High Wisconsin Turnout Sends Republicans into Panic Mode

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Despite the high turnout for the protests, and the high number of recall petition signatures, Republicans are getting very nervous about the record turnout numbers coming out of Wisconsin.

Some Wisconsin precincts are reporting higher turnout than they had for 2008 presidential election. In Douglas County which went for Obama over McCain by a 65%-32% margin, turnout is estimated at 60%-65%. The Douglas County Clerk in Superior says that turnout could even get a little higher than 65%. Turnout is also high in the La Crosse County, which went for McCain in 2008, 49%-48%.

Milwaukee, where Democratic candidate Tom Barrett is the mayor, has had to send in extra poll workers to handle the wave of voters. In Dane County, turnout is estimated to hit 80%-88%. This development has sent The Weekly Standard into full blown hysteria, and they are already trying to spin the increased turnout as not big enough to put Barrett over the top.

The state’s Republican counties are also experiencing high turnout, but it was a statement from Madison City Clerk Maribeth Witzel-behl that turnout could hit 119 percent that got the right wing conspiracy machine rolling.

The right has taken to Twitter to claim that this is evidence that Democrats are cheating and voter fraud is everywhere, but thanks to same day voter registration it is entirely possible to turnout go over 100% as people who show up and register the same day are not counted in the initial voter registration numbers for a precinct. In fact, CNN is reporting that polling places are running out of same day voter registration forms.

The GOP crush on Scott Walker is blinding that Republicans are oblivious and stunned by the high turnout. Their break with reality is so comprehensive that Fox News’ online propaganda machine is claiming Democrats are busing in voters from Michigan to vote in the recall. After 100,000 took to the streets in protest of Scott Walker’s union busting, and nearly a million signatures were collected on the petition to recall Walker, how could the right possibly be the slightest bit surprised by the turnout numbers? It is obvious that the pro-Walker forces are afraid that they just might lose this, and they are already making excuses ahead of their potential defeat.

We don’t know who these new voters are voting for, but these same day voters are more likely to be younger and support Democrats. (This is why Gov. Walker was so desperate to get rid of same day registration with his voter ID law). The strong turnout, and increased presence of new voters are encouraging signs for Democrats, but the Barrett camp still faces a difficult climb to victory.

It appears that Republican efforts to suppress the vote have failed, and we could have a very close election on our hands. It could be a late night in Wisconsin, but before that bridge is crossed voters must vote.

Turnout is high. Republicans are nervous, but the recall won’t be successful unless everyone who can do so votes. The polls are open until 8 PM local time. This is the moment that so many in Wisconsin have fought for, and they must continue the fight until the last ballot is cast.

The right is worried. They think Walker might lose. You’ve got them on the ropes, Wisconsin. Now, go vote and finish the job.

11 Replies to “High Wisconsin Turnout Sends Republicans into Panic Mode”

  1. The city clerk in Madison says turnout may be “119%” because of new registrations (WI has same-day registration).

  2. It’s always been the case that a high voter turnout favors Democrats. A low voter turnout favors Republicans.

    If the turnout levels are as high as, or higher than, the levels in 2008 (and thus much higher than 2010) then the even money favors the Democrats. Still, this will be going down to the wire. Hopefully, Wisconsin will make the right choice.

  3. I wonder how many RWNJ voters/party employees the Rethuglicans are busing in from other states to vote.

  4. On, Wisconsin! On, Wisconsin!
    Fight on for her fame
    Fight! Fellows! – fight, fight, fight!
    We’ll win this game.

  5. The turnout figures are incredible. I’m starting to think Wisconsin just might do it after all.

    If so, it will be a stunning victory after being out-spent almost ten to one.

  6. I hope the little guys of WISCONSIN win out over the big money out of state guys. If not, the once independent minded people from WI will be dominated by the big money right wing party.

  7. I am ashamed to admit..Im nearly 50 and this was the first time I’ve ever registered to vote. But…if it weren’t for this recall…I would have remained politically apathetic. At first I was against it, because of some of the uber liberal rhetoric that was being used at the recall stations. What I heard, was bashing farmers and all the supposed benefits and breaks they get. I live in farm country, and for every dollar a farmer gets, he/she puts it back into this local economy. I started digging into the reasons beyond what was said at the recall stations.I learned so much, including Bill 507. I am also aware that Wisconsin is a beach head for the rest of the nation,we have close ties to Washington from our state…and all the other Dominionist held states, will see what happened here. On Wisconsin…

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  9. (edited) That huge turnout for the Wisconsin recall belies the reported results. I suspect Republicans would be much more worried if law-enforcement authorities took a hard look at the discrepancies between public exit polls and secretly counted election ballots. There was a time when exit polling was used by news media to gauge who was winning elections because they were so accurate. It's odd how all that stopped with these programmable voting machines manufactured by GOP centric corporations and now used around the country,   In the last few years  exit poll results usually need to be adjusted to match results from  secret ballot counts. It happens so often that industry insiders call the "red shift," because it's always a shift towards Republicans. 
    Something smells to high heaven in Wisconsin and it's coming from the Department of Justice, who keeps ignoring these discrepancies as much as it's coming from the Republicans who cause them and major news media who won't investigate or report on it.

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