Clueless House Republican Says We Need Sequester to Get Economy Rolling Again

Last updated on February 28th, 2013 at 01:33 pm

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The ever clueless Republican Rep. Tom Price of Georgia thinks the sequester is necessary to “get this economy rolling again.”

Watch here:

As James Carter (yes, that James Carter — thank you again, sir) pointed out, Geogia is facing some steep cuts due to the sequester. He asks rhetorically, “Which of the these will be good for Georgia’s economy?”

From the White House’s breakdown by state, here’s how Georgia is sitting:

Teachers and Schools: Georgia will lose approximately $28.6 million in funding for primary and secondary education, putting around 390 teacher and aide jobs at risk. In addition about 54,000 fewer students would be served and approximately 80 fewer schools would receive funding.
Education for Children with Disabilities: In addition, Georgia will lose approximately $17.5 million in funds for about 210 teachers, aides, and staff who help children with disabilities.
Work-Study Jobs: Around 2,490 fewer low income students in Georgia would receive aid to help them finance the costs of college and around 890 fewer students will get work-study jobs that help them pay for college.
Head Start: Head Start and Early Head Start services would be eliminated for approximately 1,700 children in Georgia, reducing access to critical early education.
Protections for Clean Air and Clean Water: Georgia would lose about $3.5 million in environmental funding to ensure clean water and air quality, as well as prevent pollution from pesticides and hazardous waste. In addition, Georgia could lose another $979,000 in grants for fish and wildlife protection.
Military Readiness: In Georgia, approximately 37,000 civilian Department of Defense employees would be furloughed, reducing gross pay by around $190.1 million in total.
Army: Base operation funding would be cut by about $233 million in Georgia.
Air Force: Funding for Air Force operations in Georgia would be cut by about $5 million.
Law Enforcement and Public Safety Funds for Crime Prevention and Prosecution: Georgia will lose about $427,000 in Justice Assistance Grants that support law enforcement, prosecution and courts, crime prevention and education, corrections and community corrections, drug treatment and enforcement, and crime victim and witness initiatives.
Job Search Assistance to Help those in Georgia find Employment and Training: Georgia will lose about $873,000 in funding for job search assistance, referral, and placement, meaning around 33,160 fewer people will get the help and skills they need to find employment.
Child Care: Up to 1,100 disadvantaged and vulnerable children could lose access to child care, which is also essential for working parents to hold down a job.
Vaccines for Children: In Georgia around 4,180 fewer children will receive vaccines for diseases such as measles, mumps, rubella, tetanus, whooping cough, influenza, and Hepatitis B due to reduced funding for vaccinations of about $286,000.
Public Health: Georgia will lose approximately $925,000 in funds to help upgrade its ability to respond to public health threats including infectious diseases, natural disasters, and biological, chemical, nuclear, and radiological events. In addition, Georgia will lose about $2.5 in grants to help prevent and treat substance abuse, resulting in around 2400 fewer admissions to substance abuse programs. And Georgia health departments will lose about $571,000 resulting in around 14,300 fewer HIV tests.
STOP Violence Against Women Program: Georgia could lose up to $208,000 in funds that provide services to victims of domestic violence, resulting in up to 800 fewer victims being served.
Nutrition Assistance for Seniors: Georgia would lose approximately $1.3 million in funds that provide meals for seniors.

Oh, yes, Georgia is rolling now. Rolling in austerity, poverty, misery, and death. But also, remember how Republicans were so concerned over our borders and allegedly over national security, though they can’t seem to help themselves from leaking top secret information to the enemy? Well, these cuts will also hit the FBI, law enforcement and weaken security at our borders:

FBI and other law enforcement – The FBI and other law enforcement entities would see a reduction in capacity equivalent to more than 1,000 Federal agents. This loss of agents would significantly impact our ability to combat violent crime, pursue financial crimes, secure our borders, and protect national security.

Customs and border patrol – U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) would not be able to maintain current staffing levels of border patrol agents and CBP officers as mandated by Congress. CBP would have to reduce its work hours by the equivalent of over 5,000 border patrol agents and the equivalent of over 2,750 CBP officers. Funding and staffing reductions would increase wait times at airports, weaken security between land ports of entry, limit CBP’s ability to collect revenue owed to the Federal government, and slow screening and entry for those traveling into the United States.

This, however, may be a business opportunity for the NRA to sell their version of the Republican American Dream. See, if everyone is armed, they can shoot it out over food, security, vaccines, airport waits, and so much more. So really, when Price says how great things are going to be after these cuts, he might have had a real point instead of just blind allegiance to already debunked economic theories. Think of the money the NRA will make!

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