How The Mainstream Media Has Tebowed America On SOPA

tebowing Not only has the mainstream media ignored the SOPA legislation that they support, but new study revealed that Tim Tebow has gotten over twenty times more news coverage than SOPA.

Not only has the mainstream media ignored the SOPA legislation that they support, but new study revealed that Tim Tebow has gotten over twenty times more news coverage than SOPA.

A Media Matters review of all the mainstream media newscasts since SOPA was introduced on October 26, 2011-January 12, 2012 found that SOPA has gotten exactly two segments on US television news. The list of stories that the corporate mainstream media determined to be more important than SOPA is a shining example of how news for profit has dumbed down America.

The British royal family received 47 segments on U.S. television news. Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow was featured in 41 NEWS segments. Casey Anthony got 14 segments for releasing a YouTube video, and Alec Baldwin got 13 segments for getting kicked off an airplane for playing a video game on his phone. Even Kim Kardashian’s divorce got more times the amount of coverage that SOPA did.

Every single corporate media cable news network and broadcast network in the United States has signed on as a supporter of SOPA, so it isn’t a surprise that they would ignore the story. One of the trends in the corporate mainstream media is that if they feel threatened by a story like Occupy Wall Street or the Wisconsin protests they simply deem it non news and ignore it.

The fact that Tim Tebow was given twenty times more news segments than a piece of legislation that would destroy the free marketplace of ideas that is the Internet speaks volumes about our media culture. The fact that the American people are not clamoring for more coverage of real news issues demonstrates how infotainment has been used as a successful sedative to keep the American people comatose and uninformed.

All of the “news” coverage in the mainstream media is more Entertainment Tonight than Walter Cronkite. The corporate media has decided that the American people don’t have interest in knowing what is really going on around them, so they continue to feed us mindless fluff like the British royal family and Tim Tebow.

SOPA is aptly named because this legislation is all about cleaning all freedom and independent discussion off the Internet. The corporate media is dreaming of the day when the Internet looks just like the cable news networks. Their lust for SOPA has nothing to do with the protection of intellectual property. It is all about killing the independence of the Internet, so that they can control it.

Even though the Obama administration has now publicly voiced their opposition to SOPA and PIPA, those who value Internet freedom must remain vigilant. Even if SOPA is defeated, the mainstream media will not give up until the Internet is under their control.

Corporate America is trying to Tebowize (sanitize and corporatize) the Internet, which is why SOPA must be stopped.

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  1. Absolutely right, this is exactly how the major corps decide what we see watch and hear. Even corps who claim partiality (yeah find on that’s real these days).

    OWS has so many things we can occupy. A physical presence isn’t necessary. The media, radar cameras on your streets, cell phones being charged double for calls, the list is absolutely endless.

    We can foment change

  2. OOOH KAYYYYY. I think I get the “Tebow” reference now. You’re talking about a football player, right?

    I’m glad to begin to understand the reference. I guess “Tebowed” means someone getting the center of attention, even though they’re really REALLY minor news, is that correct?

    (We don’t give a hoot about most sports and when we had TV, we would change the channel whenever sports came on.)

    Anyway… With the research showing the media is biased (very racist for one thing) and ideologically conservative, it doesn’t surprise me at all that they would try to smother SOPA. I’ve been trying to get the 10 questions put forth by Americans United and the Interfaith Alliance before the public (via a letter to the editor), and it’s been weeks since I sent the letter. I made sure that I kept to the rules (300 word limit), but the papers have refused to publish other letters that exposed the dominionists (and the conservatives) for what they are.

    I now often laugh, or sometimes grimace in disgust when I hear someone complain about the “Liberal Media”. They are so obviously brainwashed.

  3. Apparently, Obama gets his news from the Internet, like most of the rest of us. And frankly, I’m sick to death of hearing about Tebow–maybe now that the Broncos lost, we can get a reprieve from hearing the name!

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