Bernie Sanders Finds Eloquent Inspiration In Obama’s Second Inaugural Address


Sen. Bernie Sanders praised President Obama’s second inaugural address as, ‘eloquent in its simplicity and inspiring in its basic theme that we’re all in this together.’

In a statement, Sen. Sanders said,

President Obama’s second inaugural address was eloquent in its simplicity and inspiring in its basic theme that we’re all in this together. On the day our nation was marking the birthday of Martin Luther King Jr., our first African American president invoked our country’s long history of advancing civil rights, as he put it, from Seneca Falls to Selma to Stonewall.

As we rebuild our economy and as we bring an end to a decade of wars, the president laid out a strong vision for how we must protect our planet and renew our commitment to securing fundamental rights for all Americans. As the president brings forth his budget and legislative priorities, I look forward to working with him to create the millions of jobs that our workers need, to provide health care for all Americans and to protect the social safety net for seniors, veterans, children and the poor.

I suspect that many on the left and most in the middle would agree with Sen. Sanders. The president’s second inaugural is likely to stand out because it was the clearest expression yet of Obama’s brand of liberalism. Strong on defense with an emphasis on talking to resolve our differences over preemptive war. Big on equality for all, including gays, minorities, and women. Protection of earned entitlements. An eye towards the future in areas of technology and climate change, and an embrace of the changing face and demographics of America via immigration reform.

A reading of Bill Clinton’s second inaugural address shows that President Obama delivered what could possibly be the most liberal inaugural address in 35 years. (The fact that Obama’s address holds this distinction despite the fact that it was more common sense than fire breathing FDR liberal speaks volumes about how Democrats have been able to move the middle to the left, and how the Republican Party has completely fallen off the map.)

Sen. Sanders should be hopeful and encouraged by the president’s second inaugural address, because it represents the country’s gradual move to the left. There were a lot of good things in Obama’s speech today, and the left should be heartened and ready to work towards carrying out the vision that this president laid out for the future today.

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