Jim DeMint Wigs Out and Calls Obamacare a Liberal Plot to Control Republican Lives

jim demint

No more death panels, this year it’s life panels. Obama isn’t trying to kill you or your baby anymore (Sarah Palin’s lie of the year in 2010). Now he’s just trying to take control of your entire life by giving you access to affordable healthcare.

Former South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint demonstrated that he really is a South Carolina Republican when he stumped for Heritage Action (i.e., big corps) in Delaware Thursday and tried to scare his audience into believing that ObamaCare is a liberal Jedi mind trick.

“I cannot think of anything that’s more un-American than national government-run healthcare. (Liberals) see as their holy grail taking control of the health care system…If they can control that they can control most of our lives. We don’t have the time to wait, on Oct. 1 sign ups for these exchanges start, on Jan. 1 the subsidies start going out,” he said, according to the Daily Times. “The time is now to fight.”

Oh yes, patriots—the time to fight for big corps is now! Don’t let them make less profit than they want. Give up your health insurance so Jim DeMint’s corporate masters can make more money because of the Jedi thing.

Never mind that ObamaCare is based on a 1989 proposal by Stuart M. Butler at Heritage called, “Assuring Affordable Health Care for All Americans” — which included a provision to “mandate all households to obtain adequate insurance”.

DeMint’s argument takes aim at federal healthcare, like Medicare and TRICARE. So his message is those big bad liberals are gonna steal your freedom with federal healthcare like Jim DeMint still has access to, and our troops use, and like Medicare… These are all bad, evil things that allow Democrats control over your lives. Give them up, Jim preached.

Only things didn’t go so well for DeMint because this is not 2010. Democrats are organized this time around, and expected this onslaught of phony townhall corporate brainwashing against an idea that Heritage itself first presented but now thinks is evil. Delaware Democratic Sen. Tom Carper even issued a statement supporting ObamaCare before the Heritage propaganda lecture got underway.

It’s not just in Delaware, either. Joshua Green at Business Week followed the Heritage anti-ObamaCare tour and he observed, “Every Heritage Action rally is preceded by a liberal counter-rally, often organized by such groups as Americans United for Change.”

But if Republicans want to shutdown government to defund ObamaCare they should be our guest. While we will miss our health insurance, free preventative care and not getting screwed over by our insurance company, it might be worth it to see Republicans out of power for the next ten years.

Image: Mark Wilson/Getty 2011 via Esquire

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