Corporate Media Lets Christian Leaders Use Easter Airtime to Attack Obama

The corporate media allowed two Christian leaders to take over the Easter Sunday morning airwaves in order to launch a partisan attack on President Obama.

Here is the video from Face The Nation:


BOB SCHIEFFER: So I guess that question I’d ask you, Your Eminence, are you good with that?

CARDINAL TIMOTHY DOLAN: No, although I appreciate very much the Vice President. He has been helpful and I– I– I have benefitted from his counsel and I look forward to talking to him again. So I am glad he weighed in on it but I would disagree with him. It hasn’t helped us much, Bob, because– because we still have to pay for it, because most of us are self-insured and we are still worried not just about our institutions but also the individuals. So we still find ourselves in a very tough spot, and we’re still going to continue to express what we believe is just not a religious point of view but a constitutional point of view that America’s at her best when the government doesn’t force a citizen or a group of citizens in a religious creed to violate their deepest held moral convictions.

BOB SCHIEFFER: Do you agree with what the vice president seemed to be saying that this– that the President really didn’t change his position?

CARDINAL TIMOTHY DOLAN: Yes, I– I think so. Although I am a little confused, because the President told me his convict— his position, his conviction is that the government would do nothing to impede religion. And he– he was very gracious, and especially complimenting the Catholic family in the United States in their work for health care charity and education. And he’d say I don’t want this administration to do anything to– to impede that. It’s tough for me to see how the strangling HHS Regulations do anything but that.

BOB SCHIEFFER: Let me ask you this: Do you ever worry that sometimes– do you like to be careful about getting too involved in politics? I know since the–


BOB SCHIEFFER: –new Pew poll out that says sixty percent of Catholics say that churches and other houses of worship should just totally steer clear of politics.

CARDINAL TIMOTHY DOLAN: Yeah. I do worry about that, Bob. And this– this is a good place for me to– to remind everybody, we didn’t ask for this fight, I don’t enjoy it at all, I wish I was on here FACE THE NATION answering other questions and you probably do, too. We didn’t ask for the fight but we’re not going to back away from it. What I’d say is this: Yeah, I don’t think religion should be too involved in politics but I also don’t think the government and politics should be overly involved in the church, and that’s our problem here. You’ve got a dramatic, radical intrusion of a government bureaucracy into the internal life of the church that bothers me. So hear me say, hey, I’d like to back away from this, I got other things to worry about and bigger fish to fry than this. Our problem is the government is intruding into the– into the life of faith and in– in the church that they shouldn’t be doing. That’s– that’s our– our read on this.

On ABC’s This Week, Rick Warren continued the Obama attacks:

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R. WARREN: Well certainly the Bible says we are to care about the poor. There’s over 2,000 versus in the Bible about the poor. And God says that those who care about the poor, God will care about them and God will bless them. But there’s a fundamental question on the meaning of “fairness.” Does fairness mean everybody makes the same amount of money? Or does fairness mean everybody gets the opportunity to make the same amount of money? I do not believe in wealth redistribution, I believe in wealth creation.

The only way to get people out of poverty is J-O-B-S. Create jobs. To create wealth, not to subsidize wealth. When you subsidize people, you create the dependency. You — you rob them of dignity. The primary purpose of government is to keep the peace, protect the citizens, provide opportunity. And when we start getting into all kinds of other things, I think we — we invite greater control. And I’m fundamentally about freedom. You know the — the first freedom in America is actually the freedom of religion. It’s not the second, third, fourth or fifth.

TAPPER: You — you’ve written about this, especially on Twitter a great deal when it comes to the Obama administration’s health care rule when it pertains to contraception. You — you objected to that. Initially they dialed it back.

R. WARREN: Yeah.

TAPPER: How are you with what they called an “accommodation?” Where you OK with that, or no?

R. WARREN: Well, no I’m not. But the issue here is not about women’s health. There’s a greater principle and that is do you have a right to decide what your faith practices? Now I don’t have a problem with contraception. I’m a — I’m a Protestant. I’m an evangelical. But I do support my Catholic brothers and sisters who believe what they want to believe.

TAPPER: You said in December that no American could say that they’re better off than they were four years ago.

R. WARREN: Well I don’t think so, not economically. There may be a — a portion but I have my ear to the ground. Most people would not think they’re better off economically than they were four years ago.

The only reason either of these men were on national television was because it was Easter Sunday. Both of them could have limited themselves to a non-political Easter message, but they chose to misuse their positions as religious leaders to attack the President of the United States. We watched two high profile Christians morph from moral leaders to partisan political hacks.

Cardinal Dolan spoke about holding a religious and constitutional point of view. Rick Warren sounded like he was straight out of Fox News with his talk of wealth redistribution and chatter about Americans not being better off than they were four years ago. Just for kicks Warren and Jake Tapper also worked in the false statistic that 50% of Americans don’t pay income taxes, but do you know who really doesn’t pay taxes? Rick Warren and his mega church are tax exempt. Dolan discussed the issue of religious freedom, but he has no problem with the government intervening to take away the rights of women.

Why are Rick Warren and Timothy Dolan allowed to go on national television and spread their dangerous concoction of politics fueled religion on Easter Sunday? There is something fundamentally wrong with religious leaders abusing their position and the air time that comes with it on a religious holiday to attack President Obama.

Instead of their usual slate of Republicans, the Sunday shows changed it up by featuring Christian leaders who were pushing the right’s agenda. It doesn’t matter what holiday it is. The mainstream media’s conservative bias will always be allowed to shine.

32 Replies to “Corporate Media Lets Christian Leaders Use Easter Airtime to Attack Obama”

  1. Rick Warren invoked his prophet — in direct and considered defiance of the separation of church and state — during the invocation at President Obama’s inauguration. That he’s now attacking the President shows his hypocritical colours.

  2. Thank you for covering this. I saw the Rick Warren interview and I was sickened by it. This is an all-out assault on our President by the monied interests of the GOP. Rick Warren and the like should have their tax exempt status revoked for this kind of partisan and ugly attack on the President of the United States.

    They are hiding behind God to attack our President because he lives the values that they as Christian leaders should live — truly caring about the least of us.

    They live off of their followers in huge homes and drive expenses cars then rail and work against a President who wants to make sure all Americans have an opportunity to have at least the bare necessities.

    As a Christian, I am appalled.

  3. I don’t remember Jesus saying, “get that leper a job. Get that poor widow a job. In fact he told his followers to give up their wealth and follow Him. How about it Warren ? How about it, tax exempt Catholic Church? Do you follow Christ or the gold?”

  4. Yes, Warren… by all means ‘don’t subsidize wealth or get them dependent on you’. okay, let’s remove your tax exempt status.
    If the Catholic church and evangelicals are going to weigh in as heavily as they have on the politics of the US, then they’re flouting the restrictions of that agreement. Then they should lose their special exemptions.

  5. Those hypocritical “religious” a$$holes better be paying taxes. The corporatemedia is a gopropaganda BIG LIE Machine. I knew this at the turn of the century when I blocked it out in Nov 2002..and, it’s only gotten more heinous.

    Happy f**king Easter, Rick Warren & Preacher Dolan.

  6. Robbing people of their dignity Warren? Or are you really saying let them die poor homeless and destitute.

    As for the catholics, probably 80% of their own people would like them to shut up about contraception. The rest are lying about it. Take the 2000 year old garbage and bury it in the dump.

  7. The Christian right feels imposed upon by so-called “Obama Care” (based on the model of the rightwing think tank Heritage Foundation), that it is a violation of the separation of Church & State. Had Obama not caved to the corprotacracy of the US, stood his ground on his campaign promises, and at least delivered a Public Opition, this would not be an issue. Obama has demonstrated himself beyond rhetoric his true position; a corporate lackey.

  8. Are you forgetting he had no support from that from the Dem Bluedogs and it never would have passed congress? Or just feel like calling Obama a lackey?

  9. Warren thinks that women should put up with being beaten, and implies that people are worthless and have no value as human beings if they are not Christian. The man is a fat slob of a far-right religious bigot,nothing he says is respectable or decent. This offensive arrogant diatribe he’s spouted about Obama is no different.

  10. While Santorum profoundly misunderstands the constitutional separation of church and state and Dolan mistakenly thinks the health care law puts religious employers in some sort of moral bind, Dolan rightly notes that the constitutional separation of church and state does not prevent citizens from making decisions based on principles derived from their religions. Moreover, the religious beliefs of government officials naturally may inform their decisions on policies. The Constitution, in this context, merely constrains government officials not to make decisions with the predominant purpose or primary effect of advancing religion.

    Confusion arises because the constitutional principle is sometimes equated with a political doctrine that generally calls for political dialogue to be conducted on grounds other than religion. Two aims of that doctrine are to facilitate discussion amongst people of all beliefs by predicating discussion on grounds accessible to all and, further, to avoid or minimize putting our various religious beliefs directly “in play” in the political arena since government cannot base laws directly on those beliefs anyway and so citizens need not directly dispute or criticize each other’s religious beliefs in order to resolve political issues. Unlike the constitutional principle, the political doctrine is not “law.” Reasonable people can disagree about whether the doctrine is a good idea and whether or how it should influence us in particular circumstances.

  11. I think its time to make a petition? To the IRS? I’m not sure who to target but remove all 501 c from ALL CHURCHES and only give part back if they are REALLY helping the community like at the soup kitchen or food pantry’s. Otherwise FORGET IT!

  12. Well, the bishop should be rooting out the evil pedophiles still among his fellow ‘priests’ and shut his fat mouth. Rick Warren is just a jerk with a big belly and a fat bank account..and followers that willingly allow themselves to be screwed. Did not see My Lord in either of them. They should lose their tax exempt status.

  13. Shiva, Please don’t lump these and other liars and hatemongers in with true believers. The early believers did not even call themselves Christians, they were followers of The Way. His Name is Yeshua and his kingdom has nothing to do with these. I respect your choice to not believe and would not say you are an atheist with a smug is not my place. Peace.

  14. My friend, I have no problem separating the loons like the people in this artivle. from the real christians. In fact when I bang on a christian, its one of these whackos. I have no problem with anyone who is a regular everyday honest christian and will not knock them(At least I try not to.)

    Although I reserve the right to knock catholics. Its a religion that in my mind needs to be banned and buried

  15. I really cannot understand why the Media INSISTS on contacting ONLY “Christian” leaders on the right.

  16. …”I’m fundamentally about freedom. You know the — the first freedom in America is actually the freedom of religion. It’s not the second, third, fourth or fifth….”

    The first amendment is one amendment; that doesn’t mean it’s THE most important and the rest are just “whatever”. The whole schemer of the constitution was laid FIRST with a preamble, then set out all the branches and then, the amendments were “added”…once again, cherry- picking the 1st to mean whatever the a wealthy white religious bigot wants becomes the only interpretation of the constitution. I ask, how come these bigots always leave off the part about “redress” unless it “fundamentally” applies to their purposes and theirs alone?

    Redress: 1. To set right, remedy or rectify.

    Reprisal:An act taken by a nation, short of war, to gain redress for an action taken against that nation. For example, seizing a ship in retaliation for a seized ship.

    Republic:A government having a chief of state who is not a monarch and is usually a president; also : a nation or other political unit having such a government 2 a government in which supreme power is held by the citizens entitled to vote and is exercised by elected officers and representatives governing according to law.

    Suffrage: A vote. 2. The right or privilege of voting.

    Treason:The offense of attempting to overthrow the government of one’s country or of assisting its enemies in war.

    Welfare:, happiness, or prosperity; well-being. 2.Welfare in today’s context also means organized efforts on the part of public or private organizations to benefit the poor, or simply public assistance.

  17. FYI…Warren is real sneaky about his income as he is with most of his motives and moves. He uses every trick in the “cult leaders financial” book to hide income and pretend it ain’t his…he claims a personal income around 60K as I recall.

    He puts things in family members names, hide it off shore, invest under the church with everything “willed” back to him under, changes conditions via legal contracts to take anything from his followers if they try to leave the fold (as in you ain’t taking ANY thing of value or income if you leave MY mega-corp-church).

  18. So, you ARE Stephan Colbert! I knew it! Just like in “Brides Maids” Mellisa McCarthy knew the guy next to her was an Air Marshall…I knew it! (I got your back, man!)

  19. …”Two aims of that doctrine are to facilitate discussion amongst people of all beliefs by predicating discussion on grounds accessible to all and, further, to avoid or minimize putting our various religious beliefs directly “in play” in the political arena since government cannot base laws directly on those beliefs anyway and so citizens need not directly dispute or criticize each other’s religious beliefs in order to resolve political issues….”

    This sentence is too long to make comprehensible sense/discuss the many concepts embedded within…OK, so I’m a “dummy” and need it broken down.

    Please simplify without the $400 an hour run-on sentence..others need to hear your ideas (which are sound, I think?)…thanks.

  20. exactly, well stated. we on the left are just as, if not more religous. it’s just that we don’t use our faith to justify hatred or intollerance, we don’t use our faith to demonize people who look, think, act differently, or use religion to feign our superiority.

  21. You’re sharp enough, I think, to (rightly) observe that sentence is too long and to tease out its intended points. Put differently:

    The political doctrine calls for us generally to discuss political issues on grounds other than religion for two main reasons: (1) By basing discussion on grounds accessible to all (and not just those who adhere to this or that religious belief), the doctrine facilitates discussion amongst people of all beliefs, which is crucial in a republic with a diverse electorate. (2) By not putting citizens’ various religious beliefs directly “in play” or “at issue” in political discussions, the doctrine helps to maintain civility and peace since citizens need not directly dispute or criticize each others’ religious beliefs in order to resolve political issues.

    For instance, if someone opposing abortion offers as his reason the religious belief that a soul appears as soon as an egg is fertilized that (1) offers no basis even for discussion except amongst those in that portion of the electorate who share such beliefs in god(s), souls, and such and (2) puts opponents in the awkward position of needing to dispute those religious beliefs in order to address a political argument.

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