by TSA scanners, and start to see the real issues and the big picture. The lives of millions of Americans are literally depending on it.

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  1. The level of hate they spew at the poor makes me physically ill. This is not the conservative of yesterday; this is a group of haters hiding beneath the guise of some failed ideology meant to benefit Scrooge INC (aka; the corporations of America).

  2. i never thought i’d say this, but i can kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinda see his point in the most vague way possible. i think what needs to happen is a redefinition of “poverty.” american poverty isn’t the same as african poverty by any means, but we also have different life expectations and a different cost of living. we’re a country that prides itself on being the Joneses, not just keeping up with them. look at what people watch on TV now. keeping up with the kardashians, basketball/baseball/football wives, etc. we glorify “stuff.” besides, he has no idea how long people have scrimped and saved so that they could have those big screen TVs and nice cars and a washer and dryer.

    this is one of the problems i have with media in general–generalizations. that just because people have these things that they’re not poor. does he know what percentage of people had those items gifted to them? how many of those items were hand-me-downs (i’m theoretically getting a 19″ fancy teevee from my sis)? no. he simply assumes and makes sweeping generalizations. his kind of “journalism” doesn’t ever go past the surface.

  3. This is what the right wingers in this country want. If you have a job, you should be scared as hell about losing it. So much so that you will not evan think about doing or saying anything to stand up for yourself when you are not treated with respect and dignity. The conservatives want to make sure that there is always a large nuber of unemployed who are just dying to take your job if you do. They want to create an ever decreasing number of extremely rich people that keep getting more wealthy and an ever increasing number of poor people whose only salvation must come from a religious organization. We need to join unions and stop buying imports if this scenario is ever going to end.

  4. @lexcade Beck got you there for a minute didn’t he? He actually merged two unrelated arguments, a comparison of poverty globally, and the myth of the undeserving poor into the notion that poor people actually have it pretty good and should stop complaining. Beck is a master of the deceptively false premise that sounds on the surface like a rational argument.

  5. Well Sarah, we know what he is doing. Same as the rest of the cons. Disparage the poor, turn opinions against them, make it easier to take away their vote and aid. Starve the rats out

  6. Can you eat a television set? No. Can you eat an A/C? No. Can either of those devices diagnose a disease and then treat it effectively? No.

    Yes, our poor often have things. Objects. Especially cheap ones. I bought a fairly good sized television set last year for $10. It was sitting on the side of the road.

    But I don’t have medical insurance. I don’t have any guarantee I’ll have my apartment of 3 years after next month because I only have enough money to pay next month’s rent. The other day I used my UI (a whopping $150/week) to buy medication and postage stamps. There will be no Christmas gift exchange this year, although I’ll be having friends over for some low level festivities.

    What Beck refuses to admit, or couldn’t care less about, is that more and more people who are poor were not poor last year.

    Beck, who makes how many millions of dollars per year lying, is one of the last people anyone should listen to on any topic of any value.

  7. I’ve been poor. I mean really poor. There was no wide screen. There was no Caddy. There was no car. We lived in a two bedroom apt. for many years. Mr. Beck apparently wants to redefine what “poor” means by saying we didn’t live in a cave, so we really weren’t poor. I know dad and mom skipped dinner more than a few times to feed us three kids, but since the children were fed, I suppose we weren’t really poor. I guess dad and mom were just dieting, just like the well-fed rich folks. And since we did have ONE pair of shoes each, (that was it) we weren’t going to school barefoot, like real poor kids.

    You’re right, Mr. Beck, we weren’t poor we were just differently financially enabled from the other non-poor people in our neighborhood. Wow, that’s a relief.

    (The wilfull ignorance and outright New Speak he uses would make Orwell proud)

    We were able to get out of that neighborhood, but it was due to a unique set of opportunities and circumstances that allowed dad to get a little better paying, union job. It took many years but while were able to get out many of our neighbors were unable to do so. Those who remained did so NOT because they chose to or because they were lazy or any other self-inflicted hardship. It often due to poor health, lack of opportunity or lousy circumstances that many had to stay.

    Good to know they weren’t poor, I mean really poor though.

  8. The unemployment benefits of countless numbers of Americans are scheduled to run out unless Congress acts immediately. Today, a number of the unemployed descended upon Congress and gave heartrending accounts of all they’ve done to survive. It is obvious to anyone with a mind and a heart that these are productive, law-abiding people who have fallen on hard times and struggled to stay afloat. Glen Beck and his ilk are always putting them down and discounting their sufferings, just as they look down on welfare recipients and other poor.

    In this society, Beck has a right to broadcast his nonsense without being held accountable. He appeals to people with a Darwinian sense of me, me, me, people who don’t have empathy for those less fortunate. Unfortunately, a significant number of Americans fit that description, and they are the ones who vote for the heartless, soulless creeps that block the extension of unemployments, tying the passage of these to deficit-increasing tax cuts for the wealthy.

  9. I don’t hate many people at all. Really, I can only think of one. And he just won’t go away.

    I disagree with you, Jason. There was nothing rational about his argument. Only the most clueless or the most checked out and removed from poverty would find his statements credible. I didn’t get the stats on this, but I’d bet a large portion of his viewership would fall at or near the poverty level. But so numb and paralyzed by his lunacy, they don’t even realize he’s condemning them. Strange times. Heartless, soul-less folks.

  10. Well since mr beck seems to think that us unemployed people are just greedy then what about all the companys that need a hand out at OUR expence to keep going even though like exon oil at one time recorded a 15 billion dollar profofit for the first 1/4 of that year then asked congress for 10 billion dollars for off shore exploration then turned around and gave one of there retireing ceo’s a package beyond anything else .
    yea I am a greedy SOB I am tired of seeing my tax dollars go to major corperations that jack the price of goods up so they can sit in there nice houses with swimming pools while the rest of us wonder about health care and medical insurance .
    Not sure who this MR beck is but I wish reality would slap him up side the face real hard let him find out what its like to live from payday to payday and wonder how or if all your bills get paid !
    maybe beck and palin can be running mates !

  11. Glenn Beck is a sick piece of work. all the words he stated above are the words of a sick, twisted, perverted ignorant drug induced sommabish! and Beck needs to realize he’s part of the HIJACKING of this country, not to mention he & his family migrated to U.S. during Jim Crow and gladly sat on the whites only side, which was the equivalent of migrating to Auschwitz and sitting on Hitler’s side. so Beck never learn ANYTHING except taking and expecting ALL to be handed to him simply for saying the right hate words.

  12. While Mr. Beck is most certainly trivialising the plight of the poor in America, he did make a mild, teeny, tiny bit of sense in that clip; as opposed to the utter garbage he usually spews out.

    If his numbers are correct (you can never tell when it comes to him) then his point about the poor in America vs the poor in, say, Africa does have some truth to it. I mean, $19 000 is a hell of a lot of money in Africa, and at least in America the poor don’t have to worry about their children getting abducted by rebel groups.

    If his numbers about the salary of a congressman vs a private in the military are correct, well then (and it pains me deeply to say this) I’d have to say he hit the nail right on the head with that one.

  13. HAHA “She made the food, he grew the food….that’s poverty”

    no mr. beck, thats farming. something we know little of in the US.

  14. Can someone PLEASE do everyone a favor and find a way to intercept his broadcast? I would love to cut him off mid-stream with a message telling all the Fox viewers that the last person they should listen to about economics is a guy who charges poor people $40 for a book that teaches them how to not be poor. If he REALLY cared about the poor he would give them that knowledge for free, so they could use it.

    Not that his knowledge would be worth a damn anyways… Probly make them lose more money actually.

  15. Glenn Beck is a crazy mofo, but I must agree that poverty in america, although obviously a source of suffering for so many, is incomparable in many respects to poverty abroad, say, in the third world. When they tried to bring microfinance to the U.S., one of the reasons it wasn’t as effective, along with the fact that their are significant barriers to entry in the U.S. for microentrepeneurs that do not exist in the third world, is because $100 isn’t enough to change a poor U.S. citizen’s life while in the third world that may be several months wages.

  16. I’ve been laid off for nearly two years and it’s awesome!

    You losers and your jobs and insurance and good credit. Stupids!

    All you need to do is get used to not having a monthly income and stop worrying about losing your house all the time and you’ll be fine. Yeah, I really stuck it to the man when I received $150 a month on unemployment and $500 a month in food stamps after being laid off after 20 years of employment. Both got cut off when I sold some of my grandfather’s farmland for a third of it’s original value a few months ago, but I had only been collecting food stamps since last January because I didn’t want to be on the dole. They figured that one lump sum of $25,000 was monthly income, even thought that’s all the money I made year from anything all year. A single dad with three kids living on $25,000 in one year..is that considered poor? I inherited my house and my car, so at least I don’t have debts after I paid off my overdraft protection on my credit card with the land sale money. I haven’t had house insurance for two years, I couldn’t afford it when I had a job. The only health insurance I’ve had in 3 years was Medicaid. I’m still waiting on DHS to send me my child support they insisted on collecting from the kids’ mom last January. A fast efficient government is the key to a successful society. USA!USA!USA!

    I stopped looking for work months ago, no one will hire an unemployed person with a degree, they want people that have jobs already with a higher level of education. I wouldn’t be worth a crap anyway, I would just get laid off or fired or go postal anyway. But it’s still awesome staying at home online all day enjoying the trolling online.

    (A lot of this was sarcasm. It really sucks, but I don’t want to think about it, then I would want to shoot myself . I own a “big screen” TV that I bought when I was employed ten years ago, but it’s not a plasma or LCD, just an old fashioned tube where I refuse to watch Glenn Beck making a fool of himself.)

  17. I find it utterly reprehensible how Beck is using a soldier’s salary to try and make his point. Yes, they do get free room and board, free or cheap meals, and health care is covered while they are in service, none of which is guaranteed for the poor in this country. But any soldier who is a Private for 6 years in the military is doing something wrong or did something really bad to be busted back down to that level. Having been in the service, though, I know that even with the benefits a soldier’s salary often was not enough. I knew sergeants who were delivering pizzas at night to make enough to give their families (on in the case of a few who were single parents, their children) a reasonable living, and that was nearly 15 years ago. Soldier pay has not increased nearly enough to keep up with rising costs and inflation.

    Every time I hear him or another conservative pundit marginalizing the poor in this country while trying to demonize those forces seeking to create some equality, I see us inching closer to a corporate serf state. I always find it ironic how they will liberally label their opponents “communists,” “nazis,” and “socialists” while their own words and actions mirror those very groups far more closely than anything put forth by the opposition. Unfortunately far too many people will swallow their lies and propaganda rather than think for themselves because they let fear rule them rather than reason or intellect.

    When your view becomes so far skewed to the right, even the moderate and the middle roads will look “leftist and liberal.” Our country was made great by people of differing views and beliefs coming together and finding common ground and solutions that were best for the good of all. Now it seems many conservatives want only what’s best for themselves and the rich, and if nobody will agree with them then they’ll take their ball and go home.

  18. For the first time in a long time, I “agree” with Beck. I grew up “poor”, on welfare. Even though there weren’t any big screen TV’s, we still had a TV, a house that was nice and safe, and video games, and cars, consent gifts and money given to my parents from more wealthy people, hot water, more food then what we could even think about eating – but yet, we were “poor”. I worked, studied hard, and (finally) got a good paying job, where I can relax and enjoy life.

    Not too long ago, I took a trip to Thailand. Being adventurous, I decided to go off the beaten path, to stumble, in the middle of downtown Bangkok, off the Cowboy Soi neighborhood, shacks. Run down, wood and tin shakes, built over a canal. A family noticed me and invited me in their home, and warned me that they were poor. When I entered, my mouth dropped. For beds, they the hard floor and blankets (no mattresses). They have a hotplate for a stove, and a rice maker. They had a pipe to turn on for water (“but you must boil it first, otherwise it’ll make you very sick”). And a lot of rice (free from the Government of Thailand).

    We spent the evening outside, talking about the differences of our countries – America, and Thailand. They were kind and generous ; offer me a special dish – fried egg, and boiled rice (“served only for special guests, like you”). I ate it, noticed how dark is was becoming and left for the night. Of course, I showed my thanks by giving them 1,000 Thai Bhats (the larges commonly used currency of Thailand, worth about $40 at the time), twice the monthly pay they receive. Needless to say, they were quite thankful.

    This naturally left an impression with me for the rest of my life. What exactly counts as “poverty”? I know that family I met in Thailand would have been overjoyed to be as “poor” as I was, but at the same time, we shouldn’t allow suffering, and honestly, yes, I feel guilty having all those nice things that I had as a kid while my parents didn’t work.

    I believe the poor shouldn’t suffer, shouldn’t live out on the streets, or starve to death, and our government has a moral obligation to protect those who can not help themselves. At the same time though, we do need to encourage the poor to “deleverage” if the can; to get rid of their video game systems and their TV’s (like I had as a kid), their fancy name brand shoes and junk food galore. But the process needs to be done slowly, gently and not a sudden kick off the current system. I’m not an economics major, and I don’t want to throw out theories to be later chopped down because I’m writing this while tired.

    Feel free to take my story as what it is, spoken evidence without fact. But, another thing that really gets my blood boiling is seeing statements listed as fact (“60% of all people have television”, etc) without any source attached.

    Like a stopped watch, Glen is right this time. My wish is for Glen to stop his insanity – forever.

  19. Good and interesting points – you’re talking about the commericalization/consumption driven culture we have, which is a valid point – but not to be confused with helping the poor, especially in a deep recession. I see plenty of poor people with a lot of “things” I don’t even buy for myself, but that is a part of our cultural mindset. We aren’t a nation of savers anymore. Still, I think it’s dangerous to suggest that most poor people are able to buy things and are lazy, as Beck seems to be saying. I know a lot of poor people who would do anything for a job.

  20. Its ludacris to compare the level of poverty here, to the level lof poverty elswhere. Others having it worse, doens’t disqualify us from having it bad. Most items like t.vs and washing machines and such are purchased with a creditcard. Other people have much less, but they do not owe 10k+. If what we have compared to what we owe was considered we may find a new prespective on poor. When you own, all money is profit. When you borrow, all money earned is cathing up on your debt. You are poor with debt like I am poor by owning few items.

  21. Actually, imports help the very structure of American economy. A hell of a lot more is imported, rather than exported. Rather, if America could get -cheaper- imports, it would be better. Though, due to the “world” being in economic stress, those import prices are rising. America relies on imports just as much as every other country, maybe even more-so due to the fact that most of it’s land mass is housing and structures and not actual land to farm or produce any monetary gain from. Personally, I think people who support Republicans are literately retarded. I’d rather support Democrats anyday… Considering they aren’t all money-laundering idgits.

  22. Oh, I have an idea! Why doesn’t the U.S just structure itself after the more efficiently ran Canada which it gets most of its resources from. (Republicans, eat your heart out. Canada is a better run country, OMG). A slight increase in taxes could completely disable health care worries (that’s a big chunk of debt in America, is it not?) A healthy society is an efficient society. An efficient society is a hard working society. A hard working society makes more money. Sure, you guys may have the largest GDP in the world…. For now. But ya know, China -is- the one that saved your god damn asses. Maybe instead of having idiots picket against Universal Heathcare and free education, they should just raise the taxes ten cents. Yes, that ten cents does go a long fucking way when millions of people are buying a bloody chocolate bar. But, alas, idiots like Glen Beck just want more money to shove into their greedy little pockets, while sitting upon their make-shift ass-warming seats. Grow the fuck up, America. It’s time you guys follow, oh, 90 percent of civilized world.

  23. Or perhaps, maybe… The goverment should take the reigns of some big corporates. Control the hundreds of millions of dollars embezzled each year. Does America even have a bloody Better Business Bereau? Maybe people should start utilizing that, too, so they don’t get idiotically fucked over by these assholes like Glen Beck… Or Fox News in general. Or, maybe, they should look at the companies that saturate the marketplace with different “Brands” which gives the illusion of giving money to different people. Hell no. A lot of the cars you buy, yeah. They’re all produced by the same company, mostly… Isn’t that somewhere along the lines of Price Fixing? I may just be delusional.

  24. I have nothing against regular citizens, I am one… Just some don’t use their heads. It’s two-way street, it always is.

  25. So clueless: having appliances purchased before the economy went to pot is not the same as being able to use those appliances today. And who can sell them for anything? No one has the money to buy them from us. Yes, we used to have enough money to buy TVs and air conditioners and washers and dryers, but the cable was shut off long ago in effort to keep up with the health insurance bill, and now the health insurance has been discontinued so we can catch up with the gas and electric company needed to run the washer and dryer. We never turn on the air conditioner, though yes, Mr. Beck, we do own one. We keep the heat at 64 and our two year old has grown accustomed to layers. No, it’s not a third world country. It’s not Thailand, but what Ben who posted earlier is missing is that his life poor wasn’t so bad BECAUSE there were long standing governmental assistance programs in place to make sure kids got shots, a hot lunch, an education, and suitable housing. Those programs were on life support, but be sure the Republicans will pull all the plugs first chance they get. And why? To subsidize tax cuts for millionaires. Happy holidays you poor lazy unemployed slackers! No immunizations in your kids’ stockings. Humbug. So ashamed of my country. At least the French and the Irish are aware enough to riot in the streets: our poor rednecks just keep voting republican, against their own economic interests, because that what Beck tells them to do.

  26. Glenn Beck may be a complete asshole but he is right about some things. The lower class is bad off. I should know after all, because I am lower class as I make less than the poverty line a year right now. It sucks, and I can’t wait for two years from now when I’m out of college and living a middle class life style.

    However, I live much better than the poor in third world countries. Think about it. Thousands of people die everyday of starvation. I have to buy groceries at aldies and walmart and get offbrand crap but I still got to think I enjoy pretty good fucking food compared to all but the richest pygmies. Not to mention having a car, insurance, AC/heat, washer and dryer, an apartment with my GF, TVs, an ipod and a laptop. What did those who lived through the depression have? Most people just don’t appreciate what they have.

    Their other big mistake is they don’t understand how to responsibly budget and spend money. Many people in this country stay poor because of the decisions they make. I know people who make less than $10 an hour and go to bars every other night and spend money they should be spending on groceries on alcohol. And they smoke a pack a day. Or they toke a gram a day. Or they do coke. Or they gamble it away at the casino or on scratchers. Thats not to say all people are poor because they make bad decisions with money but it certainly makes up a considerable portion of those who are poor for very long periods of time or those that are chronically poor.

    Life’s tough, but it’s tougher in a lot of other places. Remember, this isn’t coming from rich douchebag Glenn Beck, it’s from someone who IS currently a member of the lower class in America.

  27. If you repeated what you said to an economics or business professor he’d probably say you were delusional.

  28. Dream on Reason! Being in college ain’t hardly poverty line. You’ll never be able to borrow St this rates again, so live it up. Middle class lifestyle: dream on. It was a sorry lot ten years ago and the future not looking so hot. Be smart: bag that dream of owning a home and being able to afford having a family. Not even two advanced degrees between me and my husband is keeping our daughter in health insurance. Aim for very poor or very rich: the middle class life doesn’t exist in America anymore. All you get for being responsible and hard working is more work and more responsibility. It ain’t the 90s anymore. Welcome to feudal America.

  29. I work at walmart and i see it every month people with 3 carts of food, all on the ebt card. and then buying video games with ebt cash. ive sold some of these same people big screen tvs, game systems. I work for a living i get no assiantance and i dont have a tv or a game system. Most of the time i eat once a day. beck is not saying all poor are living it up with fancy big screen hes saying too many are. if your thinking about a big tv or what not you should not be getting help from the goverment, unemployment or otherwise….

  30. You should ask someone who is poor what its like. Once you know how the system works, it isn’t so bad. I haven’t had a formal job in years, and get by ok with food stamps, energy assistance, public housing. What i struggle with is the paperwork and wasted time having to fill in forms. What the gov should do to help the poor is to make it easier to claim. And it would save money to.

  31. My friend couldn’t afford health insurance. One day she felt really bad, sick enough to take the bus along with her young daughter to an emergency clinic. She waited some hours (in pain) for help. Houston emergency rooms are crowded with the uninsured. She died right there- in the waiting room, her daughter at her side.

    It’s hell to be poor, people do die. For all the people, Americans with medical conditions who suffer and die… I see the blood on the Repubs hands and people like Beck who are selfish and totally unamerican.

    These selfish, evil unamerican traitors are the ‘real’ domestic terrorists. All of them should be judged in front of a jury like Delay. Get rid of ALL the criminals and get America back on track!

  32. 2 years of unemployment benefits…. When would u like it to end? Should these people get assistance for the rest of their lives? Will they ever get a job if they just keep extending it? You dont think there are more people abusing the benefits then that truly need it?

  33. Greedy? ME? Geez all I want to do is eat more than one bowl of pasta a day and put enough gas in my 10 year old broken down car to get to work (I work 10 hours a day for as many days as they’ll let me). I have a TV…..a small one I inherited from my mother when she died two and a half years ago. I haven’t had health insurance for 30 years. When I’m sick or hurt I just keep going to work because I can’t afford to stay home or go see a doctor. My teeth are breaking and falling out. I can’t get a ‘better’ job because I can’t afford the gas to go on interviews. Social services? Now there’s a joke. I took an extra half hour from lunch the other day and wasted a gallon on gas to go to ‘social services’ to apply for help. They said they can’t help me. They said they can help pay my rent but my landlady won’t accept it. Go figure THAT one out will ya…..
    I live in a basement with no heat, no air conditioning, no stove, a tiny refrigerator (not mine) and a microwave (also not mine).
    On the weekend when I’m not working I sit in the empty parking lot of a closed factory and sell whatever things I have lying around the house and some crafts I made. This is in New England and let me tell you it’s cold out in that parking lot these days. Sometimes I make enough money to cover gas and maybe some food. I’m still chastising myself for splurging on a loaf of bread yesterday.
    The scary thing is a lot of people are much worse off than I am….and I’ll probably be joining them soon. I can’t afford to live like this any more. I need food I need clothes (all my shoes have holes in them and I have only one pair of pants for work)
    To hell with you Glen beck….echoing the arrogant out of touch views of the wealthy and not bothering to try and see the true picture. Live in MY shoes for a week and see how you like it.

  34. yea how is that working out for France and ireland? They are in worst shape then us. For every good person thats on unemployment there is 10 that dont even look for a job because they got a meal ticket.

  35. who the hell are u to tell him what he can become. To say the middle class doesnt exist is also absurd and obviously ignorant.

  36. “The point Beck was trying to make, just hours before millions of Americans lost their unemployment benefits was that the poor aren’t really poor. They are greedy people who want more stuff, but who don’t want to work to pay for it. Beck’s message to all of the people who are facing the prospect of going hungry this Christmas is to stop being greedy and get to work.”

    @jason Really? Cause i didnt hear him say once that the poor are greedy… He said they want more stuff which is obviously true. We live in a country where everyone wants more stuff and will charge it and put themselves in more debt to get it because they know the govt will protect them. I guess you can make up lies as well.

  37. I like how the poverty level for one person in 2008 was actually $10,830, and the level for a family of four was $22,050. I’m often puzzled by how Glenn Beck arrives at his numbers.

  38. What does it take to make a Republican understand that tax breaks for the rich do not create jobs?
    Ans: A bullet in the brain !

  39. yeah, and sadly, all i did to see through it was apply ACTUAL logic. i wish more people who watched his ridiculous smear show would do the same. i’ve heard many tales of fox news loyalists who were challenged to fact-check them, did so, and never watched fox again.

  40. Dad lost his job when we were kids. When they decided to have us, they could afford it. In addition to dad losing his job, mom got very sick. At the time (late-1950’s) health insurance was unheard of.

    Savings were spent on medical bills to get home well again. Soon after dad lost his job.

    Appreciate your comment and sympathy, Matt.

  41. Nah. Do some research into the manufacturing of cars and such. All the parts come from the same company… Same with most of the main computer companies, all of the parts are manufactured at the same plants… Etc

  42. However, what Beck failed to point out is the cost of rent, food, car insurance, electricity, health insurance (if you’re lucky enough to have it), etc. He is spewing oversimplifications (again). Yes, we are better off financially than people of the great depression were. Yes, we used to be more self sufficient by growing our own food and keeping livestock. Today, that just isn’t a reality for most of us. Society has changed.

  43. Exactly! He pointed out that the poor had all these *awesome* things like a washer and a dryer. But, how many of them had these items BEFORE they got laid off? Idiot.

  44. Yes, there are definately people who take advantage of the system. Unfortunately, many of them get away with it. But, not everyone who is on assistance is taking advantage.

    On the other hand, there are many millionaires who are taking advantage as well. Did he mention that at all? They are raking in way more than those who are scamming the welfare system (again, which I condemn).

  45. The author laments that Beck “didn’t present any actual statistics about hunger and poverty” without providing any statistics to solidify his own agenda. Pretty sad when you are so locked against someone that you can’t see that they have a valid point. Go to a third-world nation and see how the world’s poorest live, then re-evaluate Beck’s point.

  46. Were his comments directed towards the poor of the USA or did it include other countries as well?

    Because, as I’m sure you all have seen, America has the “fattest” population of poor people in the world. It doesn’t seem like they are suffering the same way as “The Poor” in other countries suffer (as a whole).

    Some of you guys might claim that you are poor but, keep in mind, you are posting from computers that you probably already own.

  47. Tis true. There are MILLIONS of Americans who are barely making it now – so many that are UNCOUNTED due to having fallen off the unemployed benefits rolls last May or before then. The 99ers is a fallacy – how many states actually have 99 weeks of unemployment? ZERO in the South where unemployment is HIGH and jobs are gone forever. Most states in the South have 26 weeks – end of line – no more for you.

    I have been working for 1/3 of what my salary was – half time – no benefits – my 401K is GWTW thanks to the Wall Street thieves and I have no health insurance. Everyone I know is working for about 1/2 of what they made 10 years ago – which was a FAIR salary ten years ago.

    Beck and the Repigs have NO CLUE how many people are sitting in the cold with no teevee and no heat and winter has only begun — it is projected to be a very long and cold winter in the South – they do not care — they have all they want and they are the people who GIVE NOTHING to help others.

    Pathetically unAmerican – just like their heroine, the Snowbilly Grifter.

  48. Beckanoia is charging $20 a ticket for his rantings on your local cinema simulcast tonight – keeping every dime.

  49. Your FALLACY in your little poverty rant is HILARIOUS. You are a STUDENT – talk to us when you are 57 years old and have no prospects of a job BECAUSE you are 57 years old with 35 years experience, a college degree and due to the BUSH DEPRESSION, have lost everything.

    I cannot feel your pain – we were you age once and were POOR college kids as well. GET OVER IT.

  50. The Better Business Bureau is USELESS – it has been proven they play for pay – in other words, for a high donation, you get A+ ratings, no matter what SCUM you are or what horrid object you sell.

  51. I watched that episode of Glenn beck and I don’t recall him ever attacking Americans. If you look at what we have in America compared to other countries how can we consider ourselves poor when even the poorest poor in America is nothing compared to other countries. watch an episode of Glenn Beck and make your own decision but don’t read an article from a person who’s article may or may not be biased.

  52. The RepubliFoxes would do well to remember what happened the last time a bunch of selfish rich people left the poor to starve while they lived the “Let them eat cake” life.

    These people have been talking about armed revolutions for the last four years. They better be real careful they don’t end up on the wrong end of one.

  53. Where does it say he attacked Americans? It says he attacked the poor (which he did). Yes, we are not as bad off as other third world countries. So what? Our society is more advanced and things cost more here. So, people have to start living in straw huts with dirt floors and have extreme malnourishment for them to *really* be considered poor?? Please.

    He made sure to point out all the *luxuries* that these poor people have. Most of them have cars? So a poor person who drives a paid off, 15 year old Honda Civic with no air conditioning that they’ve had since before they lost their job isn’t poor according to multi-millionaire Glenn Beck? Give me a break!

    So is his point about salaries. Even though I’m no fan of politicians, his claim that they are getting rich on a $175,000 a year salary is ridiculous. The DC area is one of the most expensive areas to live in. It’s not a lot of money if you have a $400,000 mortgage plus insurance and kids in college.

  54. How about 100% of the rich have a widescreen TV – or 5 or 6 – probably have one in all of their bathrooms. 100% of the rich have health insurance – which hardly puts a dent in their budget. 100% of rich – wait – they have microwaves, but have someone to handle that messy task. Cars? They probably pay more in insurance on their luxury cars than the value of the poor people’s cars – if the poor even have one. Washers – dryers? The rich have the new one that cost over $1,000 a piece while the poor sit at the very comfortable laundromat.

  55. Exactly! I’ve posted several replies to these “oh we aren’t as bad off as the poor people in third world countries” comments.

    NO, we aren’t. But, you people are comparing apples to oranges. Our society is more advanced and things COST MORE here. Do people in (insert 3rd world country) who live in grass huts have to pay the same that Americans do for rent or mortgages that amount to hundreds or thousands a month? Do they pay the same for electric, phone, gas, transportation, food? Of course, some of them don’t have these things, but my point is that we are not the same.

    To say that we aren’t as poor as other countries is oversimplifying the issue and patently dishonest!

  56. 19 321 in 1930 ( great depression) is like 61 321 today.
    My point is that the inflation was not taken for account.

  57. I think that one of the main points he’s trying to make is that as Americans we shouldn’t be engaged in a process of wealth distribution, taking from those who have, to give to those who don’t. Government should be in the business of excessive taxation in this case 35% and using it to subsidize enormous entitlement programs. While we can all agree that some forms of entitlements need to exist it’s to what degree the burden should be hefted upon those who have larger incomes. Those who choose to live beyond their means by taking out new car loans, have high credit card debt and make generally bad decisions about money have to be held responsible for their choices. And yes, it is difficult for those who chose to bring children into those circumstance. Charity and aid also needs to come more from private sources than government mandated ones via taxation. American used to do that, but since the government took on the huge entitlement programs it has dwindled in our communities. Now people just expect the government to take care of it. Katrina and other disaster are clear example of how ineffective government ran programs can be. Billions of our taxes are lost by fraud, waste and used very ineffectively with these kinds of entitlement programs. Raising taxes is always the remedy and when spending does need to be cut it’s always the truly needed programs that suffer.

  58. The truth of the matter is that even if you took every penny from the rich and gave it to the poor it wouldn’t change anything for more than 6 months. The rich do not possess enough wealth to bail all of the poor out of poverty.

    As obnoxious as he is he has a point about the definition of poverty. Poverty used to be no food no shelter, no material possesions and no prospects. Now we have the non working poor living in government subsidized housing, getting food stamps AND free breakfast and lunch for the kids, medical coverage for the kids and ER coverage for themselves, the government chasing deadbeat spouses for child support, free job training and resume help, free cell phones (google it) etc etc.

    The “poor” in america live better than the average lower middle class did in 1960.

    That may be a bigger gap than the opulent rich but they are still not dying in the streets. Their plight is exxagerated. Their complaining is unjustified. Their future is not bright because they have been led to believe that they are ENTITLED to a job with health care, sick leave, maternity leave, vacation, and not be expected to take any grief from anybody.

    The economy will improve as soon as these benefits expire as people begin to realize that nessessity is the mother of invention.

  59. That difference, albeit real, does not compensate people in the third world for the fact that about one billion people live on less than a dollar a day. Poverty in America really is not comparable to poverty in Africa and Southeast Asia. I’m not saying they don’t suffer in America, but the suffering is much different. SURVIVAL GENERALLY IS NOT A QUESTION IN THE U.S., THOUGH IT IS A VERY REAL ONE IN THE THIRD WORLD. Life can be tough here, but nobody starves to death.

  60. Well, in a sense, the current situation is due to a lack of diligence by the masses – to keep a firm rein on the scheming parasites (of which Glenn ‘Crybaby’ Beck is an aspiring member) that have amassed so much in the way of ill-gotten wealth by screwing the average person out of fair wages and adequate benefits (or even employment, in many cases). It really is our fault – we have been asleep at the wheel.

    Really, our great grandparents should have put a stop to this parasitism the last time the parasites nearly managed to suck us dry in the 1930s. We can’t allow them to escape justice this time – they must be held accountable, and should be punished in the traditional fashion.

  61. I think there is a big misunderstanding of what the government is and isn’t responsible for. It isn’t there to support people although it ends up doing so. Maybe if we could get rid of all the illegals sucking up support form the government we would have more money to help those unemployed. But seriously there are tons of people collecting checks from the government who don’t need it and are just plain lazy. I think if you are getting money from the government you should have to pee in a cup, that would get rid of over 75% of the welfare the government gives out to those losers. And when will people let darwinism take effect. We are allowing idiots to breed and create and farm other idiots only to be like a mosquito that you can’t kill. THE GOVERNMENT IS NOT MEANT TO SUPPORT PEOPLE IT IS TO MAKE LAWS AND KEEP US SAFE.

  62. Your that desolet but you have the internet, I doubt it dude. and if you have no heat thats illegal. You can’t get help from social services either because you make too much money or your white.

  63. ohh yea if your teeth are fallin out co to the community health department you can get healthcare there thats what I did, I got dental and health care free. I was broke, homeless, and hungry I always found a way to get by with out much help from the government other than the health department. STOP FEELING SORRY for yourself and get motivated. If you don’t have the money for gas sell your car and take the bus. Seriously. Check your priorities.

  64. The so-called “poor” in America are a joke. Sure, there are Americans that are truly poor, and just make ends meet. But then again I know (and see it daily) of “poor” Americans receiving Federal and State handouts as they “work the system”, get their free WIC, and many other free services like day care etc.

    These same “poor” people are living in a bigger house than I, have twice as many kids but pay 100% less in day care (I couldn’t even afford to put another one through day care), drive MUCH nicer cars then I and can actually save more money than I (obviously they use monies under their kids names so that it can’t be used when calculating their cash on hand to nullify their government support).

    You guys are blind. We need to take away these social services so people aren’t reliant on them. We need to hold people accountable. We need to make people WANT to be better people. We need to make them WANT to succeed. We SHOULDN’T having 50% of the country working hard, so that the other 50% of the country could get by sucking on the government teet.

    It’s time to f’ing wake up America.

  65. Just another note. I am sure that this most recent expiration of unemployment benefits will make people who were “riding the unemployment train”; get off their asses and actually look for a job. I’m sure a good double digit percentage of people on welfare are not actively looking for a position, or are turning down temp to hire positions.

    Again SELF RESPONSIBILITY is no longer found in our Country. Not to mention that Common Sense, is no longer commonly found

  66. Are you OK if we cut off aid to the red states then? since they suck off the government teet? I’m sick of paying for lazy morons who vote for Republicans who starve them so I’ll make you a deal: we’ll stop welfare and unemployment if we don’t have to carry the red states anymore.

    note: this isn’t how I really feel about welfare or unemployment. Just making a point.

  67. Actually its time for you to wake up. 5 people for every job in the US. Your corporations have forced people to be poor. And speaking of which, you have no clue what poor is. You are not qualified to speak on this issue

  68. 5 people for every job in the US. You are not qualified to speak on the jobs issue as long as you use tired talking points from years ago

  69. No one is saying that, because the people who spoke were law-abiding, productive citizens who have been paying taxes for years and pulling their weight. Are you as critical of the companies that continue to outsource jobs to other countries in search of cheap labor, or the extension of unnecessary tax cuts to the wealthy that drastically increase the deficit? It’s all well and good to compare the poor in this country to others, or to condemn people who DO take advantage of the system, although I don’t see how anyone can say that with a straight face about someone still looking for a job and trying to pay for housing, utilities, and food on a pittance. So many of the people kicking the unemployed while they are down are insulated from the harsh realities of their lives. One thing is certain. Life is a great leveler, and any of us can find ourselves in their shoes.

  70. Actually the US ranks 7th in “fatties” with Australia very close behind. You may note that millions of people have lost their jobs in the last 5 years. many already had the things you talk about. Many have also lost their homes. Glenn Beck has made a fool of you

  71. Clearly Glenn Beck’s fat fucking ass has never known poverty or hunger. I hope the day comes when he suffers the pain, hopelessness and degredation that poverty brings to the millions of those suffering in the world! Hell isn’t hot enough for the putrid bigotry, stupidity and evil that is Glenn Beck!

  72. if a young person , for whatever reason , is not attracted to being a greedy predator, they are well on the road to poverty. which can be a positive experience. but requires strength. if you don’t pursue the carrot, strong forces come into play to grind you down. i suggest poverty as a choice, but educate yourself . and live a good life

  73. Glenn Beck is an idiot who thinks the constitution was handed down from god.

    Our ravaged economy is a direct result of government actions aimed to help the poor. This is explained and demonstrated in many articles at http://www.theobjectivestandard.com.

    The basic principle at play here is whether or not someone has a right to get products or services, not by free mutual exchange, but by the government using force to take from one person and give to another. It’s a question of whether you have a right to your life and the things you produce (property). If someone has a reason why I should be forced to support someone who can’t support themselves I’d love to hear it.

  74. Thanks Glenn, it’s about time someone stood up for the overdog!

    I think we should get rid of sexual harassment laws because if you’re not willing to make those kind of sacrifices, then you obviously don’t need a job that badly.

    And shouldn’t there be a ‘Dont Ask Dont Tell’ policy regarding black employees? Hell, I don’t want to be forced to work with them and the only way I can tell they’re there is because they act all ‘blacky’.

    And why can’t I punch my employees in the face after they clock in? I’m putting them to work, dammit!

  75. The fact that he was using a soldier’s salary to dismiss the poor and create the illusion that they aren’t really all that hard off, that’s what I have a problem with. He’s not standing up for the soldier, he’s belittling the impoverished in this country. One of Beck’s typical diversionary tactics is to wave the flag in your face or put forth the soldier because how dare would someone argue against him, argue against America and our soldiers? It’s little more than smoke and mirrors to divert people away from the real issues and fixing their ire and frustrations on those who haven’t the means to defend themselves.

    The man makes $33 million a year, and now when the debate about extending the Bush tax cuts to the wealthy or letting them expire comes up, he speaks out about the poor having so many things and why should we help them. Coincidence? I think not. The man is only out to keep as much of his money for himself and avoid having to pay more taxes.

    There’s a reason that the wealthy are supposed to pay higher taxes than the poor. Their wealth and prosperity is due not just to their own hard work or ingenuity, it’s also due to the freedoms and protections afforded by their country’s government and laws. Those freedoms and protections don’t come free, and if you’ve attained a greater amount of wealth in this country than the general populace, why should you not contribute a bit more back into it to keep that going?

    Three decades in the belief of trickle-down economics has proven what a fallacy that concept is, because when you give more money to the rich they just keep that much more to themselves. Every year the divide between the wealthy and the middle class and poor in this country grows wider. Over 85 percent of the wealth in this country is owned by the top 20 percent of its population, leaving 15 percent for the remaining 80 percent of us, and the scraps are getting harder to live by each year for the rest of us.

    On the flipside, I would love to see Beck try and live off $21,600 a year as a private citizen, or support a family of 4 on just $41,600.

  76. The programs are out there, so why not claim. And i’m not ashamed of it either. If I didn’t, someone else will. I’m not cut out for the daily grind of going to work. I just wish the gov wouldn’t keep changing the rules and making me reapply. such a waste of time.

  77. Glenn, I think that you are right on certian thing’s but you have to remember that there are older people , people with disablites woman or men that have lost there jobs or are diviorced or there partner died that really need help and there are those that take advantage of the system that’s the people that dont need the help (example young woman get pregant she has a job @quits get assistance @ they have no real reason to quit just dont want to work they should have to pay the system back for the care ,food @ cash they when there able to work again take there taxes imgrants do this all the time so they should pay it back also when they say i dont know who the daddy is come up with that person or you cant get any help i bet they soon would figure who he is ? But the rich are the ones whom come up with jobs but dont take advantage of the poor or insult them they are the ones that work at the rich peoples company to make you rich so we are all servents to each other and we really need to work togather and make this work!!

  78. I don’t see the problem in Glenn Beck comparing America’s poor to being poor in other countries. I would much rather be poor in American than poor anywhere else in the world. What is the problem with this? Glenn Beck does not hate the poor, neither do any other conservatives. The only hate going on here is the hate of the left toward Glenn Beck and other conservatives. When it comes down to it, we all want the best for every human being. The way the left and the right approach this is polar opposites. The left believes in redistribution of wealth creating a nanny state where people are dependent on the government for their each and every need while the right believes more in the trickle down effect – an economy where businesses can thrive and hire employees without having to jump through hoops to meet government mandates. Of course this article was written from such a biased perspective that I do not expect much of the readers of this article. Typical of people who let the government think for them instead of thinking for themselves. Those who listen to Glenn Beck would know that one of his 3 pillars is CHARITY and that society cannot survive without charity to those who are less fortunate. But it is much easier to simply read this article for face value and spew hate toward conservatives.

  79. No, he is comparing long term poor people with the temporarily poor from the recession. If you lost your job and depleted your savings, you’d be poor temporarily too. You’d be eligible for food stamps and other types of assistance. But somehow you’d be a bad person because you still owned a tv and didn’t can your own green beans. He is disgusting.

  80. I to am on the edge of losing my home. I am a father of four. Mt insurance is more than one thousand per month. In spite of that, I am in debt that I, not the government or Glen Beck, got me into. I should have save money when I was spending it. I waisted thousands thinking I should have big screen tv’s an old motorhome and a house before I was able to really aford it. I know what caused the problem. It wasn,t the government, Glen Beck or the rich. It was me and nobody, including the goverbmebt or the rich owes me anything. My liberty is more valuable than that. NOBODY owes you who are complaining anything either. It will take more than a government subsity or entitlement to get me to sell my freedom. I am gratefull that those who came to this land before us didn’t believe somebody, most of all government, owed them something. I’ll find my own way out of my mess I hope. If not I will fail as a free man like who came before us who did not believe life was more important than liberty. You have the right t sell yours little by little you want, but for me I prefer to be counted among those who pledged there lives, liberty and their sacred honor in defense of liberty. May I have that kind of coursge is my hope.

  81. Ummm….he could be using the internet at the PUBLIC LIBRARY! Idiot. And it’s DESOLATE, but I think you mean destitute. Look it up.

  82. Guess what? The health department is run by…….THE GOVERNMENT! It’s a state run agency funded by TAX DOLLARS! :))

  83. Simple solution: Beck has a family of four. Give him a generous 30K to live on. That is above poverty level. Goodness, couldn’t Fox News save money if it did that.

    The Republicans have one aim and have had since Rove entered the picture: take from the poor to give to the rich.

    Best times in this country were under Eisenhower when we had the most equal wealth distribution. Under Bush, it went haywire.

  84. I know some “poor” people, yes they have a big screen tv (bought via a rent-to-own store where they ended up paying for it twice over, another problem “poor” people have: getting victimized by high APRs, overdraft fees, and rent-to-own stores that charge 2x the amount for everything) yes they have a microwave, yes they have cell phones and sometimes they even SHARE cell phones. Yes they have a car, but how else are they gonna get to work?? They work like dogs at multiple jobs just to get what little they have, so you can’t say they don’t work.

  85. One segment of society wants another segment of society to “die off”, because fiscally we just can’t support them forever. That’s what nobody ACTUALLY wants to say because the party of “the right to life” would be shown for what they truly are.

  86. You wouldn’t make a pimple on Glenn Becks ass. Media matters sucks just like soros. I was parked near the entrance of the unemployment office today. It was interesting to see all these poorly dressed people stand outside smoking and throw the cig butts on the sidewalk. Very telling. Get to work you ignorant cock suckers

  87. Nice coming from someone making over $33 million a year. I remember a line from the old Arthur film (the millionaire drunk) when someone told him he’d “had enough.” Arthur’s response was, drunkenly, “I want more than enough.” This world’s millionaires and billionaires have it all and want more.

  88. mr. beck you are a fucked up excuse of a human being and have obviously never been poor or the child of a poor person. i can only hope you get to one day feel what its like for your ignorant ass to be hungry and have to sleep in your car for a while. its real and youre an asshole. when i was a young man i was in that same situation,now after 30 years of great living the fat cats have cut everything and again we struggle.i have never drawn unemployment or welfare but thatk god its there for the ones who need it and just like the oil companies dont need to screw the public (but they do) i know some of the people take the system for granted but we are not talking mansions and rolls royces they still barely eat. i feel bad for you as you really dont know shit about whats really going on in america but when they are through even you will feel the agony of poverty so chose your words wisely

  89. Beck, you give Mormons a bad rep!!! I mean, people listen to you and all your fodder and think that’s what ALL Mormons think!! To listen to you, you would think there are no poor Mormons cuz how could they be, they’re all like Beck!! Look, dude, we are all one paycheck away from poverty. Plus, in your “statistics” you conveniently leave out homeless people who don’t even have enough money for shelter let alone something to eat. Did you know that the Salvation Army charges homeless people $5.00 a night to stay in their shelters?? Think about that the next time you pass by a homeless person begging on the street!!

  90. Dear Anonymous,
    I was going to go off on you about you lack of intelligence and your overabundance of class, but then I thought, no, maybe the guy’s just stupid and he was born that way, not his fault. I think it’s very telling that you don’t use your name. I’m sure it’s because you’re actually ashamed of this extremely intolerant opinion that you’ve expressed here.
    I’m sorry, buddy, but you are the ignorant fellator. Just the fact that you listen to Glenn Beck and believe anything he says proves to me thatyou have no concept of the world as it is. You’re probably a christian.

  91. @soddingwanker: I’d call the fallacy Begging the Question, or perhaps No True Scotsman. His argument appears to be: To be truly poor means to not have certain consumer goods that the most of the “poor” in America have. Therefore, the poor in America aren’t truly poor. The problem with his argument is that he’s depending on a self-contained definition of poverty, hence begging the question.

    I also considered suggestion it’s a False Dilemma, since he appears to be arguing that people are either truly poor or they’re not poor at all, which of course is an absurdity. Certainly, there are very few people in the United States who are living in the type of squalor common in much of the rest of the world: This should be a point of *pride* for Beck, not a source of criticism. Hey, look at the U.S., we’re so rich that even much of our poor can have consumer goods that would make them rich anywhere else!

    I do think it’s a fair point that we should keep in mind the old saying, “I was sad because I had no shoes until I met a man that had no feet.” The poor in the US really do have it generally better off than the poor elsewhere… but that doesn’t mean they’re not suffering.

  92. Mr. Beck and his ilk will only be happy when the 97% of working Americans (or NOT working Americans!) are as poor and ignorant as those in ANY third world country.
    If something doesn’t change… If we don’t find a PEACEFUL way to change, that’s exactly where we’re going to end up… IN A THIRD WORLD COUNTRY… The United States of America!!!

    John Cheney 88

  93. I notice that you chose not to put your name up here when referring to the poor you ignorant cock sucker.

  94. You cannot consider youself a victim if you enter a contract under your own free will. Stupid maybe, but not a victim.

  95. I believe everyone missed the point Beck was making. Instead of saving for a rainy day, people spent all the money they had and even bought crap that they do not need on credit and now the bills are coming due. A little frugality won’t hurt you.

  96. Glenn is making the gross assumption that the goods the poor have – their appliances and furniture and so forth – were either bought by the poor people who own them, or newly bought by them while they were “poor”. This is a fallacy of logic. Having been uncomfortably poor myself, I speak from actual experience, not idealogy or assumptions. I had 3 children, newly divorced and barely scraping by with about $200 a month – 9 years ago. We had a microwave, a dishwasher, washer/dryer, a TV, computer, VCR/DVD player … and not one of those items had been purchased by me, but given to me by generous and caring family members. Did these items help ease my anxiety about putting food on the table, or making sure that the bills were paid and the car had gas and children got their shots and check-ups? Not at all. You can’t eat a TV, or a dishwasher. Glenn is also assuming that these people were born poor, have always been poor and refuse to work. What about the folks who were in good, well-paying jobs, who purchased their appliances and big screen TVs and vehicles while they were employed and have found themselves suddenly laid-off? Been there – and no microwave or laptop computer makes the situation any less terrifying and difficult. As I said, you can’t pay your bills or feed your children appliances and electronics. Are these luxuries? You bet! And I was grateful, all the while that I was struggling to make ends meet, that I did not have to hand wash four sets of clothes every day, and that we did have videos that the kids could watch on our TV (I have never had cable my entire adult life – can’t justify the expense), but it did not diminish my struggles. As it is, we had to rely on food stamps and Medicaid for a number of years and it was humiliating and the moment I was earning enough money to make ends meet on my own, I took us off the rolls – they did not kick us off. I put myself through college, I am raising my children to be independent and self-reliant and to work hard and to save for purchases. Are there people taking advantage of the system? Yes, I’m sure there are. Is that any reason to pull the rug out from underneath everyone else? No. There are people in real need, regardless of the appliances and electronics they may possess, if their incomes do not cover their bills, they are poor. Period. But, I couldn’t possibly expect someone who makes millions of dollars a year living in a fantasy world of his own design to understand the harsh reality of those who are not so fortunate as he is. Is it too much to ask for someone who is very well off to have empathy and compassion on those who are not so well off? Especially during the coldest and darkest months of the year? You know, in the Christian and Mormon faith they speak of charity, which is not just being generous with donations, but having charity of spirit.

  97. Glenn Beck is a callous, cold-hearted poor-basher–just like Limbaugh, Gingrich, and other members of the hard richt. Beck thinks that he will achieve heaven because of all his money, as if money equals hard work. What about the people who work hard but have little money?

  98. Phyllis, that was perfectly said. Especially the part about charity.

    What has happened in the United States over the last 30 years has been nothing more than a cash grab. That’s it, that’s all.

    Disparity of income in the United States is now at levels unseen since before the first world war. So you see, the right is not trying to move us back to the 1920s, they have succeeded in erasing the 20th century. So does that mean we have to go through countless revolutions and 2 world wars just to come out the other side??

  99. People just want a job. You got to have things in place that will get people a job that is full time and can reduce the number of adults that work in fast food in which it can also give unemployed teens jobs in fast food. Also other jobs that teens and adults can work together should be reduced for adults upon these full time jobs come into existence. Nope I’m not talking about working in a bar.

  100. My wife works for Health & Human Services. We know from first hand experience what is walking into those offices daily. And it’s NOT folks who are down on their luck asking for a hand up. The vast majority come in with their heads held high and demand handouts. Take whatever ideological position you wish but understand this: We KNOW the truth and have seen it with our own eyes. Something MUST be done to bring this whole entitlement mentality to a screeching halt…and it better be done soon or we will ALL be poor. And that’s the cold hard reality of the situation. Take or leave it, love it or hate it, believe it or don’t believe it. But it IS the truth.

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