The GOP Complains That Obama Has Succeeded Despite Their Obstruction

State of the Union speeches can be inspiring when the President lays out a specific agenda for the coming year and gives an honest appraisal of the nation’s progress during the previous year. President Obama delivered an inspiring speech that highlighted creating a level economic playing field for all Americans and reiterating how far the country has progressed since he took office, but as usual, Republicans railed against Obama’s speech.  It was interesting to listen to the Republican official response to see if they conjured up some new approach to governing, but first one had to come to grips with which country Indiana governor Mitch Daniels was pontificating about.

At first, listening to Daniels brought two questions to mind. Either he lived in a cave off the grid for the past three years, or he is developmentally disabled; a grown man with the intellect of a 3-year-old child, and why was this poor creature dressed in a suit giving a televised speech to a national audience.  After reality set in that Governor Daniels is not mentally challenged and knew things a hermit would not, it was apparent his speech was another set of GOP lies about the President.  Daniels’ response was suspiciously similar to the Heritage Foundation, CATO Institute, Americans for Enterprise, and Koch Industries’ mission statements on economic policy and fixes to help the 1% maintain their grip on the country.

The contrast between Obama’s speech and the Republican response was that the President cited empirical data of his accomplishments and laid out specifics for moving the country forward, and Daniels made generalized accusations based on lies and misinformation. Governor Daniels provided a wealth of lies in his response, but a few stand out that are easily debunked; for those with a strong constitution, the text of Daniels’ response is worth a read.

Daniels took John Boehner’s cue and lied about the number of jobs the proposed Canadian pipeline will create. He said  “the extremism that cancels a perfectly safe pipeline that would employ tens of thousands” is a pro-poverty agenda;” the pipeline’s builders, TransCanada, claim it will employ hundreds. Daniels also claimed the President failed to create jobs with “all those stimulus dollars the President borrowed and blew.” President Obama blew the stimulus dollars saving America’s automobile industry and creating millions of jobs at home, and he proposed creating more by eliminating tax breaks for corporations that outsource jobs and rewarding manufacturers with incentives for relocating back to America. The President’s specific proposal to create jobs is identical to the one Republicans blocked last year to protect corporate un-taxable foreign income.

Daniels proposed strengthening Social Security, but Republican’s propose shifting a wildly successful government retirement system to a private 401(k) system to enrich Wall Street. The simplest fix to maintain Social Security’s solvency for a thousand years is eliminating the cap that allows wealthy Americans to avoid contributing the same percentage as those earning less than $102,600. That means Willard Romney pays the same.062% on his $22-plus million income as a minimum wage janitor, and if every rich Republican paid the same percentage as working Americans, the controversy over extending the payroll tax-cut would vanish.

The prescient question is; why does every Republican resort to generalized lies about this President’s accomplishments? One might answer; to protect the wealthy, Wall Street, the oil industry, the corporate world, and because Mr. Obama’s is African America and those are all correct. However, the simple answer is Republicans are irked that despite their obstruction and fallacious rhetoric, President Obama succeeded saving the economy Republicans crashed with deregulation and unfunded, out-of-control spending during Bush’s presidency. The underlying tone of Daniels’ response was that President Obama failed to right the economy after  Bush-Republican’s economic malfeasance, and achieve full employment in the process. Of course, the President made no such promise, but Republicans are framing the 2012 election on that premise because they have nothing else.

The Republican response started in January 2009 and Daniels’ speech was a checklist of every uber-conservative think tank and pundit’s complaints about the President. Daniels even used the Koch Industries-inspired tea party meme that Obama is a tyrant who is stifling free enterprise and robbing Americans of their individual liberties. Daniels provided nothing specific, but his coded message to ignorant tea party Republicans was that, “In word and deed, the President and his allies tell us that we just cannot handle ourselves in this complex, perilous world without their benevolent protection.  Left to ourselves, we might pick the wrong health insurance, the wrong mortgage, the wrong school for our kids; why, unless they stop us, we might pick the wrong light bulb!”

Daniels provided Americans with nothing they haven’t heard for three years and the people are weary of Republican lies and misinformation about this president.  Americans are fully aware that General Motors and Chrysler repaid their government loans and are back in business stronger and leaner, and that the private sector is hiring again because the economic stimulus created millions of jobs. The economy is growing slowly, but it is growing in spite of Republican attempts to sabotage it to portray the President as ineffective.

Republicans cannot run against President Obama on his achievements because they lose that battle every time, and with more Americans approving his proposals in the State of the Union address, they cannot run against his plans for America’s future either. Their only legitimate complaint against President Obama is that he succeeded in spite of their obstruction and it will be their undoing.


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  1. In days gone by, I was a mechanical designer. (Jobs shipped overseas you know ). If a designer or inventor makes a mistake, they try something else, and keep trying until the outcome is successful. Same thing with a football team. If a star halfback tries to run over center and gets tackled for a loss every time, It’s time to try something else. Finally, people are starting to catch on to the Republican lies. The same old game plan that increases the deficit, hurts the middle class and the poor while protecting the wealthy, and all the time blaming the Democrats. I hear the same old thing, time and time again. Republican after Republican recites the same old garbage. They can’t come up with anything new so just stay on the same tired rhetoric.

  2. You hit the nail on the head!
    I’ve been waiting for years to hear a single new concept, new idea from the GOP.
    Nothing but the same old tired blah blah blah that’s supposed to be a dogwhistle to ‘real Americans’ to hate the Democrats.
    With Obama, they did provide a new nuance: a naked hatred and such vitriolic rhetoric that they will be remembered for nothing else, ever.

  3. What really ticked them off is that during the lies of Daniels speech, word was getting out about the sucessful Seals mission. And has Fox even mentioned it? Has Rush? Obama is actually a wildly successful President. Sorry, GOP. You have been handed the reins time after time, and the only time the country thrives is when Democrats are in control. We never sold our souls to the Devil.

  4. Ed Schultz of MSNBC featured Mitch Daniels’ speech in his Psycho Talk segment. As far as I’m concerned, that’s exactly where it belongs. That “speech,” if we can call it one, consisted of the typical and entirely predictable lies and negativity that the GOP is now well-known for. There was nothing original or true in Daniels’ words, only the same drumbeat of falsehoods that are easily refuted by even the most casual perusal of the president’s accomplishments.

  5. For the sake of accuracy, the CBS poll was in regards to Obama’s 2011 SOTU address. I’ve seen this mistake on several sites.

  6. Arizona saw a new low in the Republican response to Obama when he visited here yesterday: Governor Jan Brewer angrily shaking her finger in his face at the airport. I think and hope that such displays of vitriol and hatred will be the Republicans’ undoing, but I don’t have a lot of hope for this state. (See “Arizona At 100: Ditch the Celebration at There are many activists here, however, especially in response to Gabby Giffords. I hope their persistence pulls off a miracle, delivers Arizona to Obama, and further confounds the conservative element.

  7. Any see GrannyCracker Ann Brewer get up into the POTUS’s face?!! She may have gotten some brownie points from the knuckle dragging dogwhistle crowd, but she better hope that she doesn’t wake up one day and find that dainty digit missing from her stupid hand and hanging on a charm bracelet in Malia’s and Shasha’s hope chest. Stupid b!tch.

  8. somewhere somehow, the GOP and John Boehner has to come up with new stuff. Gone are the complaints about regulations, gone are the complaints about jobs, Gone is almost every complaint they can never have. the only thing Obama didn’t cover is the new permanent moon base that belongs to America on the moon. And Newt Gingrich is isolationism doesn’t really cover it because it doesn’t matter if a moon base belongs to America or its international. But I digress

    Obama covered everything in his speech up to and including Solyndra in which he admitted things fail. The only thing left for the Republicans is the right to complain that we no longer will subsidize corporations moving work out of the US and taxing the rich. And I defy those morons to run on those points.

  9. This election will determine the next 500 years in our country. With a progressive agenda and fair and honest leadership, we will have a chance, abiet a slim one. There will be failings and set backs but in the end there will be 3 steps forward for every one step backwards. If the GOP ever assume power we are assured that we as a nation will implode. The stratification will be such that it will result into something akin to civil war. Some may want it or desire it. But in the end that will only guarantee that the EU, China, and the Russian republics will stand aside and watch us tear ourselves apart, then swoop in to grab whatever meager resources we have from our charred remains. Something to think about, eh?

  10. I could not agree more. There are actually folks who support the divisiveness and stratification the GOP advocates. Apparently, they must not think they would be adversely affected as well. It’s utterly sickening that they are trying to take this country backward under the guise of “patriotism.”

  11. It was insane in the first place to have Bush’s former budget man who was there when Clinton left office with the US having a large surplus to Bush leaving office with a major deficit! Why would he be giving a response to the President? He looked like a ghost giving out all this fear mongering and lies about the President. The GOP has poisoned the airways. It’s really painful and sickening day in and day out. Are there really that many boring, misinformed, Americans out there with memory loss of how we got into the economic situation that President Obama is trying to dig us out of? People check the facts. Pay attention. The obstruction by the House Republicans and Senate Republicans has created a nightmare for this country. We must get those people out of office. If they want less government, then tell them to give up their government jobs and benefits.

  12. One correction: Mitt Romney’s $22 million in earnings consisted mostly of investment income which is not subject to social security tax at all. This is true for most of the extremely wealthy; therefore, you can’t make the generalization that you did regarding raising the cap on FICA.

  13. All of those GOP with the sour faces in the SOTU speech can’t believe that they have not destroyed this man yet.
    President Obama is a strong leader and he has no intention of giving up regardless of their racism, lies or corruption. He believes in America and he’s going to give it his all. And for all of you closet racists and unknowing racists, hopefully one day you’ll realize the greatness of our President and add your vote to a man with integrity, true family values and a passion for the hardworking people who give their service to America!
    And for those who are struggling or who have already lost because of the recession,….KEEP THE FAITH! It’s time for a transformation1

  14. This is another area where the tax code needs to be corrected. The janitor who earns $24,000 annually is required to pay FICA on his income and Romney or any wealthy American should do the same. It is, after all, investment INCOME and the wealthy spend their income the same as the rest of us. They are quick to claim they “earned” their investment “income,” so they should contribute the same as any American regardless of where it originates. It is a good point; thank you. :)

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