Romney Self Destructs and Turns All Attention Back to His Tax Returns

It took the Romney campaign less than 24 hours to screw up their big VP announcement, and turn the attention back to why Romney won’t release his tax returns.

Here is the video from Media Matters:

Transcript from ABC News:

PAWLENTY: Well, I hope it’s absolutely true. When you’re the president of the United States and you’ve got all — no accomplishments, and the ones you do have are unpopular, like a porky stimulus, like Obamacare, like relentless calls for tax increases, a foreign policy that, you know, was set based on the notion that we’re going to have a reset with Russia that hasn’t worked, you know, the strain that he has in his relations with Israel, pulling out the rug from underneath the Czech Republic and Poland on missile defense, what is he going to run on? He’s got a record basically of things that are unpopular, didn’t work, an economy that’s sputtering, high unemployment.

So we’d like to see this get back to the issues and not have him just dangle shiny objects like 20-year-old tax returns or, you know, collateral issues like you’ve seen in these last couple of weeks. So we would welcome, especially with Governor Romney and Congressman Ryan having the advantage, a debate on the issues and the big challenges and the big solutions that these candidates are willing to put forward on behalf of our country.

STEPHANOPOULOS: You did bring up the tax returns. How many years of tax returns did you provide to the Romney campaign?

PAWLENTY: Well, I don’t know the exact number, George, but I — you know, there were several years, I believe.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Several years. So more than two?

PAWLENTY: Well, we don’t get into the details of the vetting process, but I — I gave them a bunch of tax returns. I don’t remember the exact number of years.

Pawlenty got way off message, brought up Romney’s tax returns, and blew up everything the campaign was trying to accomplish. Pawlenty quickly tried to cover his tracks, but the damage was done. The interview ended with questions about Romney’s tax returns. The story isn’t Paul Ryan now. It is Mitt Romney’s hypocrisy when it comes to requiring seeing tax returns for others, but not releasing his own.

Romney obviously understands the importance of tax returns in the vetting process, so why does he continue to refuse to release his tax returns and allow voters to vet him for the presidency? As has become par for the course with his campaign, Mitt Romney doesn’t seem to think that the rules apply to him.

The Romney campaign has become a daily gaffe fest. Whether it is Andrea Saul, Newt Gingrich, Tim Pawlenty or Romney himself, this is a mistake riddled campaign that can’t avoid self injury.

A day after after Paul Ryan to the ticket, Romney is back where he started. He is still trailing Obama, and the dominant question of the campaign remains his tax returns.

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21 Replies to “Romney Self Destructs and Turns All Attention Back to His Tax Returns”

  1. Off topic, a bit, but I just learned that Paul Ryan is married to the daughter of George Wallace! Is this true? Anyone know for sure?

  2. Poor T-paw. Didn’t get picked, and already blowing it for his boy Mitt. Several years of returns for a VP vetting to satisfy the Romney campaign. Whats worst of all is that Mittens hasn’t even released 1 full year of returns yet, but has all his minions run around and say he’s released the required 2 years. When will the main stream media report that? All of this nonsense is another reason I’m glad I no longer vote republican.

  3. Don’t worry folks…Next issue is why Mr. Ryan wants to destroy Social Security even though it was there for him as a child.

  4. No relation to George Wallace as far as I can tell, but she is a cousin of US Rep. Dan Boren, the only Democrat in the Oklahoma delegation.

  5. Soooo, does this mean T-Paw will be getting another phone call from Tagg? Or whichever Romeny servant Tagg delegates the task to this time?

    You gotta almost wonder, did Pawlenty maybe do this secretly on purpose?

  6. Social Security that he didn’t even especially need (his family is wealthy) and used to pay his “own way” through school. But would deny to others for such silly things as food and shelter?

  7. She’s not related by blood but her grandfather worked for a third party that backed Wallace. Here’s a bit of info on it. (Google is your friend. ;-))

    Janna Little Ryan’s Grandfather Ran for Governor, Helped George Wallace | .Politics –

  8. I wouldn’t entirely blame him if he did. That said, if it really was a gaffe on T-Paw’s part, well you do kinda why he’s always a bridesmaid, never a bride….

  9. I thought it hadn’t been even a year’s worth of tax returns and yet most reports say he’s “released only one year”.

  10. I think a lot of people have missed out on the fact that whoopsies! there is one form missing from his 2010 return. Not important, though, or anything. It just has to do with foreign investments; nothing to see, don’t worry…

  11. The tax distraction, Ayn Rand veep announcement, worked out well, eh, Mitt?

    Put on your Bain pants and open your books, Son of Boss man.

  12. “The interview ended with questions about Romney’s tax returns. The story isn’t Paul Ryan now. It is Mitt Romney’s hypocrisy when it comes to requiring seeing tax returns for others, but not releasing his own.”
    – – – – –

    Yes, Mitt Romney is a hypocrite.

  13. I read that her Grandfather, Reuel Little ran for Governor of OK in 1970 and helped George Wallace run for president but there is no relationship between them.

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