2012 Survival Guide: Republican Spam Email About President Obama Debunked

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  1. “If any other of our presidents had been so Spanish illiterate
    as to refer to “Cinco de Cuatro” in front of the Mexican ambassador when it was the 5th of May (Cinco de Mayo), and continued to flub it when he tried again…”

    Really? This from the republicans who think everything should be in English anyway. If he’d spoken perfect Spanish, they would have cried foul for giving into ‘illegals’.

  2. Have we noticed that “Wake up America” has replaced the old standby “Ere, smoke this” from the 70’s?

    America doesn’t need a wake up, and get rid of about 90% of the people in the government.

    somebody puts a lot of thought into these e-mails and many times blames Obama for the Bush errors. The dreaded 57 states is so exquisitely damning. It’s as if I have nothing else to say so I’m going to bring up 57 states. You occasionally see this ridiculous stuff used around in places like Digg, Yahoo and on twitter. And the people actually believe it use it.

    It’s pretty pathetic stuff. But it was a darn good article Sarah, well torn apart

  3. There is a difference between prejudice and bigotry. If you’re prejudiced, you think those you disfavor are more likely to be guilty of bad acts than those you favor. If you’re a bigot, you’re so incensed when they’re not that you feel they deserve to have it made up about them.

  4. The well-crafted lies are all because the republican party and their cult following are feeling very, very threatened. As a matter of fact, their entire party’s self-esteem is threatened! The reason they don’t “CARE” is because their self-esteem is in the toilet!

    Very, very under-developed people who are not taught or learn to ‘care’ act exactly the same; but this is a mass movement full of them…wow, how do they look at themselves in the mirror? Add on the hate, anger, the lack of self-control of things that come out of, as well as into, their mouth and you have nothing but un-humans… Therefore, it’s easy not to care, it’s easy to lie, it’s easy to hate, etc. when you have no self-esteem and don’t care about yourself. (sorry for the pop-psych lecture but, this is what it boils down to…)

    They are trying not so much to impress or sway voters/other people but, are attempting to maintain a world-view of themselves that is consistent with the way they want others to be…and who wants to be a looser with such low-self esteem that lying, cheating, hating and not caring that you DO lie becomes your window on the world?

    As Bonnie Raitt once sang “Bad mistake, crying shame, get caught playing a damn fool’s game”…

  5. what is truly pathetic is making excues for a guy you insist is “brilliant” in this his fourth year. what other president black or white or whatever could have a bunch of asinine lemmings making excuses for him? who would accept such excuses iin the guy’s 4th year?

  6. Yawn. No need to make excuses for him, if you were allowed to look at the facts you would see he is being quite successful despite having to deal with people like you in the congress

    I do note though your use of “Leftard”. Were you allowed to use that or told to use it?

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