The POTUS Surge Grows: Obama Leads Romney By 8 In Michigan

Mitt Romney is in jeopardy of losing to President Obama in the very state he was born in. A new EPIC-MRA poll finds that Obama leads Romney 48%-40% in Michigan.

The latest EPIC-MRA poll found that President Obama has gained 13 points in the state over the past two months. In November, Romney led Obama, 46%-41%, but today those numbers have reversed and the president now has a 48%-40% lead. The same dynamic that is powering Obama’s resurgence nationally is also at work in Michigan.

As more Michiganders believe the economy is improving, their support is moving towards Obama. Those who believe that the economy is improving now support Obama, 52%-40%. Just as we have seen in other polls, Mitt Romney’s support among Independents has collapsed. In November, Romney led with Independents, 41%-34. This number has completely reversed itself, as President Obama now leads 42%-32%.

The downward trend of sagging approval ratings and Independent support that has occurred nationally for Mitt Romney is beginning to show up in state level polls. The economy is getting better. Because the economy is improving, more Americans are starting to feel optimistic about the future, and they are viewing President Obama in a more positive light. It has always helped Obama that voters still personally like him, but the perception of a better economy is propelling his reelection campaign forward. It appears that if voters are given some reason to be optimistic, they might be more than willing to give this president a second term.

Newt Gingrich’s attacks may have hurt Romney, but his free fall is more about how he has managed to constantly shoot himself in the foot on the issues of Bain, his wealth, and taxes. Romney may be able to convince Republicans to vote against Obama, but it is looking doubtful that he can convince anyone to vote FOR him.

If Mitt Romney can’t win the state that he was born, then he really is unelectable. The whole crux of Romney’s electability argument was that he could win Michigan, and win nationally with Independents. Both of these points are turning into dust.

President Obama is gaining momentum while Mitt Romney is falling apart. A lot can change between now and November, but it is becoming impossible to overlook the American electorate’s noticeable shift in mood towards reelecting Barack Obama.

20 Replies to “The POTUS Surge Grows: Obama Leads Romney By 8 In Michigan”

  1. This is news I like to hear…I hope this trend continues 9 months from now…this is all so premature.

    I am bored to death with the GOP, is it their intent to BORE us to DEATH???

  2. Romney is a pathological LIAR ! Gingrich is just plain CRAZY. President Obama in a landslide 2012.

  3. We will vote for MITT ROMNEY any day. This gentleman-great family man has done a good job of turning dying businesses to profitablity. I like a president who is wealthy. A wealthy president will not steal from “we the people”. He has enough money, no need to steal.
    He has done an excellent job in turning the Olympics around which would have been cancelled due to rampant corruption, scandals, budget overrun (Sounds familiar?). He is the only one who could beat Obama.
    He has 25 years in running a business. What is Obama’s experience.? A community organizer, VS a successful CEO?
    Why are you nit-picking on Romney. He is the person we need at the white house to turn this economy around.

  4. Well your only problem is getting him to be consistent from day to day. Is the sky blue? yes/no. You also must like a president who is more wishy washy than McCain was

  5. If by running businesses you mean bankrupting them, you are on a roll. Don’t call us when president Romney forces your boss out of business so he can make a profit.

    But to go with your theme, rich people rock just because!

  6. Constantly changing his positions on issues….would have been a good Bull Moose Republican if he stop changing.

  7. Hello!?!
    A man who put his dog on the top of his car? He claimed Seamus was a member of his family?
    Ummm, Nope.
    He is a cold heartless, repub like the rest. Epic FAIL!

  8. Alice
    Hello! he is not a family man. he put his dog on top of his car and the poor dog suffered!
    When it shat all over he took it to a “Car wash”!!!!
    This man is clueles to human life and pets!
    Fuck you. My dog is one of my kids, and my kids know it.

  9. Obams’s support in Michigan is for good reason–he made a major impact on their economy by bailing out the auto industry. That’s Michigan’s lifeblood. The country as a whole continues to make economic gains, but no thanks to Republicans who fought tooth and nail against throwing America’s workers any kind of lifeline.

  10. Oh you mean, like the song in “Littl’ Abner”…

    “What’s good for General Bullmoose is good for the U.S.of A!!” (remember, stand at attention and click your heels on the letter “A”).

    I still think Calista would make a much better first lady, don’t you? She’s got that Appassionata Van Clymax “What’s in it fa’ me?” look as if she files her nails as she sits on the edge of in Newt’s desk…

    This whole GOP field is really starting to look like a perverted version of “Littl’ Abner” to me…when are the
    GOP moderates going to start singing “Put’m back, the way they wuz, oh, put’m back the way they wuz…”

    Is it too early to start a drinking game?

  11. Romney said to let the Auto industry fail, he was adamantly opposed to helping them and he repeatedly bashed the President for bailing them out. Now he’s trying to rationalize it & say the Pres. did nothing more for the industry than what he, himself had recommended, as if the Pres. took HIS advice.

    He’s also the one who wants to let all the mortgages go into foreclosure so that investors can pick them up, on the cheap. Saying he’s a vulture is an insult to vultures who actually serve a useful purpose.

  12. Why are you nit-picking on Romney.(sic) Because it is my civic duty to be an informed voter: it is called vetting. Why aren’t you, alice?

    Obama’s experience, you ask?

    “Osama bin Laden is dead and General Motors is alive”

  13. How very sad you are so deluded. First, my cousin worked for the US Olympic committee – Romney was a fgurehead, no more. Bain Capital created almost NO jobs outside of Staples, and that was decades ago. The point of the firm was to make money for investors and did it often at the expense of jobs. It would behoove you to read more about his work and how very little he contributed to the general welfare and how often he did actual harm.

    I have no doubt he’s a good father and husband, a nice guy overall (though perhaps not to dogs). That’s not enough. Lots of personally charming people are absolutely wrong for positions of authority, and Romney understands ONLY capitalism, not government as his track record in MA proves. He made many decisions that were totally unwise for our government that is NOT supposed to make a handful of people wealthy but to serve all the people all of the time. He did not do that.

    And remember that being a community organizer means you helped people. That was what Jesus did. And threw the money lenders such as Bain types OUT of the temple.

    Being with people in their time of need is a fantastic preparation for caring about all of us instead of just the 1% that Romney serves. I am glad we have a president who grew up with ordinary folks, farm people on his mom’s side, and worked with people who suffered the loss of their freedom at the hands of finance capital and its short term goals. Compassion and real understanding of the human consequences of unfettered financialism serve this president well as he serves us well in bringing America back to democracy and not plutocracy. That’s good for all of us.

  14. Alert! President Obama is no longer a Community Organizer even though he was quite good at it. He is President of the US and has brought an entire country back from the brink. He’s far more than a CEO. President Obama as President of the Harvard Law Review could have chosen to go the Corporate extreme wealthy route but he cpnsciously chose to be a community organizer instead. So he has always been about the people. And he continues to be about the people. So instead of taking businesses and sending jobs overseas and keeping millions of profits in offshore accounts, he took on the auto industry his first year and it turned out to be a great investment for America. Willard Mitt Romney has been about himself, not America. He has not invested in America. I remember when he ran for President against McCain in 2008, he literally used approximately 50 million dollars for his own campaign and he still lost. He would have gotten more mileage out of that money by investing in America, right there in his homeland of Michigan and maybe now he would not be so disliked. Willard Romney is not genuine or authentic. He’s the 1% and and is arrogantly proud of it. He can’t relate to middle America on any level. He said let the houses go into foreclosure. What a waste. It doesn’t benefit the homeowner, the neighborhood, the community or the nation for these homes to be empty, abandoned and lost to the vulture banks who don’t even have legal papers on some of them. By the way, Obama is working on that too.

  15. This is a bit ridiculous on the face of it.

    Obama is not exclusively a ‘community organizer’, but a law professor, a state and US Senator, AND the president of the United States going on four years now. For pete’s sake, the GOP/rich party’s ability to look reality in the face and not recognize puts them beyond the pale.

    The economy IS turning around no thanks to the GOP, who destroyed it in the first place.

    Your post is MOST unconvincing.

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