Chrysler Rejects Voter Suppression by Giving Its Entire Workforce the Day Off to Vote

Last updated on February 8th, 2013 at 11:25 am

Ralph Giles, the Vice President of Product Design for Chrysler, who last week tweeted Donald Trump, “You are full of —-!” is at it again. This time he’s announcing that Chrysler is giving the day off to its employees so they can vote.

Chrysler gave its entire work force the day off to Vote Today! Let’s go! #America

Oh boy. You know what that means. When more people vote, Democrats win. How dare Chrysler show its patriotism by letting its managers vote in addition to the hourly employees. He even tweeted Republican heresy about enjoying your freedoms and voting, “I am fascinated by the passion this particular election has generated! WHOEVER you endorse, just vote! Enjoy your freedoms…”

He is next on the Romney enemies list, right after Chris Christie.

Before the Romney campaign gets too excited, they should extend themselves to the foreign territory of facts. Giles tweeted, “For the record GM, Ford & Chrysler via negotiated terms UAW have had election day off for 15yrs! Logically extended to salaried workers too!”

So see? Everything is not a conspiracy or motivated by revenge. Some people really do just care about this country and their workers. Giles tweeted on November 4, “@MsParkerazzi Thanks,for the peace of mind of our employees I am glad the media is reexamining ; ) the issue & allowing the truth to be told.” Not everyone sees their workers as just profit margins. And when Chyrsler let off its salaried employees in addition to the UAW, what do you think that means? It’s not a partisan move, that’s for sure.

Romney doesn’t seem to understand that Chrysler and GM take pride in more than just the money they make, they take pride in the communities built by their employment. They don’t like seeing their employees scared by Romney’s lies about their jobs being shipped overseas. It also hurts morale, which isn’t something a vulture capitalist would know much about since their job isn’t to build a business but rather to harvest it.

Just for the record, the Jeep Wrangler is made in America and Chrylser is not moving production to China, Italy or any other country. They are, however, letting their employees have the day off so they can exercise their freedom. Republicans will never forgive them.

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