Tea Party Mantra; Save the Embryo, Forget About the Children

In the wake of Rmuse's story about heartless Republican cuts in the House a closer look at what young 'life' really represents to Republicans

The Abject Failure of Republican Economic Policy Is Driving Millions Into Poverty

As economic stewards, Republicans have shown themselves to be abject failures on every front whether it is driving millions of Americans into poverty or creating hardship for businesses.

House Republicans Are Planning to Eliminate Food Assistance for 13 Million Americans

House Republicans have a ten year plan to eliminate food assistance for 13 million more hungry working Americans and seniors in their version of common sense cuts.

Republicans Shred the Constitution By Passing Unconstitutional Nullification Laws

Republicans are taking steps to shred the Constitution they claim to love and declare they were laws unto themselves by way of nullification.

Cops Arrest Teen For ‘Terror Threat,’ But Ted Nugent Threatens Obama and Goes Free

Finally law enforcement has acted and arrested an American citizen who faces felony charges for making terrorist threats, but the suspect is a wannabe teenage rapper, not Ted Nugent.

You’ll Find Koch Dollars At the Root Of the Calls for Armed Revolution Against Obama

The idea of using violent force to prevent a democratically elected government from operating began when the Koch brothers' funded tea partiers brought signs to rallies.

Austerity Isn’t Working So Republicans Call for More Economic Failure

Republicans however, being true conservatives, are pushing for more austerity in spite of the devastation it is causing in both the U.S. and Europe.

Ted Nugent Was Too Cowardly to Serve But He Blames Obama For Veterans’ Suicides

A coward leveled blame on President Obama for the plight of Veterans who survived the perils of war only to give up and end their own lives at home.

Democrats Make Ted Cruz Look Like a Fool by Reviving Gun Control Bill

Ted Cruz (R-TX) to boasted to a tea party gathering in Texas that he was a major force in killing the compromise gun safety measure in the Senate, but Cruz's funereal celebration may be premature.

Republican Refusal to Fix the Sequester Has Created a Death Panel For the Poor

Republicans have assumed the power of life and death over Americans in need of basic sustenance, shelter, and healthcare.

While Stealing Women’s Rights Republicans Pledge Allegiance to Evangelical Christians

Republicans typically oppose women's equality as a matter of course, their non-stop attacks on Planned Parenthood are based on their allegiance to evangelical Christians.

Republicans Who Criticize Obama Were Silent When Bush Tried Terror Suspects In Civilian Court

During the Bush administration's crusade against suspected terrorists who were tried in civilian court and not as "enemy combatants," Republicans were silent until Barack Obama became president.

Fox News Preys on Poor Kids and Demands They Be Forced To Work For Their Food

Fox News has opened a new front in the war on America's poor children that reveals no-one is safe from the GOP unless they are rich.

Republicans Claim That Immigration Reform Will Invite Terrorist Attacks

Some Republicans have conflated the identities of Muslims and Hispanics because they share similar skin color and to make their case that immigration reform is tantamount to inviting terror attacks.

Conservative Calls For Obama’s Impeachment Are A Cover for Their Sore Loser Racism

The list of charges conservatives have leveled at the President that they claim are irrefutable impeachable offenses that demonstrate their complaints are a cover for racism and anger over losing.

War Criminal George W. Bush Should Be Given An Indictment Not a Library

The concept of giving kind regards to a convicted war criminal whose only relationship to a library should be a weekly visit to a federal prison library reveals that many Americans have short memories

The SEC Is In A Position to Deal a Major Blow to Citizens United

In what could be a major blow to the Citizens United decision, it appears it well may be the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) that deals a body blow to secretive campaign donations

The Republican Championed Simpson-Bowles Budget Plan Is Based on Flawed Data

Simpson-Bowles learned their austerity policy is based on flawed data, but they are still using the erroneous information to argue for austerity.

According to the NRA There are No Americans Who Should Be Restricted From Owning Guns

Recent events revealed that according to the NRA, there are no Americans who should be restricted from owning guns and no reason for any American to destroy the guns they have.

Texas Fertilizer Plant Owners Hid Info That Could Have Prevented The Explosion

The West, TX fertilizer plant's owners deliberately concealed information from the Department of Homeland Security that may have prevented the accident as well as a future terror attack.