Ted Nugent Was Too Cowardly to Serve But He Blames Obama For Veterans’ Suicides


When a person holds another person responsible for actions that are socially or morally irresponsible, and makes negative statements about the person that have no basis in fact, their blame is nothing more than sheer vitriol with the intent to incite opposition against the blameless party. Republicans have spent over four years blaming President Obama for their policies and agendas that have kept the nation from fully recovering the damage inherent with conservatives running the government. The effects and harm the Iraq War has caused this nation will plague Americans for generations, and none have suffered as much as America’s fighting forces and especially returning Veterans who served their country with distinction only to return home where jobs are scarce and living with the knowledge their sacrifice was predicated on a vicious lie. On Tuesday, a coward leveled blame on President Obama for the plight of Veterans who survived the perils of war only to give up and end their own lives at home, and as usually is the case with Ted Nugent, his reason for blaming the President is as pathetic and insane as the washed up rocker and NRA gun fanatic.

There is an epidemic of suicide ravaging Veterans and some actively serving soldiers, and Nugent blamed the frightening statistics on the soldiers’ frustration with the President for “violating the Constitution,” and because he is “violating the oath that they’re dying for” because according to Nugent, “the President is a groomed America hater.” Nugent did not stop there, he said with utmost certainty that “warrior heroes are killing themselves because they are in absolute frustration and heartbreak that their boss, their Commander-In-Chief violates the Constitution while their hero warrior blood brothers are being blown to smithereens and blown up while executing their oath to the same Constitution the president, the vice president, and the attorney general violate.” Nugent did not cite any examples of how the President or anyone in his Administration is violating the Constitution or their oath to defend it, but he is certain President Obama is a Nazi who is actively attempting to destroy the United States. His baseless vitriol aside, Nugent is the last American to claim to know what soldiers and returning Veterans experience during active duty, or what their mindset is when they return home.

Nugent has never had to experience actively hunting and killing another human being, or having absolute strangers attempt to kill him on orders from politicians because when he was called to serve his country, he urinated and defecated in his pants for a week to avoid serving the nation he claims to love.  The Veterans and soldiers ending their own lives have to live with the knowledge they were sent to kill, and be killed, over a lie and greed for oil, and when they return home Republicans that claim to support the troops cannot be bothered to help them find employment or protect their homes from being absconded by predatory banks Republicans protect as if they are their children. Republicans have also submitted budget after budget that cuts Veterans benefits, and opposed President Obama’s efforts to help them find employment when their service is over because they claim America is broke and cannot afford to help, as Nugent calls them, its “warrior heroes” because they have to impose “common sense” budget cuts.

It is likely Nugent considers gun safety measures an attack on the Constitution, and although he began railing on the President long before gun safety took center stage, he has used the national debate as motivation to ramp up his “anti-Obama” outrage as NRA spokesman and avowed gun fanatic. Nugent typifies many gun fanatics who have never served their country, and yet because they own assault weapons they assume they know what it means to be a “warrior hero” to incite violence against the government at the mere utterance of regulating firearms. If Nugent knows the Constitution he claims the President is violating, then he also knows the 2nd amendment contains the inconvenient phrase “well-regulated” that the Founding Fathers devised, not President Obama. He also knows it is his party, Republicans, who have thrown Veterans under the bus and rabidly opposed the President’s proposal to provide $1 billion over five years to help veterans find work in their communities that would employ at least 20,000 Veterans. The legislation failed because the minority Republicans blocked passage that drove the founder of Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America, Paul Rieckhoff, to say, “Once again, this Congress let partisan bickering stand in the way of putting thousands of America’s heroes back to work.”

Between being sent, over and over again, into a war based on lies, returning to find no jobs, and living with knowledge they killed other human beings on orders from a Republican president, makes the idea that Veterans and soldiers are killing themselves because President Obama is violating the Constitution the soldiers swore an oath to defend about as pathetic and vile an attack any American could level at this President or Veterans; especially a coward like Nugent. President Obama has been a strong advocate for the military and particularly Veterans, but men like Nugent would never know it because they are fixated on conspiracy theories, guns, and the President’s race; not the plight of soldiers and Veterans.

Nugent epitomizes what is wrong with America and represents a segment of the population, and the Republican Party, that will prevent the nation from progressing beyond the devastation of two senseless wars or the other epidemic plaguing the nation; violent gun deaths. Maybe if Nugent had served his country when he was called, he would have a better grasp on what it means to be a soldier, or a Veteran, but he didn’t because he was a coward then and he is a worthless coward now. Leveling false charges at the military’s commander in chief, and presuming to know what Veterans facing unemployment and a lifetime of war memories experience because he owns guns does not make Nugent a hero or even relevant; just another lunatic gun fanatic, pathetic false patriot, and America-hating coward.



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