Tea Party Leader Arrested For Kidnapping and Rape

Don’t tread on me? It is confirmed today that it was Tea Party leader Michael Kobulnicky who was arrested Thursday in San Diego for the alleged brutal kidnapping and rape of a 56 year old woman.

According to East County Magazine, Michael John Kobulnicky is accused of offering a woman a ride on February 25, but instead of taking her home, he drove to secluded island, pulled the victim out of the vehicle, sexually assaulted her, and left her in the sand. San Diego Police Lt. Andra Brown said, “He dragged her out of the car and sexually assaulted her pretty brutally.”

Kobulnicky, the public relations director for the San Diego Tea Party, is also the former regional director of the Southern California Conservative Party.

According to his Facebook Page, the divorced father of five was engaged and planning on getting married in April. He also writes, “I am one of the leaders of the San Diego Tea Party and I am the Public Relations representative and leader of our media team. I am also in charge of recruiting new members….Mr. Kobulnicky cherishes our Constitution and values the sacred freedoms we have unlike all other countries! His passion is to educate youth and adults concerning the Constitution and other topics and to motivate people to take action and protect our Constitution, country, and our American way of life.”

On his website, Kobulnicky describes himself as, “Michael is single and has five sons. He loves to read all different types of books, especially books relating to the Constitution and our Founding Fathers, among other types of interests. He is a Christian too.” Notice how he left out the part about being a kidnapper and a rapist. I guess those two little details don’t fit in with taking America back.

But then, neither does his past history (per the San Diego Superior Court) of being accused of domestic assault.

In light of the conservatives’ war on women, events such as the arrest of a self-proclaimed Christian Tea Party leader for the alleged rape and kidnapping of a woman only add to the growing perception that the Right does not support women’s rights, and may, in fact, see American “liberty” as only pertaining to white men.

While it’s certainly not fair to paint a movement with the actions of one person, this is hardly the first incidence of violence against women coming from the Right. For example, we recall the curb stomping of a petite woman’s head and neck at a Rand Paul rally and the James O’Keefe CNN boat caper. Taken together with legislation aimed at redefining rape, stripping away the few protections and resources for battered women, making miscarriage illegal, criminalizing abortion even in the case of rape, incest and when the mother’s life is at stake, removing women’s choice over their medical care, imposing a state-mandated trans vaginal probe, and much, much more, it becomes clear that the Right is not well.

These and other incidents beg the question, exactly what kind of people does this movement attract? What sort of people call themselves a Christian while they beat their wives or rape women. How much anger at women does it take to beat your wife and rape a 56 year old stranger, and how much anger and disrespect for women does it take to suggest that women should have no say in whether they get medical care to save their own life?

It could be coincidental, but it appears to be the almost inevitable and most disturbing result of the belief that women shouldn’t have certain rights over their bodies. And from this woman’s point of view, it appears that many of the Tea Party leaders are supporting and pushing legislation and opposing the Violence Against Women Act, all of which make it easier for perpetrators to get away with heinous acts of hate against women, like the charges leveled against Michael Kobulnicky of rape, kidnapping, and forcible sex with a foreign object.

Why else would they be “redefining” rape? Apparently the “American way of life” doesn’t include women’s rights and the concept of “sacred liberties” doesn’t extend to females.

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  1. This is like finding out snakes really have forked penises and the first hobos really came from Hoboken.

  2. They hate women having the freedom to make their own choices, like the choice to say no. I hope he rots in jail and has a trans penile probe to check for mental illness. Make it mandatory for all rapists. I it’s good enough for women….

  3. This is disturbing, disgusting and angering. (But I really don’t know why you are emphasizing her age- any rape is bad rape)

  4. Here’s CNN’s Tea Party contributor, Mrs. Dana Loesch, defending government-mandated rape by instrumentation of pregnant women:

    Loesch: “Wait a minute, they had no problem having similar to a trans-vaginal procedure when they engaged in the act that resulted in their pregnancy.”


    Hmmm. Since the odds are overwhelming that the 56 year old victim raped by Kobulnicky was not a virgin before her rape, was it really rape? According to the twisted logic of CNN’s Mrs. Loesch, probably not, eh?

    The stupid burns deeply throughout the Tea Party, regardless of their gender.

  5. This is the most disgusting and disturbing thing I ever heard. I’m stunned and speechless. This woman is probably someone’s wife, mother, grandmother, aunt, sister. OMG!!!!!!!

  6. I wish i could say I’m shocked and appalled by this news. But I’m not even surprised by the antics of these people anymore.
    Lets hope the police and courts have the evidence to put this creep away for good.
    For everyone’s good.

  7. ‎”The stupid burns deeply throughout the Tea Party,” – C.L. I don’t know that for sure without some statistical study to support it (but it sure seems like it, ie, Sarah Palin), but their belief system in obeying rules in some sacred book written by men more than 3000 years ago and giving it merit just because they said God said so, without any evidence before proceeding to obey them, would surely attract the Stupid and would surely validate crimes against women as their “sacred” book commands it, professes it, has it written all over it, directly and indirectly.

  8. This portrayal of a very sick Tea Party individual and poor example of the human race disgusts me. I am deeply saddened for the victim.

    It sounds like very poor judgment of public relations for the public relations director for the San Diego Tea Party.

    These Koch Brother Tea Party animals are Dastards and need run out of this country along with the reprobate Koch brothers who are no more than wealthy thugs!

  9. I hear BreitFart screaming at OWS at CPAC “Stop raping people! Stop Raping people”! He should tell his own kind.
    Oh wait…he’s dead.
    They are all so phony and sanctimonious hypocrites!
    And woman Cons, roll over and play dead, which is why I guess they think they can go out and rape people!

  10. I think you could call it the Old Testament tea party. when men were men and sheep were afraid. When women were trod on and then blamed for all of society’s ills.

    wait, that’s the 2012 tea party

  11. But wait. I thought that sexual assaults were a symptom of participating in one of those unAmerican OWS protests, whereas tea party members — and especially their leaders — were all law-abiding, patriotic Christians.

    Curse you, Glenn Beck. You lied to me again!

  12. This is disturbing and somewhat frightening. What’s next I consent to sex with my husband so if someone forces me to have sex it really isn’t rape?

  13. This IS, so far, only an accusation. Tempting as it is, let’s not rush to judgement.

    Still… I must admit that, in the wake of all the recent attacks on women’s rights by these self-proclaimed “conservatives” it is absolutely clear that “conservatives” really don’t like or respect women much, so I’m finding very difficult not to.

  14. Speaking of Breitbart, he is the one who leaked Weiner’s wiener onto the internet- and that is probably going to be the biggest equivocation the Right Wingers will make with this rape case. And that’s only of they don’t try to deflect with the President’s campaign contributors.

    This guy is more in line with George Rekers (denying gays the right to adopt while being himself closeted), David Vitter (ordering prostitutes over the phone at multiple levels of government, Vitter’s assistant Brent Furer (appointed to Women’s Liaison after his arrest for assault & unlawful imprisonment of his girlfriend), and David Rivera (also charged with domestic battery). I almost forgot the Congressman caught in a hot tub with a teenage girl, though his name escapes me at the moment.

    There’s a Wikipedia-style page that documents political sex scandals. Curiously, the Right outnumbers the Left by a disturbing margin, but that’s what happens when your political raison d’etre is “being against” & suppression of others- as opposed to a truly populist belief that supports human welfare.

  15. Conservatives believe a woman’s role is to be at home, taken at her husband’s will, giving him Conserative children. Boys to continue this tradition and girls to follow in her mother’s footsteps. Women and children are property in the Conservative Agenda.

    Fortunately, once they get some power we see their true colors. Democracy and Freedom are Liberal Ideas. We can stop them from forcing their agenda upon us all.

    Save the world: Privatize the GOP.

  16. I agree with Carlos’s statements to the insanity of organized religion.To take the vaige statements of people over 3000 years ago and want to set policy in a true democratic system is insaine.This type of reasoning is why some would follow a person who profess to be inlightened in the direction of segragation of people based on the narrow mindness and unsubstanciated statements of these man written texts.I live by only one rule,the golden rule(DO UNTO OTHERS AS YOU WOULD HAVE OTHERS DO UNTO YOU)Be a good stewart of the planet,and only use resurces with out waste and in the best interest to all.Something most Republicans can’t seem to grasp.They don’t want a president they want an Iatolla

  17. and they talk about saudi arabia anf thewomen rights at least their the punishment for rape makes ur blood shivers

  18. Most of these teabaggers couldn’t get a normal job because of criminal records. They are a gang of mish mash of losers.

  19. Well I mean, obviously they don’t want to take the option of rape off the table. If they haven’t gotten laid in awhile, how else can they get their goat? Especially if they want to ban hardcore porn. Probably because hardcore porn isn’t hardcore enough, they want rape. They don’t want to have to do the time for their mistakes either, so the answer is to make rape easier.

  20. Here’s another great slogan for you….SUPPORT THE MENTALLY CHALLENGED…..TAKE A TEA BAGGER TO LUNCH

  21. By Dana Loesch’s reasoning, if she is not a virgin, she has no complaint coming if someone grabs her off the street and rams a bottle up.

  22. “He is charged with rape, kidnapping, and forcible sex with a foreign object.” I wonder if Kobulnicky used a transvaginal probe as promoted by Vaginia Gov. Bob McDonnell? When right-wing states sanction rape of women using foreign objects, teabaggers like Kobulnicky take it to heart, especially “Christian” teabaggers.

  23. San Diego Tea Partiers claim they never heard of the guy.

    “So Cal Tax Revolt Coalition (SCTRC) is the original home and organizers of San Diego tea party events and activism, including the first local tea party on February 27th, 2009, annual Tax Day Tea Parties, and over 40 rallies, protests, petition drives, film screenings, and educational seminars.

    We are not affiliated with, nor have we worked with the newer organization titled “San Diego Tea Party.” We are not familiar with self-proclaimed “spokesperson” for that organization,”


  24. This man should be confined in a straight-jacket and force-fed through a drip tube! (Pick your orifice of choice)
    How can any man stand to be on the same planet is this ghoul?

  25. WOW! Some person who I do not evenknow sends me this link and shoves it in my face by basically saying “here’s what your friend did”. First of all, I cannot accept responsibility for the actions of my facebook friends. Seriously, should I hold you responsible for the actions of yours? Secondly, I still believe in the justice system of the United States of America that all are innocent until PROVEN guilty. I will expect that same right to be extended to you if ever needed as well. Thirdly, it truly saddens me that he is so hated simply because of his political stance. The hatred between some people and their views regarding politics is disturbing to me. It is my hope that the truth is discovered, whatever it may be, that there is justice for this victim and that we as citizens can stop hating one another and come together for the good of our country. God Bless America

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