Worst Endorsement Ever: Gingrich Implodes Sabotages Romney and Himself

Last updated on July 18th, 2023 at 11:17 am

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During a mano e mano CNN debacle this afternoon, Newt Gingrich told Wolf Blitzer on CNN’s The Situation Room that he was a failure as a Presidential nominee candidate because he couldn’t bring new solutions into the political conversations. CNN got a little Newt on Newt blood going today.

Wolf Blitzer interviewed Newt and forced Newt to watch his own self on TV attacking Romney. The hangdog look on Newt’s face was sad, but he was prepared with his GOP talking points. Instead of responding to clips of himself dissing Romney, Newt blamed Obama for the worst employment numbers in the history of ever and the debt crushing all of our grandchildren (those that are still alive after Sarah Palin’s Death Panels got them).

Video via CNN:

Wolf demanded, “Is Mitt Romney a liar?” over and over until Newt admitted that Romney said some things that aren’t true, but OBAMA!

Then Newt went into the Republican talking points again (scary deficit! Jobs!). Mitt Romney, the Republican candidate, won’t tell us his job plan, or his economic plan, other than vague Ryan-esque approvals and suggestions that he would make George W Bush look like he was good for the economy, but we should all just trust Republicans because they got bin Laden. Well, they would have if they were looking for him.


Newt said he thought he could do a new media campaign but it didn’t work and yet Obama managed to do this in 2008. Huh. Well, to be fair to Newt, that’s only because Obama didn’t quit his campaign for a Greek Islands cruise and Obama was super organized, being one of those “community organizers” whilst Newt was surfing Tiffany’s for the latest way to say I’m sorry. When Republicans lose, it’s never because the other person was better than them; it’s just God taking a day off.

Other sound bites of note were, “The more visionary I was, the better we were doing” And “I made a mistake in bringing in traditional consultants.” They say that you can tell how someone will lead based on how they run their campaign, but Republicans subscribe to the theory that the worse you are at your job, the higher you should rise. So it’s super sad that Newt isn’t where he should be right now: Facing off against Barack Obama to discuss things Americans care about like Kenyan Colonialism.

Newt tried to suggest that Joe Biden was no good for VP and brought nothing to the table, but sadly Wolf was on his game and reminded the disgraced former Speaker that Biden been in government for a long time (Wolf forgot that Joe was never been kicked out for ethics violations!) and accomplished a lot.

Biden is also is the Vice President. Small matter. But Newt said all Joe did was ride the train back and forth to DC. That was his big dig. We knew Republicans hated high-speed rail, but apparently just being on a train means you’re not fit to lead.

In case you’re feeling like we’re in high school with the Republicans relying on cheap, empty shots because all they have is Mitt Romney and Bobby Jindal, also known as the Plantation Brothers, well, be fair – what else do they have? They can’t very well run on their record, they have to lie about Obama’s record, and that leaves the scaries: crushing grandchildren, evil trains and projections of their own failures.

It’s not every day you get to watch Newt Gingrich beat his own self up — finally coming through with that contract for America.

Vote for Romney because Joe Biden rode a train! Also, the Bush deficit and the Bush unemployment and the Republican-killed recovery! Double down, America! Newt dares you to pretend you can’t see one more time for old time’s sake.

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