You Think George Zimmerman’s Bad; Wait Until You Get a Load of the 211 Crew


What now for God’s sake? It’s going on a dozen years since hundreds of people ignored Himalayan-sized clues and allowed a handful of zealots to bring down two mighty buildings and end 3,000 lives. What part of a student indifferent to learning how to land don’t you flight instructors understand???

Then along comes trillion dollar wars — one a complete waste of time, resources and young lives, another closing in on being a complete waste of time, resources and young lives, though the older lives (think Cheney) of the leadership and bottom lines of the Halliburton military corporate complexes dearly love such deadly and lengthy skirmishes.

The Middle-east is currently blowing up like BP’s Deepwater Horizon drilling rig and, for good measure, a couple of college-educated Muslim brothers decided the Boston Marathon was a natural venue to mortally vent over religious differences.

And how ’bout that Sanford, Florida doughboy vigilante, George Zimmerman, jumping out of his car, following an innocent black kid and killing him after which his legal team bulls**ts its way to an acquittal. Fits right in with the nation’s gun-goons with heaping arsenals of weaponry in their backyard chicken coops. And be assured that, thanks to “on the campaign contributions take” state legislators, everywhere you go, EVERYWHERE, chances are pretty good that some fool will be packing and itchen for his Zimmerman moment, or, quoting a variation of that bawdy Mae West line, “Is that a gun in your pocket or are you happy to see me?”

Now, there appears a scary and extremely violent new kid on the block. He’s been there a while with his tats and intense malevolence toward blacks (and others), you just haven’t noticed him. But several horrific incidents in Colorado, Texas and Ohio are bringing this vicious collection of misguided (mostly young) men to the fore. Prisons, gangs and hate are boiling cauldrons of ingredients for the type of violence that this breed represents. Aryan white supremacists organize in packs ostensibly to protect themselves in the event of a race war with blacks and Mexicans. While there’s more than a grain of truth in the need to surround yourself with your own kind in many prison environments, the white supremacist gangs stay together whether behind the walls or hitting the bricks.

That brings me to the most recent stampede of murders by these white supremacists that ironically include not one black victim. Here’s how it’s coming down. The first victim was the head of Colorado’s prison system, Tom Clements. He was shot point-blank when he answered his front door to a fake pizza delivery guy. The Denver Post reported that a white supremacists gang calling themselves 211 Crew appears to have been behind the hit. They were apparently angry with Clements for ordering Crew members at Limon Correctional Facility to be broken up and transferred to other prisons after continually raising racists hell. The State Corrections Department called the speculation by the Post “irresponsible.”

There’s another possible motive being floated that is truly intriguing. A Saudi prisoner, Homaidan al-Turki, being held on an 8-year-to-life sentence on slavery and sexual assault of his housekeeper charges, was recently turned down by Clements when he petitioned to return to Saudi Arabia. His ties to 211 Crew were paying them to protect him inside the walls. There remains the possibility that al-Turki ordered the hit to be carried out by 211 Crew members on the streets. A lawsuit has been filed on al-Turki’s behalf claiming that he’s been mistreated and isolated since Clement’s death.

Whatever the motive, this much we know. Clements is dead and 211 Crew appears to be in the thick of it. The UPI Website reports that we also pretty much know his killer, who is now dead, represents another interesting story. Authorities believe the fatal shot was fired by 211 Crew member Spencer Ebel. Ebel, 28, was killed in a car chase with law enforcement in Texas. A casing found at the scene of the Clement’s killing matched a casing from the gun that Ebel was carrying when he was killed. Ebel is also thought to be the killer of the pizza delivery man whose clothing he stole. The killer of Clements was wearing pizza delivery garb when he knocked on the door.

Ebel doesn’t fit the growing-up dirt-poor mold of a majority of really bad human beings. He had no story of poverty and neglect in his background. His father, an attorney was a former oil executive and ironically a good friend of current Colorado governor, John Hickenlooper. But a look at this CBS Ebel profile will dispel any notion that young Spencer was anything but pure evil.

You’ve got to feel for the father. He told CNN that his son had a bad streak and the family had “tried everything.”

Moving on, there was just a husband/wife arrest for a brutal double murder in a neighboring county of my beloved Upstate South Carolina homeland. Word is that the suspects were allegedly members of the white supremacist 41 Crew, a possible spin-off of 211 Crew. Neither one of their victims were black and they had no beef with one of the casualties, 51-year-old Gretchen Dawn Parker, who was shot and stabbed multiple times for the sin of being in the same room with the intended target, 59-year-old, Charles Marvin Parker, husband of Gretchen. Charles was also shot and stabbed multiple times.

In a variation of the “let’s kill blacks” theme, Jeremy Lee Moody, 30 and his wife, 36-year-old Christine, both apparently went after the husband because he was a registered sex offender. Both Moodys have been charged with two counts each of murder and other charges are pending. It was not particularly difficult to catch these two fiendish killers since they were unwittingly posing for surveillance cameras upon entering and exiting the victim’s property. I’m guessing they missed the front yard sign that read “Smile, you’re on camera.”

They had planned to kill Parker about a year ago, but Jeremy Moody told authorities that they “chickened out.” The couple had also planned to kill another local sex offender the day after their arrests.

So if you’re head isn’t already on a swivel with laughingly lax gun laws and a growing population of extremists ready to kill anybody, anywhere under the aegis of megalomaniac, self-anointed white supremacist cells, it should be now. On her Facebook page, Christine Moody posted the following, as quoted in my local newspaper; she was frustrated that her particular Crew was having trouble recruiting members because “most women around the area had had sex with n****rs and most men were drug addicts.

I should add that both she and her husband currently have drug charges pending. “God Bless America.”

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