Don’t Re-Nig Bumper Sticker Demonstrates the Depth of the Right’s Depraved Racism


Nationalistic pride is borne of beliefs that one’s country warrants devoted love, support, and in instances of peril, defense even if sacrificing one’s life is required to preserve a way of life. For many Americans, this country’s alleged exceptionalism is the impetus for nationalistic pride although it is becoming increasingly difficult to cite much about America that is exceptional. The rise of conservative and religious extremism threatens the foundations of what, at one time, made this country great, and although the resulting corporatism and theocracy are grounds for abject shame at the state of conservative politics, they can be combatted with electoral resolutions. However, there is another national shame that few like to acknowledge much less openly address.

Cancer lurks beneath the surface until it spreads throughout the body and eventually eats enough healthy cells that, without extreme medical intervention, it kills the host. America’s cancer, racial bigotry, once thought in remission, has returned with a vengeance with the election of the first African American president. Many pundits opined that racism was eradicated with President Obama’s election in 2008, but, like cancer, it remained virtually unnoticed and has returned with exceptional virulence and consequences this country cannot tolerate and survive.


During the Republican primaries, each presidential hopeful made overtly racists statements  that appeal to a large segment of the population that were directed at President Obama, but recently, two incidents inform that racial bigotry infects a large segment of the population in this country. One event resulted in the death of an African American child, and the other represents the death of decency in conservative politics.

A couple of days ago, an image of a bumper sticker went viral on the Internet that demonstrates the depth of depravity and racial bigotry rampant among right-wing malcontents who cannot countenance the thought of an African American in the White House. The bumper sticker said, “Don’t Re-Nig in 2012” and contained the circle-and-line-through-it symbol superimposed over President Obama’s campaign logo. There are several sites selling the racist bumper sticker and other items with the slogan and promotion reading; “Show the world how you feel! (but be careful, you may hurt someone’s feelings).” There are no words to describe the despicable promotion of racial hatred for the President of the United States and it is unconscionable that naked racism has become part of conservative political strategy. However, based on the stunning racist comments of Willard Romney, Rick Santorum, and Newt Gingrich, the Republicans’ bigotry is a deliberate ploy to appeal to racists who would exterminate African Americans if they were given the opportunity. In Florida two weeks ago, a white man did exterminate an African American boy for no other reason than his race.

Late last month, an unarmed African American teenager, Trayvon Martin, was shot and killed by a 28-year-old white man named George Zimmerman. Zimmerman, whose tactics concerned neighbors before he murdered young Trayvon, admitted killing the teen who was walking home from a convenience store with a bag of Skittles while visiting his father and stepmother in a suburb of Orlando. Zimmerman called the police to report an African America boy walking in his neighborhood and despite the police dispatcher telling him not to follow the child; Zimmerman armed himself with a 9mm handgun, got in his SUV, followed the boy, and confronted and murdered him. When law enforcement arrived, the boy was face down on the grass with a bag of Skittles and can of iced tea next to his body. Zimmerman is still free despite Sanford Police Department Chief Bill Lee’s confirmation that Zimmerman was told not to follow the boy. The police chief said “I don’t think it was his intent to go and shoot somebody that night,” but why else did he arm himself, get in his SUV, follow the boy and confront him? Because he was “suspicious” (read – Black).

The murder, like the racist bumper sticker, are examples of naked racism that permeates more of the population than many Americans like to admit. The Republican presidential candidates certainly understand that appealing to racial stereotypes will garner support from racists or they would not stoop to the level of impugning African Americans or President Obama.

The level of racial bigotry rampant in this country is not lost on minorities who are being excluded from voting with obscene voter ID laws aimed specifically at minorities, or students who are left in under-funded schools. The questions about President Obama’s religious affiliation are racially motivated and the birther movement that questions the President’s citizenship have as their basis the belief that an African American cannot possibly be a “real American.” The racism America suffers from is a product of white supremacist’ mindset that believes only white people are worthy of citizenship and it is a generational issue that sociologists claim will never be solved with tolerance training or education. It is true that white racists love their Black athletes and entertainers, but as soon as the uniforms come off, African Americans are just sub-human, and it is not always covert. When First Lady Michelle Obama attended a NASCAR event with Jill Biden, the crowd booed and a worthless radio talk-show celebrity excused the crowd because according to him, “they thought Mrs. Obama was uppity.” It is naked racism and as the general election progresses, it will certainly get worse.

Americans should be humiliated that in 2012, the level of racial bigotry in the population has reached a point that it is acceptable to let an African American teen’s murderer walk the streets and that Republicans sport racist bumper stickers as a campaign slogan. America is exceptional, but for all the wrong reasons and it is why decent citizens hang their heads in shame. The only solution is eradicating racists from the face of the Earth and that includes the generations they are training to continue the vile bigotry. Education and tolerance training do not work if children go home and learn that African Americans are inferior, and Republicans are propagating racial bigotry and will never support equality for all Americans regardless how much they claim to support the Constitution. There is one thing that is certain; based on the lack of outrage from the public, the media, and conservatives at the naked racism ravaging this country, any American who looks you in the eye and tells you they are proud of America is a racist, and the saddest aspect is that, unlike this author, they are not ashamed.

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  1. It’s true. I have never seen even one suggestion that Laura Bush could have lopped off one of her buttocks and fed an army. I have never seen the Bush twins, who at least were grown, called “ho’s”. I have never seen any other First Lady compared to a gorilla. I have never seen any other President’s family so loudly, publicly, openly, and repeatedly threatened with sexual violence. Of course, there was a time when such commentary would not have been printed, and it’s telling that Fox News routinely lets such posts stand.

    Donald Trump’s bullying disrespect for the President could not. Have been directed so long and so publicly at any other officeholder. And these offenders know exactly what they are doing and why. Look at how ready they are with, “My best friends are Nee-groes” and “*You’re* playing the race card”. Like all abusers, they have their shite planned out in advance. And I guarantee you, within two hours, trolls are going to be all over this post saying exactly that.

  2. Let put it this way. Anyone with the stones willing to put this on their car and drive around in it deserves what they get. Talk all the smack you want but the 50’s ain’t comin back. You are playing in a world where whatever gets thrown gets returned to you with interest. The bottom line: don’t do to me or mine what you wouldnt have done to you and yours.

  3. Well said, Reynardine! I am sickened by and thoroughly ashamed of far, far too many of my fellow citizens. That old ad slogan can be re-phrased “We’ve gone backwards along way, baby!” The only thing I agree w/the far right on – their push to be isolationists – we certainly cannot tout ourselves as “Leaders of the Free World” at this juncture in our history. I have been disappointed or in disagreement with candidates from both parties and appalled by 1(George Wallace), but this time, I am truly appalled by every single Republican candidate who’s been in the Presidential primary race.

  4. What a threatening way to re-phrase the Golden Rule! We don’t need more vitriolic rhetoric smacking of threats of violence – please leave that to the Tea Party and those of their ilk!

  5. Ooh, wonder what political party or right wing group members WILL put the sticker on their truck or car???

    Folks should snap the offending sticker with cell phone and send them in here on this blog. License plate should be included. ;)

  6. You see, its totally cool for conservatives–mostly Republicans, but yes some Southern Democrats as well–to be racist bigots. After all, with the voter ID laws passed that disenfranchise Black voters, these bigots are protected and face zero consequences for the hateful rhetoric they spew in their attempts to pander for the votes of small-minded morons.

  7. Unfortunately there are many who are proud a white man could shoot a black and get away with it.

    No person in the GOP is going to speak out against such stuff as the sticker and the non-arrest happening. But they should remember there are people in this world that don’t like what they do and will remember it. It works both ways

  8. This… I believe started with Sarah”fucking” Palin!
    As we saw in the recent movie GameChange, her “he’s not like us” and “he see’s America different than we do set the stage for this disrespect of this great POTUS!
    We saw a congressman openly shout “You lie!” and he should of removed from his office asap, the whole congress of GOP’rs got together and made a pledge to oppose any of his ideas, and ALL of them…
    Fox news spreads the “False Narrative” (using this terminology so the bots can understand) that he is a Muslim. I’ve even saw their idiotic claim b/c his father was one…? That he was “Born” a Muslim?
    And really that is stupid and irrational but the right, are not rational people.
    And on the other hand, What if he was? The USA is NOT a theocracy, it doesn’t matter what his faith is or if he EVEN HAS A FAITH…Now does it?
    I have the feeling that I have stepped into the rabbit hole and it started with Sarah “Fucking” Palin.
    I know it was always here, but she made is “OK” to be a “Asshole” and she continues to attack POTUS every day under the guise of “Free speech” which is really Hate speech.
    But don’t call her any names.

  9. At least one site selling those abominations has been shut down (Stumpy’s Stickers, which is where I first found them.) But this will continue because Ailes and Rush want it to. For some reason, dividing America into hating camps appeals to these buffoons. We can only hope that the hatred doesn’t spread, and that intelligent people vote in November. The election of 2010 unleashed some demons, and we’d better put them back in their bottles.

  10. Sally,
    On HALF of America voted in 2010! Some of the firebaggers or “Progressives” were “mad” at POTUS and didn’t vote.
    Therefore all the Cons did vote and that is how all the teabaggers got in.
    In Cali they said only half voted also,too!
    We need to really get out the Vote for POTUS. I know some of the baggers say they won’t vote if Romney wins the primary. Oh well.
    But we have to been pro-active and get out the vote and take back the house and Senate and
    ::Obama 2012::
    Maybe, maybe then the madness will stop.

  11. Any company using Paypal (Stumpy’s Stickers) can be easily reported:

    PayPal Acceptable Use Policy: Prohibited Activities:

    #2. (e) items that promote hate, violence, racial intolerance,…

  12. These racist idiots are trying so hard to maintain the power they’ve enjoyed for the history of America since its invasion by the white man. They are soon becoming the minority in this melting-pot and they’re scared out of their minds. It’s so obvious with the War on Women, the War on Terror, and tightening immigration regulations. They seem to think the only way out is to make more white babies and spread hate against browns to try to regain the upper hand. What a world.

  13. Education is the key too.
    We must stop homeschooling unless they are so far away from a school like in rural Alaska. (Even there they try to make a little school for the kids)
    GWB made it easy to the South to HS their kids which means no school.
    In the 60’s a great effort was made to De-segragate the schools. Public school exposes kids to different educational experiences and socializes them. These trolls I see online have no social skills and are obviously “home-skuulled”. POTUS pushes education and improving public school… and that is important and a priority, home schooling should be phased out and private schools not funded by tax payer money.
    Obviously the people that promote this racist bigotry are kids from Jesus camp era and have been home-schooled during the Bush years and now home-school aka NOSCHOOL their own kids.
    I know I will get a bunch of peeps I home school my kids bla, bla, but unless you have a Bachelor’s or PHD you shouldn’t be teaching your kids or any kids.

  14. I’m ashamed and frightened that this bumper sticker first reared its hideous head in the state next to me.
    Then again, Washington has its fair share of racists and I knew that since I spotted the Birther billboard along I-5, around mid-state.

    The first time I saw then-candidate Obama was in Seattle and the house was jumping. People lined up a half-mile out as the crow flies, several miles if you count all the curves the line took. We need to light that fire again, and purge the racism from America with it.

  15. Lest we forget the Republican and right wing’s blatant homophobia as well. It’s all tied together, really, in their misguided and neanderthal demands of “wanting their America back!” – yes, that would be the America where only white, male, “Christian” men are the superior beings with no questions asked. AKA 1952…Sadly and disgustingly, about 40% of this country would – and will – vote for a puddle of vomit, as long as it’s not brown-skinned and it has an “R” next to its name. 47% of this country voted for a ticket with Sarah Palin on it. That should tell you EVERYTHING you need to know…

  16. A birther Billboard??? WTF? Did you see who was behind it?
    SarahPac recently paid for “showbills” (fake) against Game Change which I believe is a misuse of Pac funds and reported to CREW.
    A billboard might also be considered such, or at least should be brought to the attention of the OBAMA campaign so they know what kind of crap is being spread around….

  17. There’s more to the story of Zimmerman, including the fact that apparently he has partial Hispanic heritage in his ethnicity. Also, the families have heard the 911 tapes – and they ain’t pretty.

    Sanford cops have some explaining to do, that’s all I’ll say.

  18. Now, about that bumper sticker. Yep, seen two of then on redneck trucks (trust me – you know one of them when you see ’em) here in red red Gingrich home territory in GA.

    Also seeing some

    O = xxx
    B = yyy
    A = zzz
    M = qqq
    A = zzz

    style of crappy bumper stickers, and they ain’t in proper English nor suitable for the Southern Sunday dinner table!

    Make me want to play some bumper cars/tags with a few of them.

  19. Jesus Camp era? That would be right now.

    The Assemblies of God and some other dominionist churches have, as a friend of mine puts it “Jesus Camp with Guns”, where their kids are preparing to “Take over the world for Jesus” or “Return America to it’s past greatness”. They’re taught how to use and shoot guns (not so much safety as how to kill).

    The “Jesus Camps” are very much alive and well.

    I totally agree regarding home-schooling. There are people in our neighborhood who home-schooled, and they are proud to proclaim that they’re “young-earth creationists”. They used to preach at us on a regular basis across our fence, until they learned I’d taught evolution, and from that point on haven’t talked with us. I used to think that was a good thing (a big relief not to get ranted at and told how I should be thinking), but at least I used to know what they were up to…

    I shudder to think what their kids believe right now.

    There used to be “radio schools” in Australia, where the kids were educated via radio. One of my nieces went to a boarding high school… there was one high school in her region (out west) because of the low population, and she’d go home for the weekends. There are viable alternatives where kids can learn and even be socialized a bit. They could even require that the parents, if they wish to homeschool and don’t have access to public schools, demonstrate that they’re capable and require testing to make sure that standards are kept up.

  20. Very true. This county went solidly for Palin (and when McCain/Palin lost, the rhetoric was scary for a while and people were claiming that SHE had been robbed) with over 50% of the vote for her. Some of the counties in North Florida went over 90% for Palin. It was only the biggest and best educated counties (notable that there were universities there) that made the difference. that carried the state for President Obama.

    What really riled me is that all sorts of dirty tricks were pulled in the region (candidates’ signs torn down if they were Democrat, often replaced with Republican even in private yards, political advertising viewable from the polling stations, etc.) and yet nothing was done or even mentioned about them.

    I saw only ONE political sign for a Democrat during the 2008 campaign – as I remember it was behind a high fence with a locked gate. The 2010 campaign was just as bad.

  21. The poor, insecure, hatefilled, suckers who have nothing.. so racism and bigotry is their only straw to grasp. Grifers like palin & limbaugh know exactly the lies and vulgar language to bring out their inner ooze.

    Turns out there’s more than a few zombies in America. Lucky for us there are more people whose intelligence will not be insulted by the lying kochroaches.

  22. I can see how this is a threat; yet, I can also see how this is merely a statement of fact. Depends on the level of ire involved, I guess.

  23. I have been getting hate messages from people i don’t know because i said i would slit the tires on any car i saw with that sticker on it….What morons ! and half of them can’t spell…one guy called me a “hoe” ha ha ! ..a hoe for Christ sake..ha ha !

  24. Jesus camp came out in 2000 something, so I’m thinking of the kids that were in that documentary.
    I think private schools should be federally defunded.
    That would mean parents would have to pay more or participate more in their child’s schooling.
    Home school should be outlawed. Unless the parent can demonstrate a school is too far away or that they have credentials to teach.
    Education is the KEY to this problem.
    And don’t get me started on Pox news except that educated people don’t fall for that moron bullshit.
    And they are less likely to get involved in a cult as they are taught discernment.
    I think after the election we need to press POTUS on Education, to stop the vicious cycle.

  25. This bumper sticker is not new. I saw it in the window of the Republican Headquarters office in Warrensburg, Missouri in 2008. The hate directed at President Obama and his wonderful family goes way beyond anything that’s ever been said about any politician in history. Republicans have only the “fear” card to play in the upcoming elections.

  26. After reading that and thinking about it, that comment isn’t that threatening. Basically it reads as “leave us alone!”.

    People do have a right to defend themselves, you know… and there are MANY versions of the Golden Rule… all valid and saying similar things.

  27. (Laugh) 100% agreement here. I’ve had to deal with the fallout of the way kids are taught… students near graduation in college who had only heard that “Evolution is just a atheist plot to destroy Christianity” and worse.

    Some didn’t have a clue that the things they took for granted (American nuclear family structure, politics, religious beliefs, etc.) weren’t the norm for the rest of the world.

    (The students I’m talking about were taking a 4000 level exit requirement course.)

  28. I absolutely agree that homeschooling is a major problem here in the US. It allows un/undereducated and bigoted families to promulgate their idiocy and bigotry. Their poor kids don’t have a chance at succeeding in the real world.

    And the GOP has a candidate who, despite his own education, faults the President for wanting to give all children the chance for a college education because higher education is indoctrination.

    Here in PA the GOP governor is busy (when he’s not describing how ultrasounds where the woman has to watch the screen are not a problem because she can always “close her eyes”)pushing charter schools (where they’ll be able to institutionalize idiocy, bigotry, and 18th century world views).

    With these 2 “great” Pennsylvanians making news, I am able to empathize with the thinking people in Alaska and Texas in a way that I was never able to before. I am terrified of the day coming when we’ll be saying, “We are all Texans/Alaskans now.”

  29. Reminds me of a local painter who has a homemade sign in the window of his work van:

    O ne
    B ig
    A ss
    M istake
    A merica!

  30. I have stated many times , racism will destroy the fabric of this country . As a black man , I have always known that racism was never in remission , because I see it everyday . I was in a store just yesterday , I was looking for a paricular product and couldn’t find it , as I continued to look , there were two salespersons standing idly by , who never asked me if I needed assistance , yet at a minimum of three white people walked in the store and before they were barely able to get through the door , they were asked if they needed any help . This type of overt racism , happens to black people everyday , we know that racism is alive and well , because we live it everyday !!!

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